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#323998 Increase in amount that can be won from a Cat D machine

Posted by nails on 13 February 2019 - 03:42 pm in Real Fruit Machines

a few questions to answer here but - 


Cat C can also accommodate anything below it on the license, so yes a £5 would be fine. (you could also havea club machine in a bookies for argument sake)


Bacta were pushing the FOBT thing so much that the £10 cat b5, Cat C £150 £2 a spin and cat D £10 20p seems to have been put on a back burner.

#323878 Wip Club Cops n Robbers Platinum

Posted by nails on 08 February 2019 - 09:51 pm in WIP for MFME5

do we have any £400 jackpots ?

#323734 9 game - 45 game menu t777

Posted by nails on 01 February 2019 - 04:26 pm in Real Fruit Machines

whats the deal with the `hack` ?


Posted by nails on 18 January 2019 - 11:58 am in EMULATOR Help & Advice

well, almost a year old reply...

#323364 Surprise Surprize WDX

Posted by nails on 16 January 2019 - 09:29 pm in New Releases

nothing like a 10 year old thread to make me look twice!


played it last week.

#323312 9 game - 45 game menu t777

Posted by nails on 15 January 2019 - 07:34 pm in Real Fruit Machines

lets face it, hes excited. Its like buying a johnny in advance of your first shag!

#323231 T7 Bpaks

Posted by nails on 11 January 2019 - 08:18 pm in Real Fruit Machines

Cant say we haven't helped him.

#323220 T7 Bpaks

Posted by nails on 10 January 2019 - 08:33 pm in Real Fruit Machines

When will it arrive ?  

#323205 T7 Bpaks

Posted by nails on 08 January 2019 - 11:58 pm in Real Fruit Machines

should be next day delivery, what did they say to you ?

#323185 T7 Bpaks

Posted by nails on 06 January 2019 - 08:19 pm in Real Fruit Machines

Reg, can you deal with this one  :jimlad:

