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My Rams Don't Want To Save...

15 August 2011 - 11:31 PM

I've got my laptop back after having it in repair for a bad hard disk. A few teething problems all sorted but one I can't get my head around is that my FME RAMs aren't saving properly. I'll open a layout with a happy machine, kill it dead, load it again and it's happy. The first few spins are the same every time I load it, and cashpots just reset to what they were at the start of when I played before. Pretty annoying now as I can't have a good long play over time otherwise I'll lose everything once the emulator is closed.
I downloaded MFME all in one, however all my layouts and emulators aren't stored in any folders that were provided on install. I just made my own 'Games' folder and dumped all my layouts in there. They're all various techs but all set for MFME.
If anyone could be of assistance I'd be very happy indeed!
Cheers all!

Calling It A Day Here Folks.

31 March 2011 - 11:49 PM

As you may have known I've been on Fruit Emu for a long time now...
People here have really made by time worthwile, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. However I really really
REALLY need to get my act together at uni and real life now.
I spend way too much time online. It's really too addictive for me, what with all these sites, I need to knuckle down!
Lately all my coursework has been going OK, but this is the real thing which I need to work towards. I'll easily think I can
Forget it for another day, but that turns into a week, then longer, then I'm rushing and I could do so much better.
Obviously I have myself to blame for this, I've just got an obsessive nature with the internet and it's time it got put to sleep.
Only a complete stop can really kick it, cutting down won't work. I've tried before but I just try and get back on etc etc...
Long story short, I'm off now, and probably will be for some time. Start to end, Top to Bottom it's been brilliant here.
See you later everyone, take care and long live FME!

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Crackly Sound?

14 September 2010 - 01:44 AM

I don't know why this is, but a lot of the classic layouts I play have crackly sound. I'm talking things like Silver Shadow, Jackpot Jump or any machines that have the Yamaha sounds.
I've tried different emulators, and this PC is unchanged in terms of sound software and that...It did have a hard disk replacement a LONG time back but apart from that it's been fine. I used to have fine sounding layouts, but now it's really ruined.
Can anyone offer advice?
Thanks all!


02 September 2010 - 09:18 PM

I've got some online banking to do. I've been away for a few days though and Dad said there was a trojan on the PC but he dealt with it. Anyway since I've been away, a program called Rapport which is like a blocker of sorts has appeared on my browser window. So the crunch question is:

Is this legitimate software, or would it be the trojan at work?

I would be grateful for any information, because I do need to get this banking done sometime soon, but I don't really want to if there's ANY uncertainty I have with any programs
Thanks all

Bfg Cool Jewels(Not Club)

02 September 2010 - 03:02 PM

Do the ROMs work for this one? I think it was a failed test machine, similar to Pick of the Pack. It might be a bit new, but can someone give them a try when they turn up?

I saw one switched off in an arcade the other day, so I grabbed myself some pics. Theres 2 of them, a bit of camera flash on one of the features but OK other than that. I'll upload them later and if the ROMs work, it'll be some good layout resources