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New member - Desert island Fruits question ( i know this is a odd question )

23 November 2020 - 11:54 AM

Hi all,


Im new here, only joining last week. I am an avid collector of arcade machines and have more recently ( due to lockdown) gotten onto collecting fruit machines, my most recent purchase being a 60's Sega Imperial bandit.


I am interested in both the simulated environment as well as the physical hence my joining here and getting involved in the emulators here. I have quite a bit of background with Mame and frontends having built my own cabinets both upright and cocktail.


I have joined here and desert island fruits.. and while joining here has been quite straight forward, I'm still waiting for an Admin to activate my account and thats before I have to introduce myself.


Now, while I have managed to glean that there has been some changes recently to ownership and a recent passing of Wizard ( appreciative of the work of his that im only now very recently experiencing) I am hoping that some members her who I presume are members there might be able to let me know if this is a typical process, is it usual for activation to take several days ?


I must admit that my reason for joining DIF is to be able to get the most recent MFME, the latest that I can find is within this site and obviously is quite outdated and is not something that is very apparent to someone trying to get into this hobby.


I am being honest about my intentions and hope that I can follow through on my intention to become a productive member of the forum. But we all started because of a desire to play- tinker around and experiment. In order to build my arcade machines, I first had to download mame and lurk in the forums and glean information before I could become productive and that's what I am being upfront about here.


the TL;DR - is anyone able to shed light on when DIF will enable new members so that I may join ?


Thanks for reading