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In Topic: Public Enemy

Today, 07:40 am

Didn't reg do a classic of public enemy or a dx even?

He did a modern version I think it was a club dx?

In Topic: Public Enemy

Yesterday, 07:50 pm

There are on this emu site

In Topic: Public Enemy

Yesterday, 07:36 pm

Glad you’re enjoying money to burn, classic bell fruits from a good era in fruities
Have we the roms I’ll look in a mo and lastly do we have a decent flyer for this?

In Topic: BWB Reel Thunder

Yesterday, 03:11 pm

Cherries look like betcom ones, the bells apples and lemons maybe red gaming demon streak? as for the plum not sure
The bwb is the standard oval shaped one which I,we have on various bwb layouts
Look forward to it

Looked again maybe the layout funny money or the likes for the bell?

In Topic: Many Happy Returns Reg.

Yesterday, 07:45 am

Happy birthday Reg have a great day