#323147 T7 Bpaks

Posted by nails on 04 January 2019 - 11:43 am in Real Fruit Machines

Name Description Info Size Date
B3 2GBP Casino 0.5(Build 38).bpak  T777 Casino B3 v0.5 2GBP Game Info  267 MB  29/05/2013
B3 2GBP Elvis Top 20 1.4(Build 16).bpak  T777 B3 Elvis Top 20 v1.4 2GBP Info  472 MB  22/07/2015
B3 2GBP Merry Money 1.0(Build 72).bpak  T777 B3 Merry Money 1.0 2GBP Info  342 MB  29/05/2013
B3 2GBP Montys Millions 2.5(Build 150).bpak   T777 B3 Montys Millions v2.5 2GBP Info  245 MB  15/10/2013
B3 2GBP ProgRock 0.5(Build 36).bpak  T777 B3 Progressive Rock v0.5 2GBP Info  260 MB  24/01/2012
B3 2GBP Rainbow Pots Seasonal 2.1(Build 209).bpak  B3 2GBP Rainbow Pots Seasonal v2.1 Info  860 MB  01/04/2016
B3 2GBP RainbowRichesFOGSeasonal 2.4(Build 3).bpak  B3 2GBP Rainbow Riches FOG Seasonal v2.4 Info  371 MB  01/04/2016
B3 2GBP RainbowRichesFreespins 2.1(Build 85).bpak  B3 2GBP Rainbow Riches Freespins v2.1 Info  235 MB  01/04/2016
B3 2GBP Rocky 1.3(Build 171).bpak  T777 Rocky v1.3 2GBP B3 Game Info  350 MB  22/01/2014
B3 2GBP RR Win Big Shindig 0.7(Build 87).bpak  T777 B3 RR Winbig Shindig v0.7 2GBP Info  330 MB  29/05/2013
B3 2GBP RRLuckOfTheIrish 1.2(Build 11).bpak  T777 B3 RR Luck of the Irish v1.2 2GBP Info  221 MB  09/01/2017
B3 2GBP RRScratchToMatch 2.5(Build 47).bpak   T777 B3 RR Scratch to Match v2.5 2GBP Info  207 MB  24/01/2012
B3 2GBP Seaside Slots 0.6(Build 35).bpak  T777 B3 Seaside Slots v0.6 2GBP Info  167 MB  24/01/2012
B3 500 Challenge7 5.0(Build 103).bpak  World Poker Tour ÿ500 Version 5.0 Info  157 MB  12/01/2009
B3 64FruityFlavours 0.1(Build 16).bpak  Triple 777 64 Fruity Flavours v0.1 B3 Game (Use with Exec V3.10 or above) Info  106 MB  07/09/2009
B3 ArabianCharms 2GBP 0.5(Build 88).bpak  T777 Arabian Charms v0.5 B3 2GBP Info  290 MB  15/10/2013
B3 Big Bucks 7 3.4(Build 116).bpak  Big Bucks 3.4 B3 (Only to be used with Executive V3.2.4.6 or above) Info  158 MB  04/09/2008
B3 Cashino7 4.1(Build 54).bpak  Cashino 4.1 B3 Info  174 MB  04/09/2008
B3 CashinoDeluxe7 1.1(Build 30).bpak  B3 Cashino Deluxe 1.1 Info  212 MB  25/03/2009
B3 CrownJewels 0.4(Build 38).bpak  T777 Crown Jewels v0.4 B3 Game Info  107 MB  23/10/2009
B3 Curse Of Frankenstein 0.4(Build 65).bpak  T777 Curse of Frankenstein B3 v0.4.065 Info  204 MB  22/09/2011
B3 Elvis Smash Hits Party 0.3(Build 25).bpak  T777 Elvis Smash Hits Party B3 v0.3 Game Info  293 MB  22/01/2010
B3 Elvis Top 20 7 1.3(Build 48).bpak  Elvis Top20 1.3 B3 (Only to be used with Executive V3.2.4.6 or above) Info  459 MB  11/09/2008
B3 ENC CptJack 3SS Game 0.2(Build 114).bpak  Captain Jackpots Treasure Island v0.2 Community BASE Game Info  280 MB  13/07/2012
B3 FootyFruits 0.2(Build 5).bpak  T777 Footy Fruits B3 v0.2 Info  341 MB  07/06/2010
B3 Golden Charms 7 3.5(Build 73).bpak  Golden Charms 3.5 B3 (Only to be used with Executive V3.2.4.6 or above) Info  184 MB  04/09/2008
B3 Grand Casino7 3.3(Build 61).bpak  Grand Casino 3.3 B3 (Only to be used with Executive V3.2.4.6 or above) Info  165 MB  04/09/2008
B3 High Five 7 3.5(Build 104).bpak  Hi 5 3.5 B3 (Only to be used with Executive V3.2.4.6 or above) Info  136 MB  10/09/2008
B3 HIT THE TOP 3SS Backdrop 1.3(Build 42).bpak  Hit the Top Community Cash Backdrop Game v1.3 3Player. Info  680 MB  16/07/2013
B3 HIT THE TOP 3SS Game 1.3(Build 42).bpak  Hit the Top Community Cash Base Game v1.3 3Player. Info  564 MB  17/07/2013
B3 JackpotJoker 1.1(Build 37).bpak  T777 B3 Jackpot Joker v1.1 2GBP Desc  141 MB  07/07/2011
