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Is this any use to anyone?

08 November 2018 - 02:51 pm

a Collection of service manuals and diagrams for slot machines and associated devices


found this while searching reddit






Query about online slots

25 April 2017 - 10:21 pm


As the title says I have a query about online slots, I've never really played them before but recently I've had few free £10 plays on the ladbrokes site due to playing various games in the shop and being offered free £ for playing certain amounts on games.


Was on there last night playing rainbow riches and I had the main game open in a window and the site open in my main window, what I noticed was that as I pressed start, If i was due a win my balance on the main site would alter to the amount i'd won even though the reels hadn't finished spinning, this even happened when getting  leaprechaun features whereby my balance went up by the amount I was to win on the feature even though I had not started the feature yet.


Is this normal, seems a bit strange to me but as I said I've never really played online slots before.

Anyone else noticed this?



Question about rainbow riches community game

17 July 2016 - 03:59 pm


I was playing this (rainbow games) the other day another guy was playing the other game so community was on (showed 2 players in the little boxes)

After a few quid it took the other guy up to the feature and he got community pots or whatever it's called but my machine didn't go up just said please wait I queried this with the attendant as she had seen what had happened and she said I'd have to see the owner, I collared him a couple of days later and explained what had happened to which he told me not all games are community, I explained that this one was and it should have taken me up. he told me he would speak to barcrest and download the information to a usb stick for them to analyse.


A few days later he was back in the arcade and explained to me that he had spoken to Barcrest and that on that particular game if the % is so low on the machine that it cannot afford to pay out that it will not take that machine to the feature.


Has anyone else heard of this, doesn't seem right to me as the screen advertised 2 player community?


He did give me £10 worth of credits as a gesture but surely the pots would have been better as the bronze pot was around £30 and silver and gold were higher.




New PC help

07 April 2015 - 06:18 pm


I need to buy a new PC as mine is on it's last legs, all I want it for is Office work, FME and be able to play Train Sim 2015.

I've seen this on ebay and not being very tech savvy, I need to know if this is a good pc or if I should steer clear, I'm hoping some of the more technical on here can guide me. My Budget is around £230 that's why i chose this one.





New dual boot tablets and FME

25 January 2015 - 12:58 pm


I've been looking at these with view to purchasing



Has anybody had any dealings with these, as it runs windows 8 I was wondering if MFME would run on it?

Would be great to have the games portable.

Any info appreciated