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In Topic: {MPU5}Nitro - Classic Layout

Today, 03:37 pm

Why is there no cabinet design and why isn't this on desertislandfruits?


I didn't do a cabinet design, because I wasn't going to tart it up and spend a dozen plus hours on doing the layout.


I might update it in the future. Any future classic layouts will probably be in basic style, I really don't think there is a demand high enough to consider spending another 15 + hours on doing one.


As for DIF, well a bog standard classic isn't likely to get more than half dozen downloads, so not worth it. 

In Topic: Happy birthday to spa

Today, 12:04 pm

Happy Birthday Spa, have a great one.

In Topic: {MPU4}Cloud 999 4.80 Dx's

Yesterday, 07:57 am

Great stuff.


No problems for me on v6.1


Never been into lo techs but this was one I played a lot over a few Butlins Bognor Regis holidays.


It was set on 5p play IIRC, but I'm sure it still had the £4.80 jackpot. I do remember if you hit the streak these used to do, then it would certainly still pay out like the 20p version and you'd be quids up.

In Topic: Birthday Shout-out to Ploggy

Yesterday, 07:50 am

Happy Birthday Ploggy, have a great one.

In Topic: WIP - Paint The Town Red

14 June 2019 - 09:55 pm

It's core gameplay is the same Lock N Load, with a couple of bits of different gameplay elements.

Some people have mentioned it over the years on the FME forums, but some say it was only in the pub etc for a short time.

So perhaps a test machine.