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  • Submitted: May 06 2012 09:47 pm
  • Last Updated: Jan 28 2014 08:50 pm
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  • 28 May 2012 Download BWB Red Hot Fever 1.0
  • 06 May 2012 Download BWB Red Hot Fever 1.0

Download BWB Red Hot Fever 1.0

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Here at last we have BWB's red hot fever. This has been made for both MFME 3.1 and Project Amber so you can decide on which layout you think looks better. I wish to thank guitar for his determination to get Amber finished so we can all enjoy even more games. I've been working with guitar since almost day one and have stuck by him 100% and had total confidence in his efforts to bring us a brand spanking new emulator. I also want to thanks tommy c for his help and patience :)

Right back to red hot fever.

Its made by BWB and I have 3 profiles 20p £15, 25p £15, 30p £15 all set at 86%

The original size of the layout is 2048 x 2048 so it's a kind of HD layout which can be seen when you scale the machine to full size by pressing F3 when loaded in amber. Pressing F3 or setting the scale to machine size in display settings when you first load amber will make the machine the correct size for your screen.

This has some great little streaks but they are hard to come by so watch out for hidden hints in the game.


0 =insert £1
space = start
1 =hold/nudge reel 1
2 = hold/nudge/hi reel 2
3 = hold/nudge/lo reel 3
e = exchange to feature
n = nudge stack
r = repeat stack
f = feature stack
s = special bonus
b = bwb extra bonus button

The PAC file needs to be placed in the projectamber/librarys/layout folders
The roms need to be placed in the projectamber/librarys/roms folder

The arrows to the left light up at random and as you land on the cashpot symbol on the feature if the arrows are lit then you will progress further up the cash ladder.

The pac file is rather large at 49.1MB, this is due to the three profiles which all need there own layout.

I hope you enjoy this as it took lots of hard work and lots of time to get it finished.

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • updated with the new pad layout format

how do i get it to play in amber plz
pointless, like all the others.....just uplaod a single file
May 10 2012 04:51 am

pointless, like all the others.....just uplaod a single file

The designer of the emu has stated that the roms will not be uploaded in the same file as the layout. If you cant deal with a 2 zip files you have no hope.
thank you RH, i know youve been at this for a long long time and finally we have a release. i think i speak for ALL OF THE 300+ RUDE DOWNLOADERS
How do I download this?

What steps do I need to take?

Thanks I just cant seem to do it
When I try Downloading the Layout I get the following message:

Sorry, you don't have permission for that!

You have exceeded the maximum amount of bandwidth that you can download for the day.

Even though I haven't downloaded anything or used this site for over a month. Any help would be much appreciated!
^^^ Same here :-S
works like a charm. streaks like a good un. well done
Jun 05 2012 07:22 pm
The download limits have been out up to account for the larger files.

do i need sound files? I get a runtime error

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