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The willow foundation

31 May 2018 - 03:35 PM

Hi All,


I would just like to let people know about a not so main stream charity that does a great job and has helped my partner lately due to being diagnosed with breast cancer at a fairly young age.


This charity gives people special days to give them and there families some happy memories to cherish forever.


We always like to give back but due to current circumstances we are not in a position to personally, however if any of you can spare a £5'er to this less known charity that would be awesome.


We set a target to raise of £100 which has already been raised but i think that is not enough and really want to get it a bit higher.


My partner does not know i have put this on here ( she might even kill me if found out ) but im hoping to raise a bit more for her as a surprise so that she can give more to this charity that helped us take a special break with our son to make some very nice memories.


She currently has had all the treatments and has been given the all clear for now but has to have meds for the next 10 years as a minimum.


Here is the just giving page to make any donations, please give what you can it will all add up.





I hope Alex is ok with this given his recent health issues but if not he can remove it.



Thank you all in advance!!


Steve P

FREE Reels of fun Membership

28 June 2017 - 03:24 PM

Hi All,


On the first of August Reels of fun will be 10 years old!


No matter how much or how little you have supported the site over the last 10 years I just want to say a BIG thank you to you ALL !!!


So as a thank you, in the run up to the 10th anniversary we are giving ALL customers that have ever purchased a game FREE membership worth £20 !! and access to over 125 games!


All you have to do is to claim it before 30th June 23:59  Just visit http://www.reelsoffu...uk/contact.html and send an email and I will set up your membership for FREE which will start from 00:00 1st July


Most member games are just £5* or less with offers ( £3 for VIP's as normal )* and there will be loads of special offers running up to ROF's 10th birthday!!



* You will need to prove you have purchased before by providing details eg email used.



If you have never purchased a game before but would like to have Gold membership you can join for just £2 until 30th June 23:59  ( 90% off )





Reels Of Fun Team.


12 April 2017 - 03:36 PM

Ok so everyone has been banging on about this for years now and im a little jealous as im pretty 99.9% sure i have never had it.


But here is the thing, my mate recently caved and used one of the PPI companies to do the work knowing he had never had any, but to his shock 15 weeks later he gets a letter with a cheque for  £4,812 !


How is this possible?  Is it his mistake that he must of had some or their mistake?



Has anyone here been successful and got any back? Is it worth trying even if your sure you never had any?



Im confused  lol

Layout standards / tips / checklist

12 November 2016 - 01:03 PM

Hi All,


Just thought with all the new layouts being released and some negative comments being made that I would post some pointers that hopefully will help layout designers avoid getting these minor negative comments and improve overall layout standards.


While I appreciate that a designer can make a layout anyway they wish it is my opinion that there should be some basic layout standards that I and others would expect to be done.


While the following list isn't exhaustive if you can answer "yes" to the following I feel you wont go far wrong, after all people are expecting to run your layout out the box etc.


So the layout basics I consider should be met on every layout are:-
1. If you use a non standard font please include a copy of it or people wont be able to see it as you do and people may moan about having to get it.
2. Is the % of the game also set in the configuration panel? And does it match what your displaying?
3. Have you added note buttons 5,10,20 ? (if applicable)
4. Have you topped up the hoppers so that they will work?
5. Are all buttons clickable?
6. Have you entered all switch numbers correctly in config? (or left blank for techs that have defaults)
7. Do the meters work correctly (ideally 10p units is the standard) eg  £10  would show as 100 (excluding 2p machines etc)
8. Is the alpha the new type, set to 16 seg and adjusted to be as readable as possible?
9. Are the seven segs readable? remember real ones slant to the right and are not on a diet!
10. Is the volume set?
11. Are tube level sensors checkboxed? (IMO nothing worse than having a game payout 20p's because someone couldn't be bothered to find the £1 level switches)
12. Have you entered the shortcuts?
And finally have you tested it or had it tested to check that lamps/ buttons / features are correct etc?
I hope you find this useful and accept it in the spirit that it is given.
If your struggling to answer any of the above with a yes but would like to then just ask, many people can help you if you ask!
Thanks to all the layout designers! and long live MFME!
Steve P

Fruit Machine Stool

31 May 2016 - 01:51 PM



For those that are local to TW11


As I have moved and no longer have fruit machines I have a great fruit machine stool for sale, These were over £120 and is quite heavy. 


It has minor wear but no rips etc 



Im looking for £20 o.v.n.o  of which I would donate 10% to this site.



Pick up only, Cash on collection its currently in Teddington   TW11.