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In Topic: MFME Cabinet - Building an Idea

10 February 2019 - 10:04 am

Hi abispac,


My pacdrives do have outputs off and I also had to get one of them recoded by Andy at Ultimarc so that they were able to run in the same machine (the two I bought both had ID 1. I imagine that you might have an issue without the special using a hopper as until MFME takes the signal and starts to control the pacdrive the output will be on and will therefore attempt to pay coins. I'm sure some more knowledgeable in such matters like Wizard will be along shortly and will point you in the right direction.



In Topic: MFME Cabinet - Building an Idea

09 February 2019 - 09:38 pm

Hi Folks,


Managed to get routing of coins setup, I have used 40mm Black waste pipe to get the coins from the CF126 into the hoppers and a cashbox. There is also the coins which I am either not allowing (5p) or are rejected which need to be returned to the player via the payout chute. I have come up with:


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And then with the bottom cover with the payout tray in place:


Attached File  20190209_212632.jpg   61.3KB   0 downloads


I have now turned my attention to marking the buttons that I am to use on the layouts, I have copied the approach taken by @uptown47 where a number i placed next to the image of the physical button on the layout:


so this:


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becomes this:


Attached File  Monty Python edited.jpg   278.08KB   0 downloads


and when run inside the emulator:


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Just got to do these edits on any layout I want to run inside the cabinet.




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06 February 2019 - 07:46 pm

Hi Folks,


Managed to get some more time in the workshop and so turned my attention to my next task which was to get the coin inputs working. however I have actually ended up getting the Hopper's working.


I had purchased a pair of hoppers from eBay, however due to my not checking they turned out to be Serial. I thus started looking again and managed to find a pair of Azkoyen hoppers in Germany and the buyer was happy to ship to the UK.


The previous hoppers did however have the original mounting base with the correct quick release mountings, so I proceeded to use this and mount this on a shelf which I had added just above the PC.


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I then proceeded to test the coin output and found that the hoppers were  spraying coins in all directions.


Then whilst contemplating the issue and trying to work out how to solve this I had a browse on eBay and noticed that somebody was selling an Payout tray from a Barcrest Horizon cabinet. Having accidentally won a water damaged Barcrest Horizon based machine on eBay (I placed a bid and discussed sizes with the buyer, then the machine sold to somebody else) I then got a message asking if I wanted the cabinet as the buyer had only wanted the MPU cartridge, so I got and entire cabinet for nothing (albeit badly water damaged) 


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I proceeded to work out how to remove the Payout tray and cut a hole in my front door so I could add the payout tray


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I then proceeded to use a length of 40mm Black waste pipe (which I'm going to use for the coin routing from the coin mech to the hoppers) to make a system to catch the coins and direct them into the payout tray, via a 90 degree elbow


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After testing this, the coins in the hoppers (£1 and 10p) all payout and end up in the payout tray, following the excellent advice from Wizard in my post above, an issue I hadn't actually thought about, but why limit myself to only paying out in multiples of 20p.


Next task is to get the coins routed successfully from the Coin mech to the hoppers and coinbox, and also any that are rejected back to the payout tray.






In Topic: MFME Cabinet - Building an Idea

02 February 2019 - 02:24 pm

Hello Again Folks,


Apologies for the long delay in an update to this project, however following on from a busy Christmas and a nice does of Flu like symptoms, I then got assigned work projects miles and miles from home resulting in an enforced break from the building of the cabinet, today I have managed to get back into the workshop and make some further progress.


First order of business was to make all the connections for the lamps and wire these back to the iPac boards, one of which had to go away to be re-programmed by Ultimarc. I cannot recommend highly enough the service that I got from Andy, who re-programmed my board for me even though I bought it from a re-seller In future I will be going straight to Andy for any boards I need.


The wiring of the lamps followed a similar colour as the former, with white wires being data/signal and red being the 12v supply. 


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These were then all fed back to the iPac which resides in the bottom of the cabinet next to the PC.


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I then decided that I would test the machine and just see if I could get the buttons to behave as they had on the test board, so after a period of continuity testing for peace of mind I fired up an old favourite or mine and programmed the lamps in MFME, and to my utter surprise everything worked first time. It was great to see the buttons lighting up and really adds to the immersion and feel of playing a 'real fruitmachine' 


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Next I hope to get the coin inputs working so that credits can be applied via the coin mech, then I will turn my attention to the hoppers for getting payout. I am hoping to get 2 hoppers to work, one for £1 coins and one for 20p coins.





In Topic: MFME Cabinet - Building an Idea

14 December 2018 - 08:46 pm

Thanks folks, 


The Dyson does indeed need to be emptied, I was using it to try and clean up the workshop a bit  :twitcy:


If you saw the rest of the workshop, you'd see that ironically although I like the wiring and things neat I have a nasty habit of using something and then moving onto the next thing, meaning that I end up with piles of tools etc. allover the workbench.