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FOBT 20p Roulette with a sense of win and loss

19 February 2019 - 08:02 pm

Hey guys.. Just thought I'd share the news that my fobt 20p Roulette is available on Google play.

This game is COMPLETELY FREE!!


There are no in app purchases, it doesn't cost anything to play, is completely phone data friendly and does nothing online.

The app contains a button to watch an advert to regain another 2000 credits (£20 equivalent). You have unlimited use of this button and shows a short 20 second or so advert. It's free for you completely and brings in some revenue to help fund the future fobt app simulator.

I have built this game to play the same as the betfred/William Hill roulette made by inspired gaming.
It has the same gameplay, chips and roulette wheel ball position if you know what I'm talking about. Ka

I havent used any copyrighted images or sounds etc, everything is homebrew.

The menu has a note acceptor and a ticket payout system which pays out winnings to your wallet.

Good luck guys. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
If possible please leave a Google play review.


PlayTesters Required For New Slot Machine Software Development.

08 November 2018 - 12:16 am

Hey guys.

Been busy with a new development lately in the form of a New Slots App Development.

It is only available on Android (Google Play) at the moment.

Its a Social Slots Experience with a number of different slot machines as well as a loadty is in production.

Im not the most experienced coder, and my Graphics Design needs work, however I believe im at a point where i need people to start testing the Algorithms and what-not as the BackBone of the software is pretty much where i want it to be for Alpha Testing.

Much more work is needed before i even think of releasing it for general release, however i would appreciate it if anyone would like to playtest the system and see where we are in regards to connectivity, Linked Progressives, Gameplay, RTP, Bonus's as well as testing the back end system to ensure i can see how your stats look and what your RTP is etc.

The App seems very stable, however bugs are still present, some games are better than others, and some games could break with an update.. however normally these things can be fixed within hours and a new update will rollout straight away.

There are testing opportunities for code written feature games, for example, A deal or no deal feature is available at the moment, hand written by myself, but graphics are more than basic and it would be the functionality i would need confirmation on.

Basically, I would love a fresh set of eyes, with critisism, suggestions, ideas, anything (and i can take critisism so please dont worry about offending).

I have given myself a Year to Release this app and im now just starting month 5.. So still loads of time to change anything or add suggestions.

I will be eternally grateful for anyone wishing to help test this.. I will even add a special thanks page and include you in there if you wish when it is released.


The aim is to be the best app available for players, not greedy, not expensive to play and fun.

I have no overheads so I would rather receive 5% of what say wizard of oz slots made by zynga makes than 100% of nothing.


Thanks for reading guys. Please either PM me, or email 100percentslots@gmail.com with your googleplay email address, so i can add you to the alpha release playtesters and send a link over to the app store alpha area where you can download it through google play.


Thanks very much :)


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Casino FOBT Menu Simulator

16 June 2018 - 12:38 pm

I hope you dont mind me adding this here.
Please delete if not allowed.
Casino FOBT Menu Simulator App.
For sale on the Google Play Store    (please SEARCH for Casino FOBT Simulator.)

Casino FOBT Simulator puts a selection of the FUN, Free to play Slots and Games into a fun FOBT like menu. 
Imagine yourself sitting in front of the machine and play the games knowing you wont lose a Penny.
All of the Games in this App are available for Free Online, and are freely in the public domain, This app simply puts them into Categories and lets you play them full screen with No Ad Interruptions or pressure to play in a real Casino.
Currently Open for BETA Testing, the app is a fully functioning app, however a small amounts of bugs may be present which will be debugged and fixed when users report them. Some debug allowance time is asked to iron out any creases.
Enjoy Guys.

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FOBT Simulator.

01 June 2018 - 05:21 pm

For those who play fobts or £500’s and want to save money, check this out!!


Thinking about making these professionally and selling them. 


Custom coding, direct Url linking from manufacturer servers. Working start and menu button etc.


If you like this idea, please leave a thumbs up on the video, I’ll also be making videos in the near future about how I made it, and how it all comes together etc.


Thanks guys


desert island fruits

01 May 2018 - 02:35 pm

anyone know why i cannot download anything from desert island fruits, im signed in and have been able to download before but now cannot access anything :(