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  • Submitted: Jul 08 2015 10:27 PM
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Download Vividfruit Sims: Two Fat Ladies 1.00

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Hello there everyone. If anyone remembers me or my old sims you may have thought I had disappeared off the face of the earth never to return with a new sim, but today I am back and am very pleased to release my most ambitious Sim ever. This is Two Fat Ladies, a bingo themed high tech pub fruit with loads of features. This Sim does everything you would expect from a fruit machine you would play in a pub or arcade, it has the hold 3 times trick on the reels, let em spin and feature trail. The board works fluidly and has fully functional spaces, including stoppa and skill stop. 3 or more ladies lets you play the bingo feature where you can win the prize pots you build up during the board, or even win the Cashpot or Mega Streak if you win a full house quick enough. You can collect 15 different features during the board or win one of 3 different streaks, or try a Cash Or Bust on a Mystery space. There is repeat chances on the bingo prize and jackpot. If you win a jackpot the machine will do a light show. There is also a chance for a "Go All The Way" on feature entry.
You can view the keyboard shortcuts by clicking the ? at the the top right. You can Load the game from the last time you played by clicking the down arrow at the top right of the screen.
I have worked on and off this project for years and I would say that all the work time put together would easily add up to more than a month, but I still want to keep these free so everybody can enjoy them. However, if anybody wishes to donate via Paypal then please PM me on here, I by no means expect this and am happy to let people play for free.
Let me know if you find any bugs and I will look in to it.
Enjoy  :cute:

Jul 11 2015 04:04 PM

hi there


just looking at this graphically amazing game but....alas the file is too big for me to download


any chance you could compress the file?



hi there


just looking at this graphically amazing game but....alas the file is too big for me to download


any chance you could compress the file?




First thing, I know I am bad at drawing.

Second thing, it is a ZIP file thus already compressed.


No need for sarcasm :p

If you nudge a win in with remaining nudges and play the board you can carry on nudging other than that very playable up to now nice one man and to all people knocking others work they do a better job than I ever could not all people are computer wiz kids just as I wouldn't knock people for not being able to work in the Construction/building game  

nice sim

This is amazing :)

Can you post a download link from an internet storage server? I haven't visited this site for a while and now I found I cannot download any file without a membership. It is strange because all those layouts and sims are provided by content creators for free.

Decent game. Thanks:)

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