B3 KingOfTheAztecs 0.2(Build 8).bpak  T777 King of the Aztecs v0.2 B3 Game (Use with Exec V3.10 or above) Info  122 MB  09/10/2009
B3 MagicFruits 0.3(Build 20).bpak  T777 Magic Fruits v0.3 B3 Game Info  167 MB  23/10/2009
B3 Monty Python7 3.5(Build 74).bpak  Monty Python 3.5 B3 (Only to be used with Executive V3.2.4.6 or above) Info  284 MB  04/09/2008
B3 Montys Millions 1.1(Build 18).bpak  Triple 777 Montys Millions B3 v1.1 Info  197 MB  13/07/2010
B3 MummyMoney7 1.0(Build 82).bpak  Mummy Money B3 Version 1.0 (Use with Exec V3.7.10 or above) Info  202 MB  10/03/2009
B3 NeptunesTreasure 1.8(Build 100).bpak  T777 Neptunes Treasure B3 Game Info  179 MB  04/02/2010
B3 New York New York 7 1.7(Build 105).bpak  T777 New York New York v1.7 B3 Game Info  426 MB  28/09/2010
B3 PollPosition 0.3(Build 13).bpak  T777 Poll Position B3 Game v0.3 Info  181 MB  01/10/2013
B3 Rainbow Pots Seasonal 0.1(Build 24).bpak  T777 Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Seasonal B3 Info  441 MB  04/02/2010
B3 Rainbow Pots7 1.0(Build 177).bpak  Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold B3 v1.0 Info  261 MB  08/02/2010
B3 Rainbow Riches 7 3.4(Build 47).bpak  Rainbow Riches v3.4 B3 Info  208 MB  04/09/2008
B3 RainbowRiches 3SS Backdrop 2.1(Build 4).bpak  RR Community Cash Backdrop v2.1 3 Player Info  1,240 MB  23/07/2015
B3 RainbowRiches 3SS Game 2.1(Build 4).bpak  RR Community Cash Base Game v2.1 3 Player Info  448 MB  23/07/2015
B3 RainbowRichesFOGSeasonal 1.2(Build 16).bpak  Rainbow Riches FOG v1.2 Seasonal (Must be used with STD 4.1 Theme) Info  336 MB  12/01/2010
B3 Rocky 0.7(Build 38).bpak  T777 Rocky v0.7 B3 Game Info  133 MB  14/07/2010
B3 Rocky2 2GBP 1.2(Build 50).bpak  T777 B3 Rocky2 v1.2 2GBP Info  266 MB  24/01/2012
B3 RR Winbig Shindig 3.0(Build 56).bpak  T777 Winbig Shindig v3.0 1GBP Game (Use with Exec V3.10 or above) Info  204 MB  15/03/2010
B3 RRLuckOfTheIrish 0.1(Build 4).bpak  T777 Rainbow Riches Luck of the Irish v0.1 B3 Game Info  229 MB  04/03/2011
B3 StarsAndStripes 0.3(Build 16).bpak  T777 Stars and Stripes v0.3 B3 Game Info  139 MB  03/08/2010
B3 StarsAndStripes 2GBP 0.2(Build 53).bpak  T777 Stars and Stripes B3 v0.2 2GBP Info  141 MB  24/01/2012
B3 T7 ActionBank 1.6(Build 9).bpak  B3 T777 Action Bank v1.6 Info  233 MB  30/10/2017
B3 T7 BarkinMad 1.2(Build 57).bpak  T777 B3 Barkin Mad v1.2 Game Info  268 MB  12/02/2014
B3 T7 BigCheese 1.3.001.bpak   T777 B3 Big Cheese v1.3 Info  268 MB  13/12/2013
B3 T7 Boulder Bucks 1.0(Build 53).bpak  T777 Boulder Bucks v1.0 Info  254 MB  18/11/2016
B3 T7 CrownGems 1.5(Build 4).bpak  B3 ÿ500 T777 CrownGems 1.5 (Build 4) Info  70 MB  01/07/2015
B3 T7 Double Frootastic 1.0(Build 7).bpak  B3 T7 Double Frootastic v1.0 Info  100 MB  08/06/2017
B3 T7 Emperors Treasure 1.0(Build 10).bpak  B3 T777 Emperors Treasure v1.0 Info  224 MB  08/08/2017
B3 T7 EXCALIBUR 1.9(Build 6).bpak  T777 Excaliburs Choice v1.9 B3 2GBP Info  207 MB  05/08/2015
B3 T7 FlameOfFortune 1.1(Build 14).bpak  B3 T777 Flame Of Fortune v1.1 Info  199 MB  31/08/2016
B3 T7 GoldenDragon 1.4 (Build 1).bpak  T777 B3 Golden Dragon v1.4 2GBP Info  407 MB  20/10/2014
B3 T7 HotSlot 1.0(Build 14).bpak  B3 T777 Hot Slot v1.0 Info  134 MB  03/12/2015
B3 T7 IncaHoots 1.0 (Build 7).bpak  T777 B3 Inca Hoots v1.0 2GBP Info  265 MB  02/09/2014
B3 T7 JewelInTheCrown 1.0(Build 14).bpak  B3 T777 Jewel In The Crown v1.0 Info  244 MB  13/04/2017
B3 T7 KingsRansom 1.0(Build 21).bpak  B3 T777 Kings Ransom v1.0 Info  260 MB  20/05/2016
