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#333079 Just Bought A Bar Top Sized Astra Bar-X Machine!

Posted by monkeyboypaul-returns on 31 May 2021 - 08:30 PM

Yes its been well looked after , no the battery has not been wired off the board as i am not very good at that sort of thing but im keeping an eye on it as the machine is 20 years old now , yes they are small so ideal for a games room or bedroom , i got this one off e bay but ive never seen another one for sale since so very difficult to get hold of!!


Good to know, but you're giving my OCD the jitters by saying the killer battery is still on there! Maybe someone can help you get it sorted? Preservation teamwork.  


The old photo links don't seem to work anymore, then again it has been many many years, so would you be willing to post some more - or just PM me with them, please? 


Got a little spot on my desk for a Bar-top, ideally Ready to Roll, but like you say they don't pop-up very often at all. Apparently Astra scrapped hundred of them years ago... the fools.