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Pinned  New accounts - administrator validation is requ...

Nov 06 2016 12:50 PM | aaamusements in Site News

Due to a large number of duplicate accounts being created, all new accounts currently require validation by an administrator before becoming fully active.   This will also apply to any upgrades or packages purchased at the time of signing up....

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NEW Facebook page - LIKE for a chance to WIN!

Sep 16 2015 02:51 PM | aaamusements in Site News

Fruit-Emu has a new Facebook page!

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Paid for a Site Supporter membership but still...

Apr 20 2015 11:38 AM | aaamusements in Site News

Paid but not received instant access to downloads?

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  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Astra's Ready to Roll 5 Dx

 Here we have a fun little Astra lo tech a similar clone to barcrest's red hot roll   Ready to Roll this has four "Rolls" mixed/blue/red and a Gold series  Not sure if the "gold" ready to roll lamps are in the right order as not had that rarer feature whilst test, so if anyone gets...  read more...
System 1 Nov 14 2019 07:43 PM 46

BFM King Kash Club

BFM King Kash ClubTech: Scorpion 2 Here's a clubber called King Kash. Its a simple Hi-Lo clubber that offers feature exchanges on the lower 3 of a kind wins. Unfortunately it's partly mute due to no sound roms. Keyboard Shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks to...  read more...
Scorpion 2 Nov 13 2019 08:16 PM 11

The Bling & Queen 25 Classic

 Next up is this machine in classic form, it was requested by meme3 back in January '19 so now its finally completed    Thanks goto   Meme3 for the starter image uploaded Tommy C for the starter layout Andy-1 for finalizing the lamping positions and feature names so really a j...  read more...
MPU5 Nov 10 2019 07:16 PM 25

ACE - Golden Streak

ACE - Golden StreakTech: sp.ACE Here's a nice little lo-tec from Ace. It plays on 3 win lines, either get a reel win or 3 gold bars on the matrix to playthe streak game. Just a shame it's mute due to no sound roms. Thanks to Wizard for the emulator and the latest update that allows...  read more...
SP.ACE Nov 09 2019 04:30 PM 15

ACE - Holiday Club

ACE - Holiday ClubTech: sp.ACE Here we have ACE's take on BFM's Club Cops 'n' Robbers. The difference being the feature names and the addition of the fortune teller.Unfortunately its another mute layout due to no sound roms available  Keyboard sh  ortcuts in the note...  read more...
SP.ACE Nov 08 2019 07:20 PM 12

PcP's Blue "Double" Chip 5.00 All Cash (Ireland/Isle of Man roms) Dx

 A quick re-decal of blue chip released last month, this time i thought i'd add the Ireland roms into the mix whether they're irish or isle of man ones remains to be solved   makes a change to play a All cash version from a era of token Jackpot machines, It's set on the recommended 91%...  read more...
System 1 Nov 05 2019 07:05 PM 32

Crystal's Rags to Riches Club

Crystal's Rags to Riches club - 10p/20 £100/£200 Dual stake.Tech MPU4 A simple yet fun Hi-Lo feature game, done as a request for lineup. It was originally going to be 20p/£200 jp but I decided to alter it to 10p/20p dual stake as lineup said it plays better on the 10p sta...  read more...
MPU4 Nov 04 2019 04:51 PM 14

PcP's Blue "Double" Chip 4.80 Dx

 What a treat this is, it gives me great pleasure in announcing this release Blue Chip £4.80.  its been a sought after machine in Fme land for many years two years back came v6.1 of mfme and the release of the "classic" version. I've had images sat on my lappy since then.   Bi...  read more...
System 1 Oct 30 2019 09:33 PM 36

BWB Vegas Poker

BWB Vegas Poker - 10p play Found another video rom, so I loaded it up and it's a poker game, where whatever you win adds to the credits. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks as ever goto Wizard for the emulatot, and also thanks to the rom provider. R...  read more...
MPU4 Video Oct 30 2019 03:52 PM 31

Treasure Hunt Maygay MMM Classic

Been in the scene long enough now so had a go at doing a layout. My first classic layout Maygay's Treasure Hunt (MMM) Thanks goto Paulgee - (Mpu Mecca) for resources/pictures and roms without these this would of not been possible. Vectra666 - for the blank bmp and explaining how to make the reels...  read more...
MMM Oct 28 2019 07:32 PM 12

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