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Yesterday, 06:53 pm

thanks ploggy

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Yesterday, 08:10 am

Welcome fruitnutter
I suppose your initial post didn't help with the
" I want a pony and I WANT it now!!"
But as you say we all live in a " I want it now' society
Is it a good thing? I don't think so anyways
Maybe some were quick to jump the gun as comments like the above will only drive hopeful members away, but on the other hand we do get a lot of "wanting" newbies here, and you've donated which is a good thing, unlike some " I want" members
Anyways enough rambling I hope you continue to use this site and join in with various topics and the odd thankyou for layout made goes a long way amongst us creators etc

In Topic: Happy belated birthday

Yesterday, 07:35 am

Happy belated birthday mate

In Topic: {MPU5}Barcrests Rob Da Bank Dx

Yesterday, 07:31 am

off sets on the reels done too,everything should be right now,shoddy work due to not playing the game.

Sack the play testers lol.
Still a great machine layout with plenty of opportunities to get the feature board even if you for everytime lol

In Topic: {MPU5}Barcrests Rob Da Bank Dx

22 September 2018 - 06:25 pm

Just played this game, 

Are the meters set up correctly for it as there's a -600 out on the meters and are different compared to the rainbow riches you've done