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Yesterday, 11:55 pm

It is late, but I feel that I should put my last version of Fruit Squeezer online. This version has implemented led dimming. Dimming is available only on PWM pins.

I was hoping to show you how the dimming works but my recording software causes so much lags to the system, that PWM dimming is not working properly.

Below is a link to graphics with all Aduino Mega Pins described. Fruit Squeezer has hard coded PIN numbers, and all of those can be found at this schematic gfx. Everything can be changed but the default setup is like I propose.




Biggest update from all the time.

1. Automatic hooking to running MFME

2. Automatic Arduino connection (after config save)

3. Automatic config load (from config file)

4. LED dimming effect (up to 15 LEDs on bare Arduino Mega - extendable to maaaaany more [up to ~600])

5. 68 outputs (digital - 1/0 output so no dimming, just on/off mode)

6. Hopper support with divider (Sorry, after my cat removed all the wires from the breadboard I haven't tested hopper on Arduino Mega :(.)


In case of any suggestions (Eric ;)) feel free to write me, but keep in mind that my coding abilities are very limited, so not every wish is granted.

For now it is half tested version of updated Fruit Squeeze and Arduino code.

Former config files should be deleted. Work only on new created files. Older will crash the program.



From now we are talking only on Arduino Mega. Smaller versions can work but some features will fail. Mega is going to be the lead board for this project from now.

In Topic: Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

12 November 2018 - 08:08 pm

I was hoping that I will finish some part of Fruit Squeezer this weekend... but as always. I've opened next feature, and coding goes on.

I've finished faulty COM port connections, so now there is no possibility to crash because of wrong typed address. Saving COMs and automatic loading and serial connection after Fruit Squeezer boot is done. Before I post this version I think I will work a bit on LED dimming.

With Arduino Mega set, we can use 14 outputs as analog, and I will use those to drive LEDs with dimming effect. Not many machines use this feature, but some does. We coud use it in cabinets. But nothing is certain before the tests. If I manage to dim a led, then I will publish Squeezer with that function. If I fail... it will be only 0n/off LED.


Bye for now. I'll try to upload upgraded version of Fruit Squeezer after I finish with dimming.

In Topic: Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

10 November 2018 - 10:40 pm



Fruit Squeezer in 'developer mode'.

At this video - fruit machine VFD screen text sent to Arduino LCD display. Realtime. Cool ha?

LCD seems to be to slow to refresh. I have few original VFD screens. Maybe someday I'll connect them to my set.






Tomorrow we (Polish people) celebrate 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF POLAND REGAINING INDEPENDENCE :).

Following the partitions and 123 years of serfdom, Russification and Germanisation, after great uprisings, free Poland was reinstated on the map of the world. 


In Topic: Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

09 November 2018 - 09:06 pm

After some thinking on your suggestions Eric, I've understood that automatic serial connection is also very important for cabinet construction. So, now Squeezer is reworked a bit.

Here is how it works.

Squeezer after runned searches for MFME 6.1 game. At this short moment Fruit Squeezer's user interface is a bit unresponsive (lags). Responsivenes gets back after MFME game is found.


As for serial connection. It can be achieved as it used to be done - manually. This should be done after first connection of Arduino hardware to find out on which COM port it is connected. When we know the port we can set the automatic connection. It is done by typing to the yellow field the port name. Field is not case sensitive, so we can type for ex. "COM10" or "com10". Doesn't make any difference. After this address is typed in, configuration should be saved. Textbox value will be stored and loaded every time when this rom game is loaded. Serial connection is triggered automaticaly. IMPORTANT - yellow field may contain only existing and proper name of Arduino COM port. Typing wrong value will cause program crash and for now I can't do anything about it. For now...


Fruit Squeezer baceme pretty automatic software. As for the cabinet, I think only action to be taken is to run it in autostart, after Windows boot. Rest is going to happen automatic. Of course after propper configuration of outputs but this is obvious.


After short testing I will publish new version of Fruit Squeezer. I also wil publish a tiny correction to Arduino code. I forgot to turn on internal pullup resistor to avoid necessity of connecting external pullup current. Probably tomorrow everything will be ready.


Take care.

In Topic: Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

04 November 2018 - 09:10 pm

I found a problem with renaming of game. Squeezer creates unwanted files during renaming.

I will correct it as soon as I can but not today. I'm not feeling well, and I'm tired. This is not goos basis for thinking and coding. I will probably make more damage in this condition so, I better not touch the code anymore.