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Jumping Bean - DOND Coin Pusher AWP 2002

13 March 2015 - 01:47 AM

Hey guys, 


I've seen a couple of posts for this type of machine from years ago, but was just wandering if anyone's seen this type of machine still around? As we've had one recently sited.


It's a pusher in an AWP Eclipse Cabinet... Has 10p's and "Super Tokens" on the play deck.. When you get a super token it activates Deal or no Deal on an LCD screen embedded into the cabinet. The engineer was saying today that there's only about 4 of it's type made, and that they're rare (And even rarer to see in a working condition). 


Thanks guys :) 

Error Notice for Machines running Scorpion 5+

23 December 2014 - 01:17 AM



My first post, not sure if this has been covered yet either...


I've got a DOND The Next level and have seen that Bell fruit have updated their error codes [e.g "RC ERR 16 Note"] Or something along those lines basically means Recycler Error 16 notes... [Easy peasy eh?]


And there's also a new error "Door Err 90" which is basically a bit like an On/Off Alarm, it goes off if you open the door and close it adjacently to often. [The machine thinks it's being robbed.] That's what the Technical Department at bell fruit have said anyway.


Sending the machine back tomorrow anyway, Sited it Last Monday and have had 7 call outs with regards to the Note recycler messing up, it's been changed 3 times!