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Club monopoly wonders of the world layout,/sound roms?

Yesterday, 08:08 PM

Was thinking of redoing this but...


firstly does anybody have the correct sound roms for this and the same goes for the Awp version?

and i've closed the doors on the original club layout but whilst trying to refill the hoppers for the notey to work i noticed the actual machine runs on Euro's?

which seams strange as it states £250/25p play on the alpha is there any way this can be changed to English pounds 

file attracted below is working within mfme6 but may need configuring still

{PROCONN}Jackpot 7's 10 Dx (updated for Mfme6)

18 March 2018 - 08:44 PM

File Name: Jackpot 7's 10 Dx (updated for Mfme6)

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 18 Mar 2018

File Category: Proconn

                           This layout has been updated for and will only run in MFME6+
Whats changed from the original (mini) 1024Wdx
Enlarged the layout doubled in height, and darkened down artwork
Removed Sideart
Added a brown reel mask and gradient 
updated seven segs
Added "some coin effects, still not entirely sure if they're correct.
 Notes from original 1024 release from 2015
Here's a classic machine to play  Project coin's Jackpot 7's £10jp....
 A big thankyou goes out to jonno/launton for firstly making a topic about his machine of which he placed this machine into a bright new shiny modern cabinet so in theory its the old machine in a new cab. Anyways i took an interest and pm'ed him for photo's to emulate his machine which he gladly obliged.
Thanks also to hitthesix for his original £10 layout of this for the roms although jonno did include his cash roms but afaik they're the same ones. also thankyou to compost corner for his £4.80p layout one of which never knew existed and an excellent one at that, of which i gained the correct lamping sequence for the win tables.
 Again this machine could do with a bigger res layout to bring it out better so if any biggy creators want the image's i used feel free to pm me. ( Now done lol!!)
 Shortcuts are-
 start = spacebar
collect = c
 cancel = `
holds 1,2,3
££££'s in = 0
20p's = 9

Click here to download this file

{SYSTEM 1}Astra's Big Ten 10Jp Dx

13 March 2018 - 08:33 PM

File Name: Astra's Big Ten 10Jp Dx

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 13 Mar 2018

File Category: System 1

Here is the original £10 jackpot setting of Big Ten.
BIG THANKS to the same members as the other layout(s)
and a Special Big Thanks to Astraluke for the £10 decals and original reel symbols which are now added to all four layouts
also added coin in effects etc
 Enjoy it once again and Happy Gaming!!!

Click here to download this file

{SYSTEM 1}Astra's BIG TEN 5, 8token & 15 Dx's

12 March 2018 - 06:09 PM

File Name: Astra's BIG TEN 5, 8token & 15 Dx's

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 12 Mar 2018

File Category: System 1

 Next up is a download one get two free affair from the Lo-tech Astra area in the name of BIG 10. 
The layouts are set on £5 cash £15 Cash and a £8 Token setting, i would've had it on its original £10 setting but couldn't find a £10 decal to fit, but you can change the stake/jp settings via configuration.
 The £8-£4 decals are a tad rough due to the only images found.
 Thanks goto Spa for the images used, including the Big 10 reel symbol nicked from the images
Cashbox1 for allowing me to continue and release this
and to DAD for the roms given to cashbox1, of which i got running for him originally and his reel symbols from partytime etc
If anyone has a hi res image of the £8/£4 and £10 decal i will edit the layout and re upload!!
    I think that's everything
             Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! 

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{Scorpion 4}Club Deal or no Deal 250 84% Dx

03 March 2018 - 09:12 AM

File Name: Club Deal or no Deal 250 84% Dx

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 03 Mar 2018

File Category: Scorpion 4

                            PLAYS IN MFME6+ ONLY!!!!
Another Club Deal, this time its the Original Dond Club version set @ £250jp 84%
 Thanks goto Renoufchr for the classic version of this of which i found out just before releasing used ferry roms set at 65% but found the set1 of these so now at a correct percentage.
the noticeable differences between the two are mainly credit related on the ferry ones if you'd put a £10 in the whole lot gets transferred over where as the standard roms the usual £2/5 goes over and the alpha display, displays different.
thanks also to the ebay sellers for various images used including the newer orange symbol i've cut from the images 
 Shortcuts are.
Start = spacebar

Exchange = E

Transfer = T

Choose Game = G (this changes the value of the spin from normal spin to super and mega spin)

Collect/Stop = C

Holds = 1,2,3,4

Hi = 2, Lo = 3

Cancel = `

Gamble Feature = F

Take Nudges = X

Deal = D

No Deal = N

£1's in = 0

£5 = 7, £10 = 8, £20 = 9

 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!
 Now off to enjoy the snow before it melts lol.
any probs let us know.

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