B3 T7 LegendOfThePharaohs 1.0(Build 43).bpak  T777 B3 Legend Of The Pharaohs v1.0 Info  207 MB  30/10/2017
B3 T7 MMM Cosmic Cash 1.9(Build 23).bpak  T777 B3 MMM Cosmic Cash v1.9 Game Info  516 MB  03/09/2015
B3 T7 Monopoly Big Event 1.1 (build 04).bpak  B3 T777 Monopoly Big Event v1.1 Info  176 MB  26/03/2015
B3 T7 Montezuma 1.0(Build 10).bpak  T777 Montezuma v1.0 2GBP Info  255 MB  07/07/2016
B3 T7 Monty Python's Flying Circus 1.4(Build 47).bpak  T777 B3 Monty Pythons Flying Circus v1.4 2GBP Info  188 MB  09/07/2013
B3 T7 Moon Shadow 1.0(Build 13).bpak  B3 T7 Moon Shadow 1.0 (Build 13) Info  191 MB  11/07/2015
B3 T7 Ooh Aah Dracula 1.0 (build 7).bpak  T777 B3 Ooh Aah Dracula v1.0 2GBP Info  313 MB  02/09/2014
B3 T7 OverTheRainbow 1.0(Build 26).bpak  T777 B3 OverTheRainbow v1.0 2GBP Info  580 MB  27/06/2014
B3 T7 QuickHitBlazingSevens 1.1(Build 47).bpak  B3 T7 Quick Hit Blazing Sevens v1.1 Info  397 MB  30/10/2017
B3 T7 RainbowRichesClassic 1.8(Build 88).bpak  T777 Rainbow Riches Classic B3 2GBP v1.8 Info  277 MB  02/09/2013
B3 T7 RedHotWild 1.0(Build 12).bpak  B3 T7 Red Hot Wild v1.0 Info  194 MB  05/01/2017
B3 T7 RockyItalianStallion 1.2(Build 5).bpak  B3 T777 Rocky Italian Stallion v1.2 Info  386 MB  26/10/2015
B3 T7 RRPickNMix 1.2 (Build 1).bpak  B3 T777 RR Pick N Mix v1.2 Info  357 MB  22/07/2015
B3 T7 RRPurePots 3.0.001.bpak  T777 B3 Rainbow Riches Pure Pots v3.0.001 2GBP Info  227 MB  31/05/2013
B3 T7 Sevens To Burn 1.0(Build 24).bpak  B3 T777 Sevens To Burn v1.0 Info  88 MB  01/04/2016
B3 T7 Sheik Yer Money 1.0(Build 10).bpak  B3 T7 Sheik Yer Money 1.0 Info  122 MB  26/10/2015
B3 T7 Spartacus 1.1(Build 31).bpak  B3 T777 Spartacus v1.1 Info  244 MB  20/04/2016
B3 T7 ThaiFlower v1.0.0.2.bpak  T777 B3 Thai Flower v 2GBP Game Info  335 MB  19/09/2013
B3 T7 TopSpot 1.0(Build 20).bpak  B3 T777 TopSpot v1.0 Info  186 MB  27/01/2015
B3 T7 Wild Times 1.0(Build 12).bpak  B3 T777 Wild Times v1.0 Info  165 MB  09/01/2017
B3 T7 WildKnights.2.3(Build 011).bpak  T777 B3 Wildknights v2.3 Info  197 MB  12/02/2014
B3 T7 ZeusII 1.0 (Build 006).bpak  T777 Zeus II v1.0 B3 2GBP Game Info  236 MB  26/03/2014
B3 The Price is Right 0.5(Build 70).bpak  The Price is Right B3 (Use with Exec V3.7.10 or above) Desc  192 MB  21/04/2009
B3 TootyFruity7 0.2(Build 38).bpak  Tooty Fruity 0.2 B3 (Only to be used with Executive V3.2.4.6 or above) Info  178 MB  25/09/2008
B3 TrailOfTheMummysTomb 0.5(Build 44).bpak  T777 Trail of the Mummys Tomb v0.5 B3 Game Info  189 MB  23/10/2009
B3 VBD CptJack 3SS Backdrop 0.2(Build 114).bpak  Captain Jackpots Treasure Island v0.2 Community BACKDROP Game Info  721 MB  13/07/2012
B3 Wipeout 0.1(Build 18).bpak  T777 Wipeout v0.1 B3 Game Info  245 MB  14/09/2010
B3 X_Factor_v33.bpak  T777 X Factor B3 Game v33 Info  263 MB  17/01/2011
B3LittleDevilsFruits 0.2(Build 26).bpak  T777 Little Devils Fruits v0.2 B3 Game Info  262 MB  15/10/2010
B3RainbowRichesFOG 1.0(Build 1).bpak  Triple 777 Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold v1.0 B3 Game (Exec V3.10 or above) Info  218 MB  04/09/2009
Rainbow Riches Community Sitdown Manual Issue 1.0.pdf  RR Community Sit Down manual Ref: 1.6 Upgrade Info  4 MB  16/01/2012
T7 B3 BlackKnight 1.1(Build 21).bpak  T777 B3 Black Knights v1.1 2GBP Info  306 MB  26/06/2014
T7 B3 PsychoCashBeast 1.0(Build 98).bpak  T777 B3 Psycho Cash Beast v1.0 Info  185 MB  01/05/2015
T7 B3 RRPureGold 1.1 (build 23).bpak  T777 B3 RR Pure Gold v1.1 Info  278 MB  16/04/2015

