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In Topic: Stir Crazy 15 Dx

Today, 09:59 pm

Looking forward to this.

Good luck with the cards, not that difficult but can be time consuming.

V19 will support 3 lamps for the flip reel so don't throw away the other two lamps.

In Topic: Hey All (status update, WIPS & Myself)

Today, 07:18 pm

You need to be ambidextrous lol.

Seriously hopefully you'll get things sorted.

In Topic: Andy's Big Time Wdx

Today, 01:08 am

Agree with Ploggy.


Not a clubber fan, but I did play this one a lot, back in the day.

In Topic: Andy Capp or any other machine.. how to extact

Today, 01:06 am

No problem, basically due to leaked unofficial releases, the numbering is a bit confusion.


The last official releases are v3.2, v5.0, v5.1, v6 & v6.1.


Soon for Windows 10 only, v19 (which refers to the year of release), will be the latest version. v6.1 will be the last version for earlier versions of Windows.

In Topic: Andy Capp or any other machine.. how to extact

Yesterday, 08:42 pm

New improved layouts are always welcome.


v10.1 is extremely outdated and an unofficial version of MFME.


v6.1 is the latest and currently best version for what you want to do.


The following is going to sound a bit of a chore, but it's not really......


The layouts you are trying to alter/update, will be in .dat format, which is the format from any layout released before November 2016. The last version that can open .dat format files is v5.1.


Firstly grab v5.0 from https://www.fruitemu...release-thread/


Then get v5.1 from https://www.fruitemu...release-thread/and simply overwrite the v5 .exe file as detailed in the release thread.


So now you have in effect got rid of v5 and have v5.1


Open the layouts you are wanting to update/alter in v5.1 and then close them when it says save, say yes.


This will create a .fml file, which can be opened in v6.1. All layouts produced after November 2016 are in .fml format, so not every layout will need converting.


Get v6.1 from www.desertislandfruits.com. Sign up for free, post a hello type post, then you can download.


You might also get a bit more help as to what you want to do, from some of the regulars who don't visit and post here as much as they do at desertislandfruits.


So you'll end up with two versions of MFME v5.1 and v6.1. You only need to use v5.1 for opening .dat files and closing them, so they save in .fml format.