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First Post. Wanting a few suggestions, options?

03 January 2008 - 09:00 pm

Hey there,

I am just wanting a few possible suggestions of what fruit machine to get for my new house! I've had a few before but just randomly bought really. I just want a single good one for playing myself/piggy bank! Ideally just a 25 jackpot one or similiar. I've had Fright Night, Brainwaves, Cop The Lot & Pie Factory before. Spend no more than 200 ideally. I don't actually use them in pubs so don't know which to go for. I have searched through ebay and I am watching a Hot Stuff I have heard is good, but they all seem quite far off. Any of the slightly newer ones any good dosh n pecs, cock a doodle dough?

Any on here you'd have? Fruit Machines

Just noticed they are almost walking distance from me and don't seem that expensive.

Thanks all