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New games for Astra machine?

12 January 2018 - 01:01 pm

Hi all,

Is it possible to add new games to my Astra B3? It's an Astra Pc model not Firefox. (Reel king, king crazy, originally Jack and the giant jackpot).

There's 4 games installed and playable, loads more in the config menu but they're locked and not playable.

I've got Reel King Potty, Rainbow King Potty, 4 King Cash and Party Games Slotto.

Never owned a machine before and had no luck with my last post so hoping someone can advise on this.


Astra Reel King, King Crazy B3

06 January 2018 - 11:10 pm

Hi all,

Hopefully I've posted this is the right place. Also posted on MPU mecca, not sure if it's the same thing 🤔

We've just bought our first machine. An Astra Reel King, King Crazy B3. (can't see how to add photos to this) Any opinions on this machine?

We've never owned a machine before but loved playing on these on a recent cruise so decided to get one for a bit of fun.

It has 4 games installed on the machine, Reel King Potty, 4 King Cash, Party Games Slotto and Rainbow King Slotto.

The seller also saod there's loads more games on it that are only playable in demo mode as they're not licenced for pay to play.

We've gone into the machine config menu and found the list of games, 4 are installed, there's then loads more that are listed but have a red mark over them, the only option is to remove them, clicking that asks if we'd like to uninstall the game. I assume that means the game software is there just not licensed to play. Is there any way to play the games in demo mode? If so, how is this done? We've been through the manual but there's no mention of demo mode.

Ideally we want to add more games to the machine such as Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe etc. Is this possible? If so.. How?

Any help and advice appreciated, we're complete novices.