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  • Added on: Feb 20 2010 06:20 PM
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How Can I Mute A Layout?

Posted by hurtand165 on Feb 20 2010 06:20 PM

You want to mute a layout.


MFME 2.0

Press Ctrl + M on your keyboard.

MFME 1.1

Go to the Configuration menu and click volume off.


Click on Advanced then Emulator Settings, now click the Sounds tab and uncheck the Enable uPD7759 sound output checkbox.

If you also want to turn off the other sound such as the buttons depressing, the meters ticking and the coins paying out you need to uncheck the Enable machine sounds checkbox.

Once you have altered the settings you need to click apply and close the menu window.


Unfortunately there is no way to mute a layout in this emulator.

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