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{Scorpion 4}Top Gears - Press F3 Edition

21 February 2019 - 04:31 pm

File Name: Top Gears - Press F3 Edition

File Submitter: wearecity

File Submitted: 21 Feb 2019

File Category: Scorpion 4



Here's a much updated Top Gears Classic Layout.
An update to the previous version because I've learned quite a bit more about the creation tools. Called F3 edition, because you'll probably need to play in Full Screen Borderless mode to see some of the text as it's rather tall.
Re-created from the attached picture, I've tried to be as accurate as the tools and my design skills allow.
Scorpion 4 machine by Mazooma set on 30p play £15 Jackpot.
Shortcuts. £1 - 0 , Cancel - `, Holds 1-3, Collect - C, Run For Your Money - R, Exchange - E, Start - space, Hi - H, Lo - L, Take Feature -F, Take Cash - T, Take Prize - P
Thanks to Wizard for MFME.
Thanks to the clipart artist/s, for the cars on the card flip reel.
Thanks to Vectra for putting the overlays on the reel symbols.
Thanks to whoever uploaded the roms. Thanks to whoever sold the glass on ebay to get some idea of the layout. 



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{Epoch}The Italian Job DX

25 January 2019 - 04:19 pm

File Name: The Italian Job DX

File Submitter: wearecity

File Submitted: 25 Jan 2019

File Category: Epoch



The Italian Job (commonly referred to as Italian Job 2)
Special thanks to two people in particular and yes I'm going to shout.
Without both of the above people, this probably would never have been released. Ross gave me some great images to work from and also taught me about Dx'ing. Richy1976, finished this off for me.
This is my first attempt at DX'ing, but after getting about 75% through, my IRL situation changed and this was permanently on the back burner and by the time I could spend time with it again, I had lost the gist of where I was and quite frankly couldn't be arsed to start again. 
Epoch Machine, set on £15, 30p 86% payout.
Keyboard shortcuts -
Insert £1 Coin = 0
Cancel = '
Holds 1-3 = err 1,2,3
Collect = C
Exchange = E
Start = SPACE
Collect Cash = H
Collect Feature = F
Collect Cash Knockouts = K
Collect Feature Knockouts = T
Thanks as ever goes to Wizard for MFME, the rom provider for the roms. Vecs for uploading the reel symbols and whoever provided them in the first place. Maygay for the original machine.



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{Epoch}Evil Streak

21 January 2019 - 04:25 pm

File Name: Evil Streak

File Submitter: wearecity

File Submitted: 21 Jan 2019

File Category: Epoch



Evil Streak
This layout requires MFME v6.1 or later versions of the emulator. Loading the layout into later versions of MFME, will stop the layout from loading in V6.1.
Due to the Bahnschrift font used, being part of Windows 10, this layout will only look as fully intended when using Windows 10. Other fonts if you need them are in the fonts folder included with the release. 
The machine, is a Maygay Machine on Epoch Technology set at £15 30p play, 78% payout.
This layout is mute at present, due to no sound roms available.
Shortcuts ` = Cancel 1 = Hold 1, 2=Hold 2/hi 3=Hold 3/lo C= Collect/Stop, E= Exchange, Space = Start/Gamble, F = Take Feature, H=Take Cash, K=Take Knockouts, N=Take Nudges.
Thanks to Wizard for MFME, Thanks to the rom provider and uploader. Thanks to Innfection for posting the image which has been used for reference in creating this layout. Thanks to Maygay for the machine and leaving the FME scene alone.



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WIP - Evil Streak Classic Layout

18 January 2019 - 02:33 pm

After Innfection posted up a picture in another thread about this machine, I decided to make further progress on this WIP I have been looking at for months now lol.


It's an Epoch machine, which will be set to £15, 30p play.


Again like many Epoch machines, we don't have any sounds unfortunately.


It's pretty much done, apart from the reels, which will need quite a bit of work. I don't believe we have this sort of reel set the machine uses, particularly Maygay Silver Bell symbols. I'll need to make boxed,feature and boxed/feature symbols as well, unless anyone has any idea on what to use.


Here's the WIP and the image that Innfection posted, that I'm working from.

What did Santa bring you.

25 December 2018 - 12:41 pm

Put this on DIF as well, but just incase you don't have an account there, as per the title, what goodies did you receive today.


My main pressie, is an Oculus Go VR headset.