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ProtWarWTF - Cabinet Build

01 September 2017 - 07:18 PM

Hi all!

I wanted to start a thread to cover my cabinet build and hopefully get some information flowing. So first off I want to say sorry I'm going to have a lot of questions. I am a newbie not only to MFME but fruit machines in general. I knew I wanted to make a slot machine cabinet and MFME seems to the coolest and most active emulator for this out there. A little information about my current plan for a build. I am planning on using some kind of FrontEnd like mgalaxy, hyperspin, or launchBox. I haven't quite decided yet since none of them are running quite the way I would like. I am also planning on using RockerLauncher as it is helping with fullscreening and resizing the desktop. My first round of question go as this.

- How do you fullscreen MFME? I have read that it requires the desktop to be at 1024 x 768 resolution but that isn't quite enough. I am currently planning on using RocketLauncher which helps with this but I am curious how others are doing this.

- How do you read payouts for coin hoppers? Can you read the payout while the player is actively doing a payout or can you only do it when MFME closes?

- How can you read for what buttons or LEDs are active?

- Is there a general breakdown of all MFMEs features somewhere?

- How can I change the target win % of a layout?

- Is anyone else having problems with there front end not being focused after closing MFME?


Sorry for all the questions (and probably bad grammar ;)) I am quite knew to MFME and I couldn't find the place on the forums that answers these. I am really excited to get this build started and the other builds are looking awesome!