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"New Members" usergroup

Mar 08 2015 09:10 PM | aaamusements in Site News

If you a regular here who has just logged in to find that you are suddenly pink and a "New Member" then worry not. As soon as you post next you will be automatically promoted into the new group "Regulars".

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Project Amber Development Release

Nov 30 2014 12:34 AM | Guitar in Work in Progress

Some people were asking to see the current state of play, so I've uploaded a dev version to the Skydrive.   If you don't have amber installed already you should install using the latest public version installer (10911). Then patch the new files ov...

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Project Amber Update - September

Oct 26 2014 01:07 AM | Guitar in Site News

In the words of Paul Daniels "Not A Lot" describes what's been happening with Amber lately. So I'll tell you the full plans instead.   However, the next few weeks look more promising regarding available time. MPU4 is working nicely, requiring only...

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

BFM - Pick of the Pack

BFM - Pick of the PackTech: SYS85Here's a late 80's clubber (2 Feb 1989) from BFM but with 2 names - Pick of the Pack or Double Dealer, which ever you may know it as, as they are both the same machine, however it's a fun game to play.Brings back great memories of 80's 8 bit computer generated sou...  read more...
System 85 Jan 10 2020 03:09 PM 11

BFM Club Wild West

BFM - Club Wild WestTech: Scorpion 2Here's a 90's 3 reel clubber from Bell Fruit. It plays a fun game but unfortunately its' mute due to no sound roms, but, strange things happen in the FME world.Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator.Thanks as ever to Wizard for the emulatorGedd...  read more...
Scorpion 2 Jan 04 2020 07:36 PM 9

BFM Cash Vegas

BFM & Whitbread - Cash VegasTech: Scorpion 2Here's a great game from Bell Fruit from back in the 90's, It's got loads going for it such as player appeal and lots of fun.The only this that's lacking is the sound, but it may turn up one day, you never know with FME. Keyboard shortcuts in t...  read more...
Scorpion 2 Jan 01 2020 06:19 PM 16

various blank layouts

Here is some blank layouts to use in mfme 6.1 and above please note they are just basic, some may need checkboxes etc done, also included are number reels  read more...
Miscellaneous Dec 31 2019 01:47 AM 18

Royle Banker £25 Dx

What another great year for Mfme its been, yet again the main man Wizard has delivered we had v6.1 then just when we thought it couldn't get better, bang!! its mfme v19 and numerous updates since, So firstly a BIG thankyou must go out to Mr Wizard the one who makes the magic come alive!!! ...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Dec 30 2019 06:52 PM 66

BFM Club Monte Carlo

BFM Club Monte CarloTech: SYS83 Christmas release 2. Here we have a very early Bell Fruit clubber, all beeps with every button press and reel spins, it's a fun game from way back in the 80's. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks to Wizard for tech ad...  read more...
System 83 Dec 25 2019 03:04 PM 17

PCP Sunday Sport

PCP Sunday SportTech: MPU4 Here's PCP's Sunday Sport machine, fun to play with some slightly risque named features but overall it's just good fun.It is mute unless the sound roms turn up for it, otherwise enjoy. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks to Wizard for MFMEThe...  read more...
MPU4 Dec 25 2019 03:01 PM 24

Qps Pink Panter £35 Dx (Mute)

Here is a resize of the £25 mini dx i did a couple of years back but now on a £35 rom set Unfortunately the layout is still mute although there are sound roms within they're not the right ones so the machine volume is turned right done   thanks goto -Crest- via the Mecca for the...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Dec 24 2019 08:48 PM 38

The Italian Job £15 DX

The Italian Job £15 DX. Thanks to Vectra666 for checking how it runs and finding a few lamps in the process. CharlieRaymondo for testing. Wizard for MFME that makes this possible.   Made from multiple pictures, every part skewed into place from hi res images. May run slow on low spec co...  read more...
M1 Dec 23 2019 04:20 PM 105

Dond - Diamond £70 Dx

 Here is my Christmas release, not necessarily a shiny gem at that, its Dond - Diamond £70   Thank you's go to   Reg for his Classic layout from 2017 Pook for the flyer he upload    Shortcuts are listed within the notes in the layout    Play this in Mfme v1...  read more...
Scorpion 5 Dec 20 2019 08:55 PM 79

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