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DADsFME is now .com

09 August 2019 - 04:29 PM

Looks like my original post was lost during the database roll back, so thought I'd post it again.....



A few years ago DADsFME almost closed its doors for good.  Wizard had said "No more MFME" and the site and particularly its staff were getting all kinds of shit from various people and I kind of lost heart in it all.  FME at that point wasn't in a great place.

What really saved DADsFME was a message from Alex (aamusements) from Fruit-Emu who offered host the site for free and even offered to purchase the domain name from me which he eventually did. This arrangement continued for several years right up to a few weeks back when I noticed the the dadsfme.co.uk domain name was within a month of expiring, that together with the latest batch of outages got me a little concerned and the fact that for whatever reason Alex has been a little quiet of late.  Obviously, I hope he's OK and everything is fine but I thought it was time for a change.

I really want to say a personal 'thank you' to him at this time for his support for all these years and I hope there's no hard feelings for jumping ship as it were.  If it wasn't for you DADsFME would not be still around so "thanks very much Alex"!!

This brings me to the new arrangement..

DAD's is now hosted by Reg @ Desert Island Fruits who very kindly made an offer to support the site by moving it over to his more secure server.  I once again own the domain name which as mentioned in the thread title is now 'dadsfme.com' so it might be a good idea to update your bookmarks.  The move was done by 'Pete W' who runs the Mecca to massive thanks to both of you, hopefully this new arrangement will continue for many years to come.

Long live FME smiley.gif

Hokey Cokey Multiplayer DX

28 December 2017 - 02:56 PM

Here we have Hokey Cokey a lovely little Multilayer from Astra Games.  I’ve been waiting to do this for quite some time as you'll know if you've seen the WIP thread.  Not sure why I like this so much, maybe it brings back some nice memories, like winning more on it than Tony aka Compost Corner when we met up one day lol (where is he nowadays?).

I've been having some issues trying to get the game to save with the Top Box and slaves in the correct positions.  Wizard had a look and offered a fix which worked on his machine but unfortunately not mine.  If you have the same issues follow these instructions:

When you load the Top Box, the slaves will load automatically.  Unlink the units by pressing Alt+U.  Hold the shift key down and drag the Top Box to fit neatly on top of the slaves.  You can use the cursor keys for fine adjustment.  When positioned, Press Alt+L to link the units back together.  You can then use the same drag method to re-position the whole machine to suit your screen.

It's set to £25, 30p, 86% and plays a nice game.  A little touch I thought I'd add is on the background of the Top Reels is the actual music to the song Hokey Cokey.  You might need a magnifying glass to read it though.

Many thanks to Reg whose Party Time and Bullion Bars releases helped a long way towards getting this up and running and of course to wizard for his outstanding work in bringing us MFME 6.

Keys?  Sod off you know 'em by now!!

Cheers, hope you enjoy it.

Star Wars a New Hope Club

23 December 2017 - 07:23 PM

Yeah you knew it was only a matter of time ;)


Hopefully ready in a day or three :)

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back DX

21 December 2017 - 02:57 PM

Here it is, the 3rd release of the Star Wars Trilogy and probably my favorite of the three.  I've never played this in the wild as its probably the kind of machine I'd normally stay away from but I really enjoyed playing this one.


Apologies about the low quality of the layout, its the best I could do with the artwork without spending countless hours redrawing everything.  If I find better pics or scans I'll happily redo it.  Looked better than I first thought though when I put my reading glasses on lol


Since its Xmas I've left it nice and plump so you should be able to grab £100+ out of it quite quickly.


Many thanks to Reg once again for his brilliant classic and again to wizard who hopefully will be bringing a better present than Santa this Xmas.


Keys just in case you need 'em:

K - Take Cashpot
B - Take Bonus
N - Nudges/Shuffles
` - Cancel
1, 2 & 3 - Hold/Nudge
C - Collect
S - Change Stake
T - Transfer £5
Space - Start
7 - Insert £20
8 - Insert £10
9 - Insert £5
0 - Insert £1

Cheers and Merry Christmas to everyone in FMEland.

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back DX

20 December 2017 - 10:59 PM

Bit on the crap side this one as the artwork wasn't the best, but still playable (just).


At least it kept me out of mischief for a few hours ;)