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25 June 2018 - 10:02 am

Hi guy first wanted to say thanks for the current SRUs great to play Nudge Double Up Deluxe, the machine that got me hooked !. Any plans to bring out any more,-Super Nudge Double Up Deluxe, Eachway Shuffle  (blue), Double Top, Lucky Twos? Cheers Shaun

Ban the B3s

28 February 2009 - 01:48 pm

second posting on here today,but felt this was more important,does anyone else think that the B3s should be banned or ristricted to casinos? After seeing a mate of mine spending 4000 plus on Slotto gambler,a new hooror story from Astra, with no return apart from a paltry 200 quid which got quickly eaten back,me being me complained to the manager,who tartly advised me,that they were `random`! and had no control over it,,hmmmm ,yeah quite,ive won 500 on Elvis with 20.00 on 3 discs ,,a unique thing in itself,,but then lost 1000 on it the other day,no return,,not that i play them much,thank fk,,but makes u wonder how many are going to be bankrupt,lose their houses etc before these things are removed if ever,these arnt amusements,but hard core gambling,,far cry from the days of Line -up and Nudge double up deluxe!

party time

28 February 2009 - 11:40 am

hi everyone,im a newie,but been checking out this site for a bit,so thought id write summat,Partytime..a potential cash grabber or worth playing,well i think the old version is better,,ie stand up 3 units 25.00 j/p,but then again has been noted to seriously take big time,,even when hopper is full,does anyone else like this machine or its clones?