#323146 T7 Bpaks

Posted by nails on 04 January 2019 - 11:40 am in Real Fruit Machines

myself and a few others do indeed have bacrest bbs accounts. check out the listing (crying shame that they have not kept the old s16 and rio b3 stuff, but hey)


All Areas (713)
UK Areas (656)
  2. Barcrest UK Flash Images (61)
  3. Barcrest UK PROM Images (53)
  4. Barcrest UK Other (32)
  5. Extreme UK Flash Images (27)
  7. Triple 8 Cat B3 (75)
  8. Triple 8 Cat C/D (25)
  9. Triple 8 Misc (3)
  10. Triple 8 Themes (2)
  11. Nevada Jackpot 100 (2)
  14. Red UK Flash Images (29)
  15. Red UK PROM Image (44)
  17. Vivid UK Flash Images (8)
  20. Triple 7 Cat B3 (99)
  21. Triple 7 Cat C/D (75)
  22. Triple 7 Misc (18)
  24. Triple 7 Themes (44)
  25. Triennial 2009 (25)
  26. Triple 7 Cat B4 (26)
  28. Triple 7 Bingo (8)

#323127 T7 Bpaks

Posted by nails on 03 January 2019 - 05:40 pm in Real Fruit Machines

i feel your pain Reg

#323087 SG to pull the plug on T7`s

Posted by nails on 31 December 2018 - 02:18 pm in Real Fruit Machines

im surprised that the old rio stuff like cashino hasnt been emulated yet?  its just a pc and software right ?

#323083 SG to pull the plug on T7`s

Posted by nails on 30 December 2018 - 09:03 pm in Real Fruit Machines

Rio 500's are still around. Save a youtube vid a few days back of an owner that had the balls to put an old section 16 £2 play back on the floor !!!

#323047 SG to pull the plug on T7`s

Posted by nails on 27 December 2018 - 02:52 pm in Real Fruit Machines

and thats the problem. greedy SG wants T8's everywhere so it can release t9 !

#323045 SG to pull the plug on T7`s

Posted by nails on 27 December 2018 - 12:36 pm in Real Fruit Machines

As of Jan 1st 2019, Scientific games will pull all support from T7 terminals.


It goes without saying,  3rd party support will still be available from the likes of JNC etc. but SG will officially pull the plug.




is their really that many t8 terminals out there ?

#322835 classic mpu 4 fruit machine each way shifter .... on eBay.

Posted by nails on 11 December 2018 - 09:06 pm in Interesting Auctions and For Sale section

classic machine back in the day...

#322671 I'm a Celeb 10P 5 25P 5 releases

Posted by nails on 03 December 2018 - 11:37 am in General FME Discussion


#322598 After More Bpaks

Posted by nails on 26 November 2018 - 08:25 pm in Real Fruit Machines

 there isn't a central location for bpaks at the moment (that i know of), the fmedb (http://www.fmedb.com) will be hosting bpaks for t7 games in the future, i will pm you later when im back in from work with more info.


yes there is, its called barcrest!






but you have to have an account and be in the trade

#322588 gold member

Posted by nails on 25 November 2018 - 11:02 pm in Any Topic Chat

lost me, are you upset that you have to download everything again, or upset that you are unable to download?

#322421 Gambling machine climbdown means new rules go ahead in April

Posted by nails on 16 November 2018 - 09:08 am in Any Topic Chat

I think it is very easy to be so blase over the action been taken.

Iv'e never(thankfully) been part of a family who have lost a relative through their exposure to the addiction of gambling.

