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"New Members" usergroup

Mar 08 2015 09:10 PM | aaamusements in Site News

If you a regular here who has just logged in to find that you are suddenly pink and a "New Member" then worry not. As soon as you post next you will be automatically promoted into the new group "Regulars".

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Project Amber Update - September

Oct 26 2014 01:07 AM | Guitar in Site News

In the words of Paul Daniels "Not A Lot" describes what's been happening with Amber lately. So I'll tell you the full plans instead.   However, the next few weeks look more promising regarding available time. MPU4 is working nicely, requiring only...

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Epoch Emulator - September 2014 Update

Oct 02 2014 09:09 PM | killcrazy in Site News

Evening all, time for an update on the Epoch emulator!!  Sorry it's been a while!  I've been quietly busy on the emulator for the last 2 months and have made some big changes and tidy-ups!!   The biggest change has been to the rendering...

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Dungeons & Drag Queens 25 Dx

 Following on from the Clubber i did of this back in April comes the Awp Dungeons & Drag Queens.    Thanks goto the rom uploader Ady for the flyer Wizard for mfme's abilities to lamp quad masks    Shortcuts are-   Start = Spacebar Exchange = E Collect = C Holds =...  read more...
Epoch Yesterday, 08:15 PM 93

Nudge Double Up Deluxe DX

Another great classic to bring you all.  This time it's a DX for JPM's iconic nudger, Nudge Double Up Deluxe.  Set to the more common £1/5p - 74%.  I've decided to release this with a factory reset ram file, as it plays a lot better from a fresh restart.  Use MFME5.1 to p...  read more...
SRU Nov 20 2017 08:20 PM 92

Jewel in the crown (Maygay) (2006)

Here we have annother cracking game from Maygay, Jewel in the crown   Set on £35JP and 30p/50p play   Thanks to Reg for the roms, Matty N for fixing the meters and jon2007 for playtesting   Have fun   read more...
MPU5 Nov 19 2017 08:03 PM 66

Super Bullseye (Bellfruit)

A weird one here, it is essentially the blue Bullseye AWP, but with the inclusion of a "Super" start! You will get a wrong sound error on boot however they do work correctly.  Shortcuts found in the layout notes, MFME font can be grabbed from here if you don't already have it - http://w...  read more...
Scorpion 5 Nov 19 2017 12:25 PM 77

The Vegetable Crew 250 Dx

    I wasn't going to release this as a download due to the image used from the weakest leek layout, but in theory its a rom set not released before so why not!!! i take it i've placed this in the correct Tech Category.     This Is The Vegetable Crew on M1A/B tech as appo...  read more...
M1 Nov 17 2017 09:04 PM 101

Its Amazing (70 Jackpot) - Barcrest

Here's an updated release, Barcrests It's Amazing on £70 Jackpot! Thanks to Ross for uploading the romsShortcuts can be found in the layout notes Original topic here - http://www.fruit-emu...azing-barcrest/  read more...
MPU5 Nov 17 2017 12:41 PM 67

Global - Wildside 25p/25 (Classic)

Global - Wildside 25p/£25   Start: Space Transfer: T Exchange: Collect: C Hold: 1 Hold/Hi: 2 Hold/Lo: 3 Cancel: ` Cashpot: X   Thanks to Hitthesix                  Wizard                  Rom...  read more...
Epoch Nov 17 2017 11:09 AM 45

Road to Riches Video

Here we have a triple whammy release of Mazooma's Road to Riches Video.   3 layouts to choose from, which are;-   10p play £5 Jackpot 30p/50p multi-stake £35 Jackpot 30p/50p multi-stake £70 Jackpot   Thanks goto:-   Wizard for MFME5.x The rom provider.   Ke...  read more...
Adder5 Nov 15 2017 03:32 PM 172

Reflex's Fortune 500 Dx

 Here's a machine to shove onto Autostart and let it play whilst making the tea or having a bath lol Although just did a Ram clear prior to release and £20 did actually last a good 15mins even had £165 in the bank at one point so not that tight when on Max stake at a whopping 98% I...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Nov 13 2017 10:01 PM 189

Deal Or No Deal The Crazy Chair 70 Wdx

Well here's the £70 version of crazy chair,everythings the same as before apart from the upgrade,thanks to wizard for the new mfme,reg for the modded art,and to richy for a pic he sent me last week.  read more...
Scorpion 4 Nov 13 2017 04:41 PM 144

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