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What machine's from your slotting days would you wish to see emulated

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Posted 21 May 2018 - 10:22 PM

Please feel free to release your version - looks like we have too slightly different games so everyone wins. :)

#82 ritdav


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Posted 21 May 2018 - 10:31 PM

Is anyone working on cashcade.The roms were found a few months ago.Was hoping for a pook special.

#83 innfection


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Posted 24 August 2021 - 04:27 PM

just been trying to find the rollover jackpot roms on here but think they could be mute(no sound roms)

but found a list from ploggy back in 2010 via Vip section for scorp4 machines whether they run or not my god the mfme5 update made a fair bit of difference

here's the list-


 Aladdin's Cave - Missing Sound Rom

AlizBaz (Qps) [Rom] - Non Runner
Ant & Dec's Jiggy Bank (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Security Error
Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (Bellfruit) [Rom] = PAY UNIT ERROR
Bunny Money - Scorpion 5
Cash Factor (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Cash Vegas - Scorpion 5
Casino King X (Mazooma) [Rom] - Top Box Game
Casino Royale (Mazooma) [Rom] - Missing Sound Roms
Casino Xtravaganza (Mazooma) [Rom] - Works In Open Door Mode
Chop 'n' Change (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Classic 7s (Mazooma) [Rom] - Missing Sound Rom
Clown Around (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security Errors
Colour Mania (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Scorpion 5?
Cop The Lot Club (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - Missing Dot Alpha Display?
Cops 'n' Robbers Club Classic (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - Doesn't Work
Cops 'n' Robbers Club Platinum (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Costa Del Cash Casino (Barcrest) [Rom] - Invalid Option Problems
Crazy Fruits Gold Club (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] = PAY UNIT/Security
Crazy Fruits Party Time (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Crazy Pays (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Crown Jewels (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT ERRORS
Disco Inferno (Mazooma) [Rom] - Unemulated Reel
Club Temptation (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - Missing Sound Rom - Dot Matrix
Double Diamond (Qps) [Rom] - Section 16/RNG Error
Dough Ho Ho (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Dough Selecta (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Emmerdale (Mazooma) - Open Door Only - Strange Sound Behaviour
Fast Cash (Qps) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Fat Boy Spin (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Fight Night Club (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Final Touch (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAL Error - Sounds Don't Work (S1)
Firecracker Club (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - Non Runner (Crash's Emu)
Firestarter (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Flash The Cash (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Fruit Loops (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Gettin Ziggy With It (Mazooma) [Rom] - Open Door Mode Only
Gladiator Club (Mazooma) [c] [Rom] - Open Door Mode Only
Gold Digger (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Gold Fever (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Gold Fever (Mazooma) [Rom] - Hopper Problems - Missing Sounds
Golden Ghost (Mazooma) [Rom] - Open Door Mode Only
Golden Shot (Qps) [Rom] - PAY UNIT ERROR
Golden Spinner (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Grand Casino Club (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - Missing Sounds
Grand Golden Game (Mazooma) [Rom] - Open Door Mode Only
Gun Smoke (Barcrest) [Rom] - Roms Crash Emu
High Roller (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Hill Billionaire (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Hot Rod (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Hot Six Club (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Grand Prix (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Non Runner
Kings Club (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Non Runner
Italian Job Club (Mazooma) [Rom] [c] - PAY UNIT/Security
It's A Bullseye (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Jackpot Jokers (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT ERRORS/ No Sounds
Jackpot Junction Club (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - Unemulated Reels
Jiggery Pokery (Mazooma) [Rom] - Reel Problems - Incorrect Sounds
King X (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Little Devil (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Lucky 7s (Mazooma) [Rom] - Top Box Game
Lucky No7 (Bwb) [Rom] - MPU4 BWB/CHR Problem
Magic Circle (Qps) [Rom] - PAY UNIT ERRORS
Manic Miner (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Master Club (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Prom Error 3
Monkey Business (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Pharaoh's Gold Club (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Pharoah (Unk) [Rom] - Non Runner - Probably MPS
Pick Of The Bunch (Global) - Corrupt Sound Roms/Hopper Problem
Pick Of The Pack (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Pile On The Pounds (Qps) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Pink Panther (Mazooma) [Rom] - Missing Correct Sound Roms
Pink Panther Clouseau's Revenge (Mazooma) [Rom] - Open Door Only - Top Box
Pink Panther Double Your Money (Mazooma) [Rom] - Open Door Only - Top Box
Pink Panther Strikes Again (Mazooma) [Rom] - Possibly Missing One Soundy
Pot Shot (Qps) [Rom] - Open Door Only/10p Hopper Problem
Pots Of Luck (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Quality Streak (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Crashes Emu - Unknown Reason
Quid Vicious (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Red Dragon (Qps) [Rom] - Security Errors
Reel Thunder (Bwb) [Rom] - Pic Fail Error - Possibly Red Gaming
Revolver (Mazooma) [Rom] - Incorrect Sounds
Rio Tropico (Unk) [Rom] - Dutch
Rocket Science (Qps) [Rom] - Open Door Mode Only
Rovers Return (Mazooma) [Rom] - Open Door Mode Only
Sharp Shooter (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Scorpion 5?
Show Me The Money (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Side Splitter (Mazooma) [Rom] - Security Errors
Snakes & Ladders (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Crashes Emu?
Soul Sister (Bwb) [Rom] - MPU4 CHR Problem
Spice It Up (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Spinning Around (Mazooma) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Stag Night (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Missing Sound Roms
Stir Crazy (Mazooma) [Rom] - Uses Unemulated Reel
Super Step (Qps) [Rom] - Works - Foreign Machine
Take The Piece (Bellfruit) [Rom] - PAY UNIT/Security
Take The Piste (Mazooma) [Rom] - Missing Sound Rom
Temptation (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Incorrect Sounds
Top Gear (Mazooma) [Rom] - Unemulated Reel
Treasure Island Club (Bellfruit) [c] [Rom] - Crashes Emu
Triple 7's (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Top Box Game/Security Errors
Triple Streak (Mazooma) [Rom] - Top Box Game/PAY UNIT ERRORS
Ultimate (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Reel 6 error (S1)
Vampire Payer (Qps) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Viper Active (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Scorpion 5
Viva Mexico (Bellfruit) [Rom] - Missing Sound Rom
Wet & Wild (Mazooma) [Rom] - Unemulated Reel
War Of The Wads - S5
Wet & Wild - Uses Unemulated Reel
Wheel Of Wealth - PAY UNIT/Security
Who Dares Wins - Missing Sounds
Wild Jackpots - Wrong Sounds
Win Can Alley - Scorpion 5
Win Spinner - Unemulated Top Box
Winning Spin - Unemulated Top Box 


​wonder if any of these have the sounds and will wet n wild be emulatable in mfme5.2

old thread but did fat boy spin get done?

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#84 meme3



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Posted 04 September 2021 - 03:55 PM

old thread but did fat boy spin get done?

Must be emulated.

#85 vectra666


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Posted 07 September 2021 - 08:36 AM

Must be emulated.

Ooh no it isn’t but can be
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#86 tripodbeatz


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Posted 14 September 2021 - 12:38 PM

would love to see eastenders queen vic redone the one with the beer pump,i would like to see boulderdash redone too , i would like to say thank to you all for your hard work your all aces in my book  :thumbs_up:  :thumbs_up:

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