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Today, 03:30 AM

Another Jpemu conversion.


Your Lucky Knight 1280 DX by Pook, on Impact Attached File  Your Lucky Knight.zip   13.08MB   2 downloads


We only had a 1024 DX for MFME for this, so was keen to convert a 1280, really high quality Pook dx. This proved to be easier said than done.


Warning, waffle follows below...but hopefully useful info for those looking to convert.


Normal way of converting is to use FMECONV 3.0 and then load in bits and pieces via MFME v5.1 and then save, so it opens in v6.0, not with this bugger though.


Trying to load the converted .dat file into every MFME version from v1.1 to v5.1 gave an invalid layout error or a violation error.


Only way I could convert it in the end was to use FMECONV 2.0, which converts it into a .res not .dat file and then use the 15 year old MFME v1.1 emulator, which is the last emulator to allow loading of .res files. But as v1.1 doesn't support Impact, I couldn't use v.1.1 to do anymore than to save it into .dat format. After that, the .dat file was openable in v5.1, the layout was set up and saved in v.5.1 and it now opens in v6.0.




Yesterday, 08:45 PM

In the meantime sign up for free and no donation required (always always welcomed) at

The Mecca https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/

Dad's http://dadsfme.co.uk/index.php


Desert Island Fruits


You'll find some machines that are available and not available here.

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Yesterday, 05:23 PM

Excellent stuff, nice to see this get a update.


I don't believe I ever played this machine in real life before, but I definitely played Graffiti.


This was when Barcrest were at the top of their game for me with AWP's. The £4 and £4.80 era of Money Maker & Super Two machines, sandwiched in between, the £4 Flash Cash era which was also good and the next era of £6 Andy Capps and Snakes and Ladders etc, also coming a close second behind.

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Yesterday, 04:42 PM

Hope you had a great one.

In Topic: Layout DIY fixes

21 February 2018 - 11:32 PM

No not all, several improvements to the original and converted.