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note acceptor and dil switches??

07 December 2008 - 08:16 PM

hi guys on the barcrest mpu5 does anyone know which dil switch has to be on for the note acceptor to work?
regards dave

note acceptor set up help

27 November 2008 - 09:17 PM

Hi folks im new to this forum,im dave 23 from the west midlands.i enjoy playing machines but i also enjoy "tinkering with them aswell,i no abit-enough about the machines ect" i was always that child that had to take things apart to see how they worked ! lol

Anyway enough about me i need to pick your brains! i have 2 problems on 2 diffrent machines (both note acceptor related)
The first 1 is a 2006 global "money magic" which has a lumina note acceptor fitted and today when i turned it on it reset the memery (not sure why) and now it doesnt pick up thats its got a note acceptor fitted,i have entered the bnv code which is the 6 didget number on the slicker on top of the notey but its saying its not recognised,i have tryed it over and over but with no luck and the manual isnt much help!!! any advise please would be great!!

The second problem is (sorry if any of you guys have nodded off at this point) i have a 2006 barcrest "doctors n nurses" which i have bought a note acceptor kit for (jcm),fitted it and in the manual it says you need to enter the bnv code which in the manual says its the last 6 digits of the number on the top sticker,but after entering the number in "engineers mode" it cheaks it says that its valid but it doesnt work and light up properly. i no the hopper has to be full ect but the hopper hasnt changed from a limit of £125 to £250 so i cant be doing something right somewhere!!

Any help would be most appreciated guys as i have been searching through the manuals for ages and have just about given up!
Many thanks dave