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In Topic: MFME Cabinet - Building an Idea

17 October 2018 - 08:36 pm

Hello Again,


I have had a bit of an issue with fitting the coinmech due to a bit of a measuring oversight, but fortunately I think that I have managed to get away with it and progress on the cabinet can now continue with the wiring and connections of the buttons.


I fitted the coinmech into the back of the cabinet and checked it for position, 


Attached File  Coinmech with Monitor.jpg   144.24KB   0 downloads


fortunately it cleared the monitor (just)


Attached File  Coin exit closeup.jpg   122.77KB   0 downloads


with this in place I created a test piece to make sure that I could get the coin bezel to fit onto the monitor panel.


Attached File  Coin Entry test piece.jpg   95.14KB   0 downloads


Once that I had this, I was able to use it to create the holes in the monitor panel and mount the coin bezel on the machine.


Attached File  Coin Bezel Front.jpg   92.25KB   0 downloads


It was all seeming to go well, so then fitted the coinmech into the coinmech holder which I'd fitted back into the machine, when I fitted this back into the machine and tried to feed a coin in, the bezel and the coinmech didn't line up, I was slightly stumped, so I removed the monitor panel and re-fitted the test piece, which lined up perfectly, this was when I realised that I had clamped the test piece onto the outside of the cabinet and lined up the outside edges. thus meaning that the Coin Bezel was too far to the left looking from the front of the cabinet.


Attached File  CoinMech (off back centre).jpg   150.25KB   0 downloads


So after a little bit of contemplating and measuring I realised that a piece of the Cabinet MDF fitted behind the coinmech holder would bring everything back in line, however this will mean that the bottom of the coinmech sorter will hit the monitor panel, so I would need to remove a piece from the side of the back of the monitor holder, shown below by the red rectangle.


Attached File  Screen Mount with Cutout plan.jpg   162.27KB   0 downloads


So I cut a piece of MDF and mounted it behind the coinmech holder, thus moving the coinmech the required 18mm and allowing everything to line up.


 Attached File  Coinmech holder 18mm MDF.jpg   118.57KB   0 downloads


with this piece of MDF in place and the coinmech mounted everything lined up as can be seen below:


Attached File  CoinMech (correct position).jpg   135.03KB   0 downloads


And the piece that I had cut out of the back of the monitor holder was large enough to allow the coin sorter to clear then monitor.


 Attached File  Coin exit closeup New.jpg   136.37KB   0 downloads



Hope the post isn't to boring for folks.



Next I plan to move onto the wiring and position of the computer, I plan to mount the ipac and pac-drives on a board that will be able to be removed if needed.









In Topic: MFME Cabinet - Building an Idea

14 October 2018 - 08:37 pm

Hi Reg,

Hoping to go the whole hog and have coin mech, and hoppers. Having a slight issue with the hoppers at the minute that it over pays due to a random coin out signal being sent when the motor starts. I'll get that sorted though, might need to buy new hoppers, I've currently got Money Controls compact hoppers.

Hoping to fit the coinmech tomorrow.

Will post a further update once done, hope I don't bore folks to death with my updates.


In Topic: MFME Cabinet - Building an Idea

14 October 2018 - 06:32 pm

Hello Again,


Managed to make some further progress on the build today.


The monitor now has been mounted onto it's panel and the blocks for this to mount on have been put on the back of the front panel.


Attached File  Screen Mount.jpg   110.77KB   0 downloads



Below is the main panel fitted into the cabinet with the buttons in place. I think that it is going to work quite well and the height and layout feels good.


Attached File  Monitor Surround with Buttons.jpg   110.57KB   0 downloads


When the monitor was screwed in place to test I was really pleased with the fit and the space around the sides for access to the buttons for wiring etc.


Attached File  Monitor in Place.jpg   110.83KB   0 downloads


Attached File  Screen from Back.jpg   119.5KB   0 downloads


Next was to look at creating the main button panel for below the monitor, I have added the following fixed buttons on this panel


Cancel, Hold, Hold/Hi, Hold/Lo, Hold (for Club machines), Collect, Exchange, Special (Let's play Barcrest etc) and Start


Attached File  Button Panel.jpg   105.48KB   0 downloads


And when the control panel is fitted to the cabinet and with buttons in the holes:


Attached File  All Buttons in Place.jpg   111.6KB   0 downloads


Really starting to get a feel for how it will look, and I have to say I'm really pleased thus far.









In Topic: MFME Cabinet - Building an Idea

11 October 2018 - 09:02 pm

Hi Folks,
This evening I have been trying to create/refine the main panel which will hold the monitor and some of the buttons.
I have decided to go for 5 round buttons down either side of the screen and a row of 5 square buttons beneath the monitor. I think that this should give me plenty of options.
Attached File  Panel Test.jpg   126.52KB   0 downloads
The monitor itself will be an HP z24i which i picked up on eBay for £22. It had some minor scratching on the screen but following some polishing out and once the emulator is running they cannot be seen.
Unfortunately the monitor didn't come with a stand so I am planning to use the VESA mounting points and a board which will screw to block mounted on the back of the panel.
Taking on board what both Reg and No1Stoney have said has meant that I have had to slightly rethink the position of the mounting blocks as they were going to impede access to some of the lamp positions. Thanks gents.
Thanks for the comments thus far

In Topic: Scorpion 2 fixed for v5

11 October 2018 - 09:08 am

Thanks very much for these.