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  • 20 Apr 2012 Download The Blues Boys DX 1.1

Download The Blues Boys DX 1.1

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Now that Guitar has released the latest instalment of Amber, I can get this released. It's a DX for a popular BWB machine called The Blues Boys. A very tight machine that saves up for the repeater feature on the top. It's set to: £8/10p/92%/Arcade, £8/5p/92%/Arcade and £8/10p/92%/Single Site. So pick one that you prefer. :)

Huge thanks goes out to Guitar for everything concerned. Without him this would have never seen the light of day. He provided the emulator to play it on, and also the pictures and reels for the DX. :)

The shortcuts for this are:

Cancel/Collect - `

Hold/Nudge 1 - 1

Hold/Nudge 2 - 2

Hold/Nudge 3 - 3

HI - H

LO - L

Feature Exchange - F

Start/Gamble - Space

20p Token Insert - 9

£1 Insert - 0

Make sure all settings like Anti-Aliasing, and Texture Filtering are off to start with. You can play with the settings when the emu is loaded by pressing F1. F1 is for help, and will show you all the emulator shortcuts. Also make sure you have installed the latest version of Amber which will have the fixes for the meters. It should now be on the front-page of this site. :)

There are two zip files in all. One has the roms in it, and the other has got the layout in it. You need to place the roms files from the zip into the Libraries/ROMs folder. And the layout needs to go in the Libraries/Layouts folder. Do this before you load the emulator up.

If anyone has anyone problems/queries, post them here. Apologies for the release being late. There were some bugs that cropped up right at the end that took a while to find, and fix. :(

EDITED TO ADD: Layout has been updated to support the new alpha display type.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • updated to the latest version of amber
  • of which now the layouts are pad files

Very good mate - loving your work as always. Think most of the things that put me off Amber seem to have been resolved. Speed seems much better and liking the scrolling etc. Lamping still seems a bit wrong - but that is probably just as I'm not used to it. Thanks
The layout has been updated to support the new alpha display type.
Thanks Ploggy ;)
when i search for the roms the file type is only .bin and there are no . dat which is what it ses i need how do i find the .dat files ?
aaarg , this fruitmachine r the best fruitmachine in here, i know it cus we had the machine in norway until the stupid goverment here said NO to fruitmachines and banned them all in norway in 2007. And ofcourse its the most difficult to install, because of theese new things , i have installed that "guitar-thing" , but im not so good at this. So i cant play that :-/

Many thanks..

Thank you

Dec 06 2015 11:01 PM

Well done, good game, amazing quality layout, just like the real thing Merry Christmas, a good one to play for Boxing Day :)

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