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In Topic: Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

21 March 2020 - 07:32 AM

The Arduino forum really sucks. There are consultants who, instead of clear help, give you riddles - for a person who is confused enough, this is not much of a help. If you try to explain something and ask some stupid (in their opinion) questions, you will be slapped in the face and eaten by the community when you try to argue. A fantastic experience. I recommend to everyone.


As for open source. I don't know. I would rather share this software with a person or a team who would involve to further development. But I would need a proof of involvement in Fruit Machines community growth, and some programming skills. I do not want to give away this software to anyone without any control of the source code. It was a lot of work for me. I had to learn a lot of things to make it working. You know, this small piece of software has a big value for me. I don't wat it to be spoiled.


And maybe some day I will get back to it by myself? Who knows...

In Topic: Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

18 March 2020 - 12:44 PM

Yes mate. This is broader version. I have not published this one. It scans more spots in MFME memory process, and sends to COM port. For now the whole program is outdated, because of some memory addressing changes made by Wizard in MFME during the updates. To be honest I have no time to update the software, and to be even more honest I have lack of motivation :(.


The version presented on the video has more code, it can use two Arduinos to controll stuff. I had an ambition to program this thing to move stepper motors using CNC shield just like in real machine (shown on one of my videos), but I failed (but I know it can be done). Arduino forum did not help. No one helped. So whole project is suspended. If I will find someone (programmer) to cooperate with, to program the Arduino for stepper motors, then maybe whole idea would get alive again.

For now it is like it is.

Not much interrest on my idea. 7 downloads of latest version is not worth of my time no more. At the beginning I had more enthusiasm because I thought the idea had potential. It is verified now.

Stay healthy and take care of your family!

In Topic: Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

22 October 2019 - 06:15 AM

Just a quick update for MFME 19. Not fully tested, but working. Please report any issues. It took some time to publish this version. It was ready a long time ago, but had no time to finish.... time time time....


Dimming is working but I had to remove color changes from the Squeezer. It was crashing sometimes because of faulty memory reading on machine change. Now it is stable, but less spectacular. Anyway, It will work fine on Arduino.

In Topic: Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

02 April 2019 - 04:32 PM

Responsiveness of Fruit Squeezer - how should it run:


Some description in the video info.

At the beginnign while no MFME rom is loaded, Fruit Squeezer is scanning the memory for exact pattern (terrible lag), which is not found. Operation is repeated (still lags) untill we run the game. After game is started, program finds needed spot and stops scanning. We see zero lag. 100% responsiveness. After finding the game everything should run as on my example. If it doesn't then we have some problem. Fruit Squeezer will not work properly.

If it is running properly, everything should be automatic. Rom name finding, making config file, loading config values, connecting to COM port (only if saved to config), etc... All necessary cabinet features.

In Topic: Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

02 April 2019 - 03:59 PM

I've done a quick refresh speed test and baud rate doesn't seem to have any impact for latency of lights. I'd say that Arduino reacts slight faster than computer monitor. Below I'm publishing two slow motion videos of START button lamp. Machine is running in attract mode to get most of the light signal commands running on the serial transmission.


115200 baud rate:


256000 baud rate: