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Cannonball Run Awp 25

20 May 2018 - 06:58 PM

coming up next is the Awp version of the clubber i done a while back 

thanks to all for the help in getting these running last year

http://www.fruit-emu...cannonball +run


thanks to Tommy C for changing the £15 flyer decals to £25 ones as thats the only rom sets we can find afaik!

and i've added buttons and the 8 step trail from spa's photos.

Afiak this machine uses five lamps per barrel or five colours red/green/blue/yellow and white!

so i've six arts like below ready to be lit!

{Epoch}Extreme's Jackpot and the Beanstreak 25 Dx

20 May 2018 - 05:10 PM

File Name: Extreme's Jackpot and the Beanstreak 25 Dx

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 20 May 2018

File Category: Epoch

 Next up is this jack and the bean stalk themed fruit called Jackpot and the Bean streak from Extreme via epoch tech, 
   This one works perfectly in Mfme6.1,     whilst Bubble and Streak isn't ok until the next emulator update, 
    Anyways a BIG thankyou to 
Mavroz for the original very hi res symbols he uploaded a while back which have been used on various layouts, too his help in identifying the hi lo reel band postions/text n numbers and to anything else he's helped with.
Thanks for the flyer uploader 
 Shortcuts are-
Start = Spacebar
Take Feature = F
Take Cash = C
Feature Exchange = E
Holds = 1,2,3
Hi = 2, Lo = 3
Cancel = `
Take Bonus = B
Take Cashpot = P
Shoot Egg bonus = S
Supertrail = T 
£'s in = 0
The latest Mfme emulator (6.1) can be found via the website listed on the notes section of the layout!
  Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!

Click here to download this file

Jackpot and the Beanstreak dx

12 May 2018 - 07:40 PM

Started working on this tonight, got the lamps all mapped out and reel symbols in place, apart from the mixed sevens does this machine have hidden features as in pink boxed fruits?

Also i have a flyer but its not the best, does anybody have a higher res one i can use please

Extreme's Bubble and Squeak

07 May 2018 - 03:33 PM

Just started on this one which runs on epoch tech, i'm sure other run of mpu5 but maybe wrong.

Anyways as said started with flyer cleaning etc. The game runs ok but every now and again it freezes and causes mfme to crash, but wizards taken a look at the game and it appears to be a sound chip issue

 His words from the desertisland mfme bugs topic

(This is actually a bug in the Emulator, the sound chip is being driven slightly differently in this game and I've not seen this behaviour in any other game so far released.

I have now fixed it and it will be included in the next release)

Anyways i shall carry on with this layout and maybe mfme will be updated accordingly when this is finished.


{Scorpion 4}Club Monopoly Moneybags 250/multistake

03 May 2018 - 06:16 PM

File Name: Club Monopoly Moneybags 250/multistake

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 03 May 2018

File Category: Scorpion 4

Next up, Another clubber, another Monopoly this time its Club Monopoly Moneybags and i expect you'll need plenty of money bags for this.
Shortcuts are - 
Start = Spacebar
Transfer = T
Take Feature = F
Change Stake = X
Holds = 1,2,3
Hi = 2, Lo = 3
Collect = C
Cancel = `
Gamble Bonus = B
Gamble Feature = G
Take Sneak Preview = S
£1's = 0
£5 = 7, £10 = 8, £20 = 9
Play as always in the latest available emulator (MFME6.1+) which can be found via Desrtislandfruits.com  , website also written within the note image!
  Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!

Click here to download this file