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  • Submitted: Mar 24 2014 09:06 pm
  • Last Updated: Mar 24 2014 09:06 pm
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Download Club65 Special 10p/100 1024wdx mfme2.0

- - - - -

                         THIS PLAYS IN MFME 2.0 ONLY!!!!!!!!  not sure about mfme3.2 as haven,t got it lol.
Here is the early jackpot version of Club65 special, Thanks to DAD for the £150jp bfmemu version that was converted to the mfme Classic version of which I untick checkbox33 to get this £100 version so thankyou for that version too, I used the flyer that is on the sideart the machine was on quite an angle so pleased I got it to a straighter look, I also used the reels from the classic version and thanks to Tommy I,ve hopefully tidied them up a bit.
 This jackpot/stake appears to give All the secret holds, tic-tac-toe for three nudges and flashes above winline to drop win down had the bells flash for a £25win in testing. For a 10p clubber it actually plays a good fast game and this should be ready to give big from the Off.
Thanks goto Banditboy2006 and Ricardo for giving it a quick look over.
Shortcuts are-
 Cancel/Collect- `  ,
 Holds - 1,2,3
 20p spin -4,
40p spin - 5,
and the meaty £1pound spin - 6
and finaly pounds in -0.
             AGAIN PLAYS IN MFME2.0 ONLY!!!!!!

Nice one... had a quick play.


Works  also in 3.0, but not 3.1 or 3.2 (gives a reel 6 error in both).


Will give it a proper bash tomorrow.



cant seem to get credits in lucky to get a pound in lol any ideas cheers great work tho

Pounds not going in maybe due to configuration speed I did set it to 3500 at it appeared to work if anyone else still getting problems report back please and I'll look in to it.

managed to get £9 in, but when played through could not get any more in so gave up. nice layout though. well done

just downloaded it and yes the coins in is tempermental I did reduced configuraton speed further to 2500 only suggestion I can think of is to put a good tenner in at a time

thanks, I will try that.

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