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MFME - Barcrest - Eliminator DOWNLOAD!!


Yes, finally. Eliminator on mfme!!!This layout was done by Ploggy. He does make a great DX and this one is no exception. It is a 1600 layout so you need to do the following if your desktop does not go that high, mine didn't but as you can see, that's not a problem!Get you layout file from here,http://www.fruitforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=27019Unzip it and stick it in a folder, yada yada. Mfme10_1a is needed. This is also found on fruit forums. Can't find it? Sign up and ask.Now, open mfme10_1a.Right click on you desktop and go to properties. Then settings, then advanced. Now goto monitor. You'll see a check box saying 'Hide modes that this monitor cannot display'. Un check that and apply!Now close the advanced window and you'll be back on the display properties. Your screen resolution now has alot more options! Slide it upto 1600X1200. Apply that an you'll now beable to run this layout.Mfme is open, you opened it before you did all the screen changing properties (I did it like that as alot of folders on my 1280X1024 desktop were out of screen).Just go file, load game and direct mfme10_1a to the file you downloaded from fruit forums and away you go!Cheers Ploggy! If you like this layout, why not sign up to fruit forums and thank him personally :-)

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