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JPM Impact Sonic the Hedgehog Error 8.5 RAM Corruption HELP! Acting bizarre?

JPM Processor Impact Corruption RAM Error HELP Sonic

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#1 g555xtc



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Posted 16 May 2017 - 07:06 pm

Hi everyone, I've been struggling to fix my 1997 JPM Sonic the hedgehog fruit machine, so any help would be much appreciated.


Had it for about 12 years now and played fine up until this point, £1 coin payout has never worked, but thats another issue.


When I switched it on error 8.5 displayed (RAM Corruption) according to the manual. Then it wouldn't power up, only alarmed. I opened the back door and altered some DIL switches and reset the RAM by holding the test button for 20 seconds as you power it up. Now here is the bizarre part.. An IOU code came up: 134225920 TO. I then reset it again and the error code is now gone and it displays like normal, but it just gets weirder.. Every spin now brings in the jackpot and I have no idea how to get this back to its normal self. The APEM switches are all the same and is at 80%, but with bringing the jackpot in all the time, its registering and showing the Actual % as about 200 at the moment in test mode. 


I defiantly think the battery needs changing on the Processor board, I literally haven't done anything to the machine since I got it as knew nothing, but now its gone wrong I'm learning, gutted really as these machines are getting rarer due to lazy idiots like myself lol. But I'm not sure if this leakage would cause such a fault as just spinning in the jackpot all the time, seems to be stuck on some kind of mode :-/ I've attached some pics of the battery damage also. 




Processor board:

Attached File  IMG_3951.JPG   139.38KB   1 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3953.JPG   170.44KB   0 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3956.JPG   78.59KB   0 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3955.JPG   126.86KB   0 downloads


Could be the coin mech problem: Loose wire.. 

Attached File  IMG_3974.JPG   121.73KB   0 downloads


#2 altharic


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Posted 16 May 2017 - 09:48 pm

Looks like that battery has damaged the board a common fault.

#3 Matty.N



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Posted 16 May 2017 - 10:13 pm

The battery seems to have damaged the tracks on the underside of the board (2nd to last picture). So get that removed ASAP before it does any more damage. As for the jackpots all the time, the battery is the ram/memory for it, keeping track of money in/out and clearly the memory is knackered so defaults to a happy state to encourage manufacturers/suppliers to fix the machine in an event like this.


I mean, do you want to publicly site a machine that pays lots out or would you want to fix it? (don't worry, adding a new battery will then reset it once more & will need some cash putting through it to get it to a more stable state)

#4 stanmarsh14



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Posted 17 May 2017 - 08:13 am

Yep battery issues, so get it removed without delay, and wash the board with something like Isopropyl alcohol (Tape-head cleaner contains the stuff, but ideally you want something with as little water content as poss, from your local chemist, Maplins etc), and given a good clean with a toothbrush, rinse off with clean water, stand somewhere to dry for 24 hrs.

Afterwards you can test to see if it works, and although if the machine gives you a ram clear alarm, it should still boot (If it does this, means it works), and you can think about getting a replacement battery later.



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