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In Topic: INIT CLU 1.3

Today, 02:31 pm

1. It states is says £2.70 on start up, to me this suggests it owes the Player £2.70 so that could just need a cash refill to sort
2. They says it’s be broken into and the locks are broken/ missing, this could be why it’ll only play with bottom door open and if the switches/ locks were missing then the machine wouldn’t play as normal.
Only a tenner maybe worth a gamble what’s to lose??

In Topic: INIT CLU 1.3

Today, 12:20 pm

Wouldnt be the Rom shagged as wouldnt play with door open?
Could be simply door switches not plugged in resulting in door open only
What machine is it?

In Topic: Time Warp by Extreme Gaming.

Yesterday, 04:18 pm

not for a while from me unless mr c takes it on, i've manic miner next, hopefully!!!

In Topic: {PROCONN}Jokers Wild 4 Dx

23 March 2019 - 04:58 pm

`another corker from the vecs stable..so good to see these old money snatchers getting a new lease of life :D thanks mate

Very simple machines by today's standards but very enjoyable and addictive none the less!!
And when mfme v19 gets released I have the simple bar X £5 and nudge wink to go, two more simple but addictive machines to play.

In Topic: Time Warp by Extreme Gaming.

23 March 2019 - 04:55 pm

Twenty five I thought that was the jackpot setting you were talking about :D

Noooooo that's the machine name, I found out about this machine in the begins of my fme journey back in 2012 when I began arting up 25carot gold only to discover we've no sound ROMs for that machine, well there was sounds within the rom sets but these were for twenty-five by extreme gaming. I still have the art prepped for when 25carots sound ROMs appear one day.