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Electrocoin Barx Note Acceptor Query

15 August 2011 - 04:51 PM

Hi all,

Been a while since I've been here - but I'm back again, and in need of a little advice if you can help.

The machine in question is an ElectroCoin Bar-X type. It's a front-opener, the main-board seems fixed to the back panel.

I've had to butcher a couple to make one "good" machine, however, all I get when I power it on now is "nA" error - logic would say that this is a Note Acceptor fault - the fault being, there isn't one. There was one in the old cab, but this is beyond any repair. Sadly the 'donor' cab that's got the new insides doesn't have the notey, nor does it have a loom for one.

So my question is a simple one - although difficult without a manual!! How can I "inform" the board that it doesn't have - and shouldn't look for - a note acceptor?

Thanks, as ever, for help :)


Need Some Cash...

05 May 2010 - 07:51 AM

After spending god knows how long getting these two sorted and good, I now need to realise some cash for my two fruties. If anyone would like to offer a valuation; or even make an offer to buy, I would be very interested to hear from you. I'm located in HG1 - about 15mins off the A1, nice and close to Leeds, York etc.

First one is an EPOCH Club Fruit'n'Nudge - fully working, full decals, a few bulbs out, otherwise good nick. It has a fully updated NV4 in too (no back-box though) - the yellow paint around the buttons could do with touching up - I never got around to it. Modded the refil switch to be a 3 way - pos1 = refil, pos2 = normal mode, pos3 = demo. Great for home play.

Second is a 'Demon Streak' MPU5 in exceptionally good condition - only decals for £5 jp (and my naff printed ones for £25 jp!) - it's a really nice player for a low-tech. This is now set on 25p/£25 but can streak more than this.

Both cabinets are sound, locks and keys provided, usual stuff.

I've got some photos if they'd help, and can upload them later today.

Cheers all - please help these dearly loved machines go to a good home.

Edit: *begging* not even a realistic valuation?? please?

Coin Mech / Diverter Error - Red Mpu5

19 April 2010 - 01:26 PM

Hi all,

Just taken receipt of a nice RED MPU5 low-tech for fun...

There seems to be a problem with the diverter on the coin mech (C435A)

In 'normal' mode, £1 coins divert to the back cashbox, in 'divert' mode,
they go to the 'front' cashbox.

It seems the little 'left-right' flap, which pushes the coin in either
direction isn't operating. I could do with the pinouts etc, so I can
check the operation of the diverter if anyone can help? Or shed any
light on the situation for me?

(I'm using the test routines to operate the divert btw)


Anyone want to do a swap?

16 January 2010 - 04:08 PM

Not sure if I should put this in 'real fruities' as it includes them...

I'm after a new machine, either an S16 or a B3, not too fussed which one, any of the usual suspects would be great.

As like so many at present, I'm "cash poor" but I do have my current fruity - Club Fruit'n'Nudge (MayGay / EPOCH), all working and in good nick with locks, keys, AND NOTE ACCEPTOR. As well as this, I have an ALMOST NEW Nokia N97.

The N97 is factory unlocked and unbranded - none of the network crippling. 32GB onboard memory, touch screen, full fold out keyboard, all the 'usual' things but nice little touches like a built in FM TRANSMITTER, so you can play your music through your (car) stereo etc...

Photos, checkmend (proof of legitimacy) certificate can all be provided to serious responders... if I get something nice, I'll chuck £20 into the Fruit-Emu bank too as a goodwill gesture :)

Drop me a line if you're interested... cheers!!

More EPOCH DIP Switches

15 November 2009 - 10:37 PM

Hopefully a nice easy one for someone - possibly with a manual!!

Is there a DIP Switch to set a note input to give credits, rather than change, or is this hard-programmed?

Ta :)