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Azkoyen L6 info (Mech for BGT mini wild cherry)

BGT wild cherry Azkoyen

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Posted 16 January 2023 - 02:24 PM



I have picked up a working BGT Wild Cherry and would like to update the mech onto new coins as it's taking old pound coins.

I tried Eurocoin services who are unable to program it.

I can't find a manual or any docs as it's pre-internet 1997. I guess it can be replaced with a more modern Azkoyen D4S as it's the same footprint and connector, but not certain the pinout is 100%.


Does anyone here have any info ion the L6? Just a pinout would rellay help, if not I guess I'll have to get the multimeter and scope out.


Would be good to hear from anyone else swho has upgraded a mech in one of these BGT mini's too.





#2 khards2



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Posted 17 April 2023 - 03:28 PM

Just for reference on this issue, in case anyone else wan'ts to replace the mech in a BGT Mini machine.


I got hold of a data analyser and connected it up over the weekend and run some coins through the old mech.


The results of this are here: https://drive.google...Ems-dDq-E/view¬†(I couldn't work out how to upload the image, perhaps someone else could do that?)


Theory of how the L6 Mech works:


There are 3 (perhaps 4) output channels from the mech and the inhibit input signal. On this mech it's pins 3,4,5.


The Inhibit signal (pin 6) is usually held high.


Once a coin is inserted the machine pulls a signal is sent to the machine on 1 or more pins (different from the usual mech). For eaxample 5p is sent on pin 3 only, whilst 10p is pins 3+4. It uses multiple channels per coin! This seems to be a thing with Azkoyen mechs as I have gotten hold of an X6 mech which is similar, but different channels!


In response to the validator sending the machine a coin signal on 1 or more of the pins, the mech pulls the inhibit signal low, this is to tell the mech to accept the coin. 


The mech now sends a longer pulse on 1 or more pins to tell the machine that the coin was accepted correctly.


1, Mech validates coin and sends a low singal on 1 or more pins

2, Machine responds on the inhibit pin (6)

3, Mech accepts gate opens and a longer pulse is sent to credit the machine.


So, where does this leave me?


I have to rig up an Arduino with a ULN2803A to interface between the newer X6 (or any mech) and the machine.


I'll post back when I make some progress. Due to the differing coin channels it's not possible to rewire the X6 or another mech to interface to the Wild Cherry.


Hope this info helps someone else.

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