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T7 Bpaks

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#1 mlevans84


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Posted 27 December 2018 - 04:58 PM

I have recently bought a T7 Machine.


Here are a list of the Bpaks that i have but i am looking to get some more but can't seem to find a central place where you can upload and download. 


B3 2GBP Casino 0.5(Build 38).bpak

B3 2GBP Elvis Top 20 1.4(Build 16).bpak

B3 2GBP Merry Money 1.0(Build 72).bpak

B3 2GBP Montys Millions 2.5(Build 150).bpak

B3 2GBP ProgRock 0.5(Build 36).bpak

B3 2GBP Rainbow Pots Seasonal 2.1(Build 209).bpak

B3 2GBP RainbowRichesFOGSeasonal 2.4(Build 3).bpak

B3 2GBP RainbowRichesFreespins 2.1(Build 85).bpak

B3 2GBP Rocky 1.3(Build 171).bpak

B3 2GBP RR Win Big Shindig 0.7(Build 87).bpak

B3 2GBP RRLuckOfTheIrish 1.2(Build 11).bpak

B3 2GBP RRScratchToMatch 2.5(Build 47).bpak

B3 2GBP Seaside Slots 0.6(Build 35).bpak

B3 ArabianCharms 2GBP 0.5(Build 88).bpak

B3 Cashino7 4.1(Build 54).bpak

B3 Curse Of Frankenstein 0.4(Build 65).bpak

B3 JackpotJoker 1.1(Build 37).bpak

B3 Rainbow Pots7 1.0(Build 177).bpak

B3 Rainbow Riches 7 3.4(Build 47).bpak

B3 Rocky2 2GBP 1.2(Build 50).bpak

B3 StarsAndStripes 2GBP 0.2(Build 53).bpak

B3 T7 ActionBank 1.6(Build 9).bpak

B3 T7 BarkinMad 1.2(Build 57).bpak

B3 T7 BigCheese 1.3.001.bpak

B3 T7 Boulder Bucks 1.0(Build 53).bpak

B3 T7 CrownGems 1.5(Build 4).bpak

B3 T7 Double Frootastic 1.0(Build 7).bpak

B3 T7 Emperors Treasure 1.0(Build 10).bpak

B3 T7 EXCALIBUR 1.9(Build 6).bpak

B3 T7 FlameOfFortune 1.1(Build 14).bpak

B3 T7 GoldenDragon 1.4 (Build 1).bpak

B3 T7 HotSlot 1.0(Build 14).bpak

B3 T7 IncaHoots 1.0 (Build 7).bpak

B3 T7 JewelInTheCrown 1.0(Build 14).bpak

B3 T7 KingsRansom 1.0(Build 21).bpak

B3 T7 LegendOfThePharaohs 1.0(Build 43).bpak

B3 T7 MMM Cosmic Cash 1.9(Build 23).bpak

B3 T7 Monopoly Big Event 1.1 (build 04).bpak

B3 T7 Montezuma 1.0(Build 10).bpak

B3 T7 Monty Python's Flying Circus 1.4(Build 47).bpak

B3 T7 Moon Shadow 1.0(Build 13).bpak

B3 T7 Ooh Aah Dracula 1.0 (build 7).bpak

B3 T7 OverTheRainbow 1.0(Build 26).bpak

B3 T7 QuickHitBlazingSevens 1.1(Build 47).bpak

B3 T7 RainbowRichesClassic 1.8(Build 88).bpak

B3 T7 RedHotWild 1.0(Build 12).bpak

B3 T7 RockyItalianStallion 1.2(Build 5).bpak

B3 T7 RRPickNMix 1.2 (Build 1).bpak

B3 T7 RRPurePots 3.0.001.bpak

B3 T7 Sevens To Burn 1.0(Build 24).bpak

B3 T7 Sheik Yer Money 1.0(Build 10).bpak

B3 T7 Spartacus 1.1(Build 31).bpak

B3 T7 SpiderMan 1.0(Build 15).bpak

B3 T7 StarWarsANewHope 1.6(Build 55).bpak

B3 T7 ThaiFlower v1.0.0.2.bpak

B3 T7 TopSpot 1.0(Build 20).bpak

B3 T7 Wild Times 1.0(Build 12).bpak

B3 T7 WildKnights.2.3(Build 011).bpak

B3 T7 ZeusII 1.0 (Build 006).bpak

B3 The Price is Right 0.5(Build 70).bpak


T7 B3 BlackKnight 1.1(Build 21).bpak

T7 B3 PsychoCashBeast  1.0(Build 98).bpak

T7 B3 RRPureGold 1.1 (build 23).bpak

T7 C Monopoly Hot Property 1.3(Build 20).bpak

T7 C RR Pots of Gold 100 1.1(Build 30).bpak

#2 slippery



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Posted 28 December 2018 - 05:26 PM

what full games did you get and how much ?

#3 mlevans84


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Posted 28 December 2018 - 08:59 PM

I paid £1600 and the games i got on full play are :-


Rocky 2


Merry Money

Curse of Frankenstein

The Price is Right

Rainbow Pots

Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold

Rainbow Riches

Elvis Top 20

Progressive Rock

#4 Greeny129



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Posted 30 January 2019 - 09:08 PM

Hi Ml,


Please can you share these bPAKS (Happy to provide a location fro them!)

#5 Greeny129



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Posted 30 January 2019 - 10:28 PM

P.s. in exchange i have a load of cat c games i'll share back (think you have all the b3's i have)



20190130-150841-001.jpg 20190130-225025.jpg 20190130-225032.jpg 20190130-225036.jpg 20190130-225040.jpg 20190130-225044.jpg 20190130-225047.jpg 20190130-225051.jpg 20190130-225055.jpg


Machine Details: - exec
mk6 - hardware
1.4 - os
c777.5.1.43780 - mpu6
3.9 - boot - bar boot
01/15/08 - bios



#6 mlevans84


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Posted 01 February 2019 - 04:58 PM

Pm me fella 

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