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Yesterday, 10:04 AM

Yeah I think Shades are still around, and Wave Design in South Wales. I used to use Wave to print art for my own export games when I was freelance. Good bunch of guys.

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11 July 2018 - 12:36 PM

Fact about Maygay when they was on the MMM system..... this was made by a firm called Pannelwire Controls LTD, in Heanor, Derbyshire..... same place was also involved in some of the control circuits that went in to the Sinclair C5.

Also Maygay, like Electrocoin used Poterson (Near Cardiff I believe), for some of their cab building.


Panelwire, blimey that's a blast from the past. Yes they did a lot of AWP stuff, and also a lot of automotive too IIRC.

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10 July 2018 - 03:01 PM

Really good thread! I would love someone to take one of these emulations, tweak it and leave us an easter egg to find! Maybe just a clue every week until someone finds it!


There is a plan afoot for an emulator-only game, which I'd let forum members design, and myself code it up over time. Can leave a few things in, for sure.


Just need a bit of time to do it....

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10 July 2018 - 02:55 PM

On the subject of emptiers, Super Multinudge was a classic case of a deliberate emptier. Programmed by MW (I won't put his full name here), of BWB Monte Carlo Or Bust and MAB Bar X fame.


Supercharged and Thunderbird were other classic examples.


ps. Hello Edward -- long time since we last spoke!


pps. This is my first post to a fruit machine forum since Arcadia back in 2004 !!!


-Smarter Than The Average Bear hahahahaha-


Hello - long time!!


MW yes I know who you mean - not seen him for ages - is he still kicking around the industry?




What would you like to know about next?



If all DOND clones are the same machine but different alpha messages etc.   how do cheats accidentaly get in there?


i think the answer blows open the subject of coders going bad.


* in regards to the part where `we all have a good laugh about backing`  thats 50/50 bollocks IMO. If i was playing a RED back in the day, no way would i play it if was empty, but a fully hopper gave me a 50/50 chance its full or topped up. also hearing a £1 thud on a crazy amount of coins in the cash box was also a good pointer.  




DOND clones, cheats etc probably put in the original game, and commented out for that game - then put in the clone for testing purpose and they forgot to remove/disable it before release.

I've seen some very sloppy coding. I always used to surround my test code with an #ifdef, e.g.


#if (RELEASE==0)
// Test code here..

if (read_switch(CANCEL))






Meaning that any test code cannot be in the final build...but others weren't so cautious. I never had an urgent ROM update on any of my games. For some programmers it was a matter of how many....


Re. "backing", well, given that all the stuff to do with hopper levels is buried deep in library code which (and I can only speak for Mazooma) no one touched, apart from those who *knew* what they were doing, there is no correlation between hopper levels and how happy a machine was. Changing that would reflect in every game currently in development, adjusting makefiles, etc......nah don't even go there.


I used to look after the system software for foreign games at Mazooma, and it (all Bell Fruit code) was a spiders nest - very very complex - you had to know it backwards else you'd cause nightmares.


But I love all this urban myth stuff, always have, as I used to believe it myself before starting in the industry,

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10 July 2018 - 02:46 PM

Probably Super Streak; Barcrest did a £25 version of this ages ago. I've got a flyer of it somewhere. Rio cabinet.