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Anyone got a comprehensive list of keys associated with MFME?

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#1 uptown47



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Posted 25 May 2017 - 07:02 PM

Hi all,


I'm wondering if anyone has a comprehensive list of all the keys associated with MFME.


I've got this lot so far that I've gleaned from searching this site and others....


Some are blank as I got them from Reg's optimum button plan that he put on Desert Island Fruits and I'm not sure of their function yet? (maybe someone could shed some light on it).



I know some of these keys are machine specific but any help would be good.

0	Insert £1
E	Exchange
F	Feature
A	Auto Nudge
D	Deal
P	Play Deal Or No Deal
N	No Deal
H	High?
L	Low?
W	Streak
M	Message
`	Cancel
1	Hold Reel 1
2	Hold Reel 2 (High)
3	Hold Reel 3 (Low)
4	Hold Reel 4
C	Select Cash
S	Shuffle? Stake??
G	Cash or Bust?
B	Bonus

5,6,7 - Insert £5, £10 or £20


Are there any others? Or a page that lists them all ? I'm thinking of other keys that show the state of the cash pots in the machine etc??


Many thanks



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#2 evo1



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Posted 25 May 2017 - 07:46 PM

These buttons are also sometimes used


C =collect

X =Exchange

T =token

? = used on winner takes all (push your luck)

#3 Wizard


    MFME Creator

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Posted 25 May 2017 - 07:58 PM

From the initial Release thread:

Shortcuts in normal mode:

F1  - Borderless
F2  - Borderless Maximised
F3  - Borderless Maximised Full screen
F4  - Manager Toggle
F5  - Original Window Size
F6  - Load Random Game
F7  - Quick Save
F8  - Take Screen Snapshot
F9  - Toggle Meter Panel
F10 - Switch Reel View
F11 - Profit/Loss Meters
F12 - Long/Short Term Meters

Ctrl a - Add Game to Manager
Ctrl e - Toggle edit mode
Ctrl k - Reset with alternate ROM
Ctrl m - Toggle muted
Ctrl p - Pause and enter edit mode
Ctrl r - Reset game
Ctrl s - Snapshot RAM
Ctrl q - Quit
Ctrl w - Clear Read Only

Esc - return to normal mode/exit mouse mode/exit program

Shortcuts in Edit Mode:

Ctrl c - Copy Component
Ctrl g - Toggle design grid
Ctrl l - Toggle Lamp edit mode
Ctrl t - Show Lamp numbers
Ctrl v - Paste Component
Ctrl x - Cut Component
Ctrl z - Undo

Shift Click on component to add/remove from a group
Ctrl drag to move lamps between lamps/buttons/background

Cursor keys:

Move a group of components pixel by pixel ( group highlighting and outline can be disabled by holding down SHIFT key )

Shortcuts in Manager:

Ctrl a - Add current to game list
Ctrl f - Find a game in the displayed list
Ctrl g - Select current running game
Ctrl n - Find next
Ctrl p - Find Previous

Cursor Up/Down to move up and down the list, Return to run selected game.

bmps/jpgs can be dragged and dropped into the Cabinet or Flyer panels. If bmp->jpg is selected in prefs, bmp files will be converted to jpgs to save space.

Be sure that there is both a Cabinets and a Flyers folder in your game directory.

cabinet.bmp/jpg and flyer.bmp/jpg files in a layout directory will also be displayed the manager.
It will also detect files ending in 1-9 or _1-_9

Cabinet or Flyer pictures can be double clicked to preview, use mouse wheel to adjust size.

Gamelist can be sorted by clicking on any of the column tabs, and column order can be changed by dragging.

All changes made are saved in the registry, including the size and position of the manager window itself.


Warning: This post is mostly my own opinions and may contain irony, if you are obsessed with PAST history you may want to ignore it.

#4 uptown47



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Posted 25 May 2017 - 08:35 PM

Thanks evo, Wizard (again!),


Great info there. Cheers :-)

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