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Barcrest's Take your Pick 8 DX

Yesterday, 09:50 PM

Its been brought up that some older layouts could do with a spruce up for mfme6 so i thought i'd have a go at this classic machine. 

Here's what's what so far, there's still a couple of lines that need removing.


does anybody know where the coin slot goes on this as the flyer i used only has the main top glass?

{Scorpion 4}Caribbean Cash 35 Dx

16 January 2018 - 07:58 PM

File Name: Caribbean Cash 35 Dx

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 16 Jan 2018

File Category: Scorpion 4

 Next up is a pirate themed slot by the name of Caribbean Cash by Mazooma  £35jp
 Thanks goto
Samson81 for the hi res quality flyer
A BIG thankyou to Reg for his classic layout.
Shortcuts are
Start = Spacebar
Exchange = E
Transfer = T
Change Stake = C
Holds = 1,2,3
Cancel/Collect = `
Feature Hi = H. Lo = N
Caribbean Cash Feature = Hi = J, Lo = M
Cash Hi = K, Lo = L
Take Booty = B
Steps = S
£1's in = 0
£5 = 7, £10 = 8, £20 = 9
  Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!!

Click here to download this file

Site not updated posts/Topics

14 January 2018 - 02:19 PM

Not even sure this with get added to the front page, but it seams the site isn't being updated accordingly, the last posts on the front page are approximately 4.45am today (Sunday) although you can still post and see what you've posted others can't unless they enter the topic.
Captain Haddocks birthday topic being a prime example??

{Scorpion 1}Club Attraction 150 1024Wdx (update for MFME6)

10 January 2018 - 07:39 PM

File Name: Club Attraction 150 1024Wdx (update for MFME6)

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 10 Jan 2018

File Category: Scorpion 1

Here we have the Dx version of the C-Pdx version i did in late 2014 of Club Attraction.
 Thanks goto Sulzerned from the mecca firstly for the video then the Cd he sent me packed with the photo's i required for this Dx.
Also thanks again to Sulzerned for the correct sound roms from his machine which he and midibob uploaded earlier today
this now has the correct "boings" on the start buttons etc and i have added coin/meter affects/ gradients etc too
 Shortcuts are
 start = spacebar
 holds = 1,2,3,4
 exchange for cash trail = C
 stop/gamble = G 
 Cancel = `
 ££££'s in = 0
  This sometimes refuses £££'s so may need to restart the layout.
 If any other designers require the Cd for a bigger sized layout drop me a pm and i'll send you the disc. or pm all the photo's!!! 
I may update this again in the near future with a larger layout than this one
  ENJOY and HAPPY GAMING again!!!!

Click here to download this file

'Give us a break' on fleabay

10 January 2018 - 09:44 AM

Seen this listed on eBay
If anyone on here wins the bid or can message the seller for some hi res images, as this is one machine that needs a dx??