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Member Colours/Badges

Posted by ady on Jan 05 2013 09:56 PM
Blue. This is the standard members colour.
Bronze, Silver or Gold. These are members that have donated to the running of the site.
Green. Layout Designer.
Purple. Moderator.
Red. Admin.
Donated badges can be obtained at any time by selecting the donations tab, please follow the instructions on the page.
Layout Designer badges, These are selected via Moderators and Admins in a private vote. Anybody may suggest someone who they feel should be altered and that should be made via EMAIL to a staff member.
PLEASE NOTE PM's are private so don't PM as we respect PM's and therefore cannot share the suggestion and they are not to be posted on the forums by members. The final choice is down to the staff vote, not members.
The same applies to Moderators as and when needed.

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