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Astra/Mab fruit machine

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Posted 11 January 2022 - 01:14 PM

Hi All,


First time reader and first time poster here.


I collect arcade cabinets and have always wanted a fruit machine, before Christmas I picked up a free one on Facebook Marketplace, MAB Super X (Astra variant).

It has a few problems and I was hoping someone can give a few pointers, so far I have made pretty good progress trying to diagnose the issues (or so I thought), but I am now stumped.


The main problem is reels 2 and 3 seems to move about (sometimes too high, sometimes too low) and also the win line is random.


I swapped the reels about  and it made no difference, reel 1 always behaves, reel 2 and 3 are random, so I’m pretty sure the reels are ok (they all work in slot 1).

I have tested for continuity down the reel looms and all wires are fine.


The reels are on an optic sensor, with a blinking led when the bar passes through them (all seems to work).


Also swapped the connectors on the main board (1 and 2) and got some odd results from doing this (lights not lighting at the right time).


Also when I put it into test mode and play I’ve noticed some odd behaviour.

Each reel has O’s, X’s, Super X’s, a BAR and a MAB symbols, the X’s and Super X’s are hard to test as each reel has a few, but looking at the BAR and MAB symbols (as there is only 1 per reel) it records a win when they’re in weird positions, I started logging them and it went like this:

Position 0 is the win line, -1 is one before the win  line, +1 is one after:

0,  -2, +4

0, -2, +6

0, -1, +2

0, +2, -3 etc…

So basically reel 1 always seems to behave, reel 2 and 3 never do and it changes each spin.


I found a manual on the “way back machine” (internet archive) for the upgrade (it was close enough to help with the test settings):

https://web.archive....-systems.co.uk/ (rebuild page and the top machine)


Does it sound like the board is shot and is it worth just getting a new one (it’s a soldered on battery, reading some of the other threads this needs to be replaced ASAP, although it hasn’t leaked - yet)?


Any help will be gratefully received.

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#2 innfection


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Posted 12 January 2022 - 10:43 PM

Hi I would join desertislandfruits or Mpu mecca
Your more likely to get replies there than here

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#3 AnotherRobbie



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Posted 13 January 2022 - 08:33 AM

Ok thank you for the advice, I will post on both of those :)

Two more questions here (in case someone knows, I will also post on the other forums), is there a good place to buy another "Astra IO-3 board", and can I just take the ROM chip out of my board and put it into the new board (or am I over simplifying it).

Also if I replace the battery for a battery holder and a watch battery will any of the chips lose their code (is there a battery backed RAM chip - the security one)?

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