Yet my best friends in-law took his own life in Feb of this year through mainly bookmakers and FOBT'S!

And the guilt of his brother lives on today,especially as he and other family members turned not only a blind eye

(to his more than clear problems)but his own brother who he rented from,evicted him only a month before he sadly

took his own life. Completely tragic beyond words.

And he and thousands of other individual's have also sadly lost their lives through a vicious cycle of addictive gambling.

And yes I more than agree with pbb's point,people are hooked by many forms and outlets of gambling and they are

not just taking their life's and getting into difficulty through bookmakers alone.

And yes Nails some of us may have more will power than others,but many people get to a point of no return.

I know iv'e too been there as I know many members have experienced similar situations.

What ever the reasons are behind the move. I will cheer the day the vile machines are changed.

The sooner the better,why wait till April,change them now! :err:

Bookmakers will never lose out and there staff will get other jobs eventually.

Yet peoples life's destroyed and lost can never be repaired fully nor loved ones reincarnated.

For every person that is saved(when the vile units are changed) then that and that alone above everything,is all that counts and matters.

And yes a huge shake up across the industry needs to take place,this is only the start of a very long journey.



ive self excluded guys for the same thing, its no different  alcohol, drugs, gambling. you say bookmakers will never lose out?  i hypothesis that with the implementation of a £2 stake, many shops will shut and then some of the big names will simply shut the doors because gambling is finished in betting shops. Why take 2/1 in a shop when its 4/1 or 5/1 on betfair. 


greyhound racing is in decline, betting in shops was dwarfed by the fobt stakes etc etc. im NOT sticking up for betting shops absolutely not, my point was the old showmen are corrupt and it was all for personal gain. 


question - when £2 a stake kicks in, do you think gamblers anon will have more, less or the same numbers ????   exactly the same, because gamblers will spunk their money on what ever moves.

fullstop period.

#322420 Gambling machine climbdown means new rules go ahead in April

Posted by nails on 16 November 2018 - 09:02 am in Any Topic Chat

Please can someone explain what Cat C and Cat B all mean? Confused dot com lol.

im surprised you ask since you've been playing machines for some time, however off the top of my head here it is -

cat a1 unlimited stake/prize

cat b1 - £5 £10,000 jp

cat b2  - £100 £500jp

cat b3  - £2 £500 jp

cat b4 - £2 £400 club machines

cat b5 (doesnt exist yet but was proposed to be a maximim of £10 commited credit and £500jp)


category c  £1 £100 (£2 £150 proposed)

cat d 10p £5 jp (proposed 20p and a whopping £10 jackpot)


hope that helps, peeps please feel free to correct me

#322392 Gambling machine climbdown means new rules go ahead in April

Posted by nails on 15 November 2018 - 12:56 pm in Any Topic Chat

As i've said before, this has NOTHING to do with protection of the vulnerable. This was a ploy used by the amusement trade association BACTA to have leverage and go for a level playing field.  


Arcades by definition are not betting shops or casinos. If they wanted to protect the players then why on earth were they looking at £2 play £150 on a cat c, and the possibility of a cat b5 with mega/ultra spins. Its darn right two faced.


There are plenty of people here who want rid of them, and im sure the pathetic stories of how the machines broke them will filter through. I too lost more money than i care to mention, but im a man for fu*k sake and i chose not to go back. 


This move will see thousands lose their jobs, all for the sake of lining the pockets of the arcade owners, that the bottom line. What BACTA should have done is looked after their own members and not poked around in other people business. Now there will be betting shops converted to adult gaming centers, and the likes of ladbrokes etc. have deep pockets when it comes to kitting out shops. they will have the best machines, tito enabled to securely thrive a business. The likes of the family run `show boat` amusements wont stand a chance. Now they have lost their customers.


I will be interested to see what scientific games has up their sleeve. They will not have taken the acquisition of Barcrest and global draw lightly, and now with the absence of cat b2, they need to produce something by April next year.


To clarify, im disgusted by Bacta and what it has achieved, Placing somebody inside parliament (Jason frost, Plymouth) was actually a good move, i take my hat off, but it will cause many many individuals to lose their jobs to try and line the pockets of arcade owners. I do hope somebody from the organisation has the balls to answer.

#322380 Gambling machine climbdown means new rules go ahead in April

Posted by nails on 14 November 2018 - 08:17 pm in Any Topic Chat