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pitch adjustment on real machines versus MFME help please

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#1 I have finished

I have finished

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Posted 05 May 2019 - 07:32 pm

Hi all. I have seen various vids on youtube from a great great engineering guy Damon Wyer who plays games on his channel too. He has an M1B italian job but it's been modified slightly, the pitch has been lowered compared to the MFME version. Please tell me how I can do this to my downloaded M1B layouts? Also he's great because he describes various test processes like italian job epoch. He does the describing so well but also I'd like to know if it's even possible via MFME to do the test procedures? I know it is a bit pointless lol. I was also wondering for each tech to set volume levels? I know that _ and +set the main volume, but what's the difference between that and say the layout adjustments you guys do for me changing the actual machine's volume? And speaking of that the Mario Cart game is set too low, please someone PM me the game set with volume 100 percent? That's all. Hope my questions can be answered.

#2 wearecity


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Posted 06 May 2019 - 07:31 am

How do you know he changed the pitch? Does he do it in his video or mention he's done it? If not it could just be how it sounds in the video themselves.

All machines certainly from the 90s have test modes in the emulator, you enter them in various ways depending on the tech, such as having doors open and clicking on test or a combination of holding a button and clicking on test.

On the emulator if you have the meter panel display on (that is the display that you can turn on and off by pressing F9), on the left are 2 check/tick boxes which if you check open the doors on the machine you have running. There's another check/tick box which has test by it.

Some of the most useful test modes are on Scorpion 4 machines. So load one up, open the doors, then click on the box next to test.

Once done, 2 or 3 buttons will flash normally start and 2 other buttons. Pressing one of the 2 other buttons than start, will scroll you through the tests available. When on the test you want to do, you press start and it will run the test.

What you can do and how useful the test mode is, depends on the tech. Many machines earlier than the late 90s tend to have test modes that aren't massively useful to layout designers.

The only people who generally need to go into test modes are layout designers as it can help them set up a machine in a certain way and can also tell them what's on the reels and what each lamp number is on the machine.

With some machines in test mode when you enter the reel test for instance, it spins them into step 1. Then you press hold 1 to step the first reel down and it displays information such as Cherry 3 on the alpha display, meaning that on step 2 of reel 1 it has a Cherry symbol with a number 3 on it. Other machines simply step the reels down and show no information and the reel test is simply there to make sure the reels are stepping down correct and not becoming unaligned.

Sometimes the machines volume control is in the test modes. If you set the volume to its highest in the test mode then you won't need to set the volume in windows 10 up too much to hear the machine. Vice versa if its set very low then you need to up the volume in windows 10.

I'm not on my PC right now, so perhaps someone can send you Mario Kart or I will later today.

#3 I have finished

I have finished

    I will never finish in FME here!

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Posted 06 May 2019 - 09:35 am

Thanks Wearecity mate I knew the pitch was different because first of all, I loaded the italian job layout into MFME, played the video, and don't forget that music is the key to my life. I played the samples in the window and a bit of gameplay from me and compared the two. Also I know a fightnight machine at Weymouth used to have the samples/pitch adjusted to the same amount as I've played both the real thing and the MFME version. It's definitely not my Realtech sound card as all is fine with that. I used to set the sample rate in the old MFME 3.2 easily by typing in I think it was 12500 and using my mouse emulator to find and click apply and I done the job, sir. However, the new samples window in v whatever the next ones are a lot more complicated than in v3. Also I would like to know what this override checkbox is in there. Thanks for the help though reguarding test modes etc.

#4 Wizard


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Posted 06 May 2019 - 10:30 am

The frequency box in the samples window only affects the rate the samples are played in that window and only when the override checkbox is checked. This option is there because the actual sample might not be played at the rate that is displayed ( because some techs can alter the clock rate )


As I have said before, the clock rate of the samples on M1 is not set by a crystal oscillator but uses a Resistor Capacitor setup which is far less accurate, so all real machines will sound slightly different.


MFME plays them at a rate of 12800, if you were setting the rate to 12500 then that is only a 2.3% difference!


v19 has a selectable sample rate for M1, so you can set it +-10% of 12800, so you can then knock yourself out.

Warning: This post is mostly my own opinions and may contain irony, if you are obsessed with PAST history you may want to ignore it.

#5 I have finished

I have finished

    I will never finish in FME here!

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Posted 06 May 2019 - 12:03 pm

Thanks Wizard looks like V19 looks more accessible for me and is perhaps the way to go. Will soon be scrapping V5 and 6 when it's released.

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