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How to get MFME 6.1 to run, help please

05 February 2019 - 01:06 PM

Hi all, hope you are all well.


Before i go any further, i am NOT technical at all in any way shape or form and havent got the 1st clue how to download MFME 6.1, where to find it, what to do with it, or how to run it, so could anyone please help me get it running?


As some of you are aware i was a big fan of Money Trail by Crystal and after years of asking, it finally ran a couple of years ago with the help of some great people on here.


Can i ask whats changed and why most releases now on run on 6.1 and what the difference is?


I have MFME 5.0 on my desktop, which runs most/all of the games that i have stored, but when i download the new ones on site, extract them and load MFME 5.0 they dont seem to run? Am i doing something wrong?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please go easy on me because as i say i am not technicaly minded and can only just run 5.0!!!


Would love to have a crack on Danger Zone (another fav) but dont know what im doing wrong!!!!

After Top Trumps BPAK file please

25 January 2018 - 11:42 AM

Hi, is there anybody that could help/advise me on this one please?


I am after a B3 game called Hammer Horror Top Trumps that apparently was released back in 2009, but personally I have never seen it in any arcades, but have stumbled across a few you tube videos of the game.


I have contacted my sources who have told me that SG not longer support/provide this game, but obviously when it was released it was bought, so wouldn't have had to be rented like games are now.


I have a T7 in my house now and have every game in demo apart from this one, so wandering if there are any BPAK files where hopefully someone still has one?


Can anyone please help, as obviously willing to pay for it if someone has it.



Can anyone please help with new MFME 6?

24 January 2018 - 02:32 PM

Hi, I don't know what I am doing wrong, but firstly when I look at MFME 6, it's got 2 different ones.


So which one do I need firstly please?


Once I click on it, I click ''open'' as usual then it pops up with a window asking which app I would like to use to open it?


Can anyone please explain how I do this? As when I downloaded MFME 5 I just simply opened, extracted and away you go, but this one seems different?


Do most releases now only run on this new one, as downloading most games as usual, extracting file and placing into a folder into desktop, loading up emulator and comes up with...................empty folder????


Can't work out what is going wrong, so any help would be gratefully appreciated with this one.

How to RAM clear a MPU 5 please

19 January 2018 - 04:49 PM

Hi all, hope everybody is well.


Can anyone please advise how to RAM clear my MPU 5 on a Party Animal please?


Reason I want to clear is because when machine sits still on attract mode, whilst not in play every single lamp is lit up like a Christmas tree and stays fully lit permanently.


Is there a dip switch to disable this, as I'm sure the machine is supposed to flash up/down and all over the place or would it be advisable to ram clear and hopefully clear a fault?


All advice greatly appreciated.

Alarm 17-83 Pound Opto Blocked help please

13 January 2018 - 03:30 PM

Hi all I recently bought a machine with an alarm 17-83 pnd opto blocked on it and wandering if there any tech guys out there who could help me source the problem?


I've taken the hopper apart, cleaned the sensors, put it back and yet still getting alarm.


I have cleared the alarm code and reset the logs..........


and even when the main hopper lead isn't plugged into main board it is still recognising fault?


How is this even possible when it isn't even connected?


I wandering now Ive cleaned it, if I maybe have a knackered opto sensor, or maybe the motor has packed up?


Would this still cause the same alarm code, whether it it the sensor, or anything else for that matter?


I know it points towards hopper, so does that necessarily mean it could be anything in that area?


Many thanks.