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Still got this 36-52 Error NO ID Chip, No Characteriser

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#1 Tommytheslug



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Posted 03 January 2020 - 06:49 PM

Hello all,


A while ago I posted about this error message and got some well needed advice, but i'm back again i'm afraid!


I just leave the machine on permanently, and once it warms up a bit it boots up and will play in demo mode, which is fine for what i use it for.


However, a power cut the other night to the machine has now sent it back to displaying an error, and it seems to be taking much longer than usual to finally boot itself back up.


I've replaced the battery on the board, which didn't seem to make any difference, so i'm back at square one. I'd like to get it up and running before i spend money on the coin mech to be able to play it properly, and some people on here said i may need a new board. 


My question is if it plays fine in demo mode, does that not mean the program board is ok? If not, does anyone have or know where i can get my hands on a 'Star Wars: A New Hope' program board replacement?


I got the machine for very little money and it owes me nothing, so id be prepared to spend a bit getting it back to good working order. 


Also, as i've said before, i'm a complete novice to these machines so please bear with me.


Thanks for any help!

#2 richy1976


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Posted 03 January 2020 - 10:42 PM

If it's taking a while to warm up then starts working it's highly likely to be a dry solder joint, maybe by the pic chip which is causing the error.
Once solder gets hot working ok.

#3 Tommytheslug



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Posted 04 January 2020 - 02:04 PM

ah right ok, is it just a case of heating the joint up and resoldering? Im poor with electrics, but i do have a multimeter etc, so is it easy to tell which one it may be?

#4 Tommytheslug



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Posted 04 January 2020 - 05:07 PM

SCRAP THAT, Ive been out to have a look and theres no power to it. On closer inspection inside the PSU silver box thingy, its set itself on  fire, so im now on the hunt for a replacement. Are they universal? I cant seem to find a direct replacement online. Mine says STADIUM ELECTRONICS MODEL : DEL751 Seiral Number: 000264


Im hoping it hasnt fried anything else at the same time! Anyone had this before?

#5 slugfest


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Posted 08 January 2020 - 04:35 PM

I have the same error on my Pure Madness MPU5 mk3 unit.


The guys at fruitmachinesales https://www.fruitmac...o-characteriser claim to be able to repair this as long as they access to the original software after battery replacement.


I'm a newb so simply offer this if it helps...



#6 fruitnutter



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Posted 09 January 2020 - 01:41 AM

No characteriser can be fixed a lot of the time by removing the program card from the machine, unseating then reseating the PIC chip, then plugging the program card back into the machine and powering up.


Worth a go.

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