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  • Leprechaun's Gold
    Leprechaun's Gold
    This is fiddle.a fortune btw
  • Juggling Jackpots - Betcom
    Juggling Jackpots - Betcom
    If this is SC5 I would love to see this emulated as ive played this machine
  • Swing my Axe
    Swing my Axe
    There is a version of this called kiss my axe
  • The Winstons
    The Winstons
    im hearing theres a high chance of a dx of this hopefully a dx for Toastbusters Red mist and STB happen in future
  • The Winstons
    The Winstons
    Yes it is now in classic form ATM.You'll see I started this file two years back in readiness for when £100 came the norm. Good job I did as these images can now be used

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