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In Topic: {ADDER5}Bullseye Pounds For Points (Mazooma)

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

Super smashing great!!

In Topic: Machine from 90's with Heaven 17 Song - Temptation

Yesterday, 08:20 PM

i dont have the bellfruit downloaded but for some reason i seem to remember a machine playing a sample when you get upto 4 nudges,and maybe thought it could be a maygay machine as they used samples of chart music on there 90s machines. But if bellfruit had the rights to that sample it could be possible that bellfruit also used it on awp machine of a smaller jackpot!

i see, i think i know want you mean, some maygays in the mid 90's did use this tune as a sample. probably a £6 jp similar to eastenders/ gladiators etc the name will come to us soon.  

In Topic: Cannonball Run Awp 25

Yesterday, 08:17 PM

Looking fantastic.

i'd wait till the final result.

Here's where i'm at so far, the flyers not the best quality, grainy as poop but i shall plod on-

In Topic: WIP (Epoch) - Italian Job 2 DX

Yesterday, 06:04 PM

look forward to this finally getting the dx treatment

In Topic: New MOT Diesel Emissions

Yesterday, 11:12 AM

What pisses me off is my car's nissain tino automatic petrol 2005 yet my road tax is far dearer than my dad's diesel 06 estate. His is approx £100 cheaper than my £285 a year tax and why don't they scrap road tax and place it on petrol n diesel as said my £285 is for 7,000miles a year where as someone paying £30 a year does 20,000 polluting the environment far more than me, where's the justification in that!
Also I would love to get a new car but simply can't afford to so I'm stuck in a big deep hole!!
I wouldn't see as water power is the way to go as there isn't enough useable water to go around, in my eyes solar power would be the way to go, far to much sunshine or daylight is wasted, a different subject but regarding solar power I think all new builds should have solar panels automatically installed on roofs etc