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#321762 {Scorpion 4}Club Bullseye 250 DX

Posted by gemini17 on 16 October 2018 - 08:00 pm

Cracking release Vectra.

Do love the clubber releases across the sites.


Many thanks



#321675 Are fruit machines a dying breed in pubs.

Posted by gemini17 on 13 October 2018 - 10:40 pm

Hi guys as the title suggests do youse think this also ..


It's not often i play the machines these days ..but if im out for a pint and a meal with the missus i'll go..Ill just go stick my change in the puggy..£5 or £6 max..


3 or 4 different pubs ive been in now and the dont have any actual " fruit machines " , just those touch screen jobbies with multi games on them.


I will never play them , i think they are pure shite .. i know you'll always get machines at the seaside arcades etc..but are they a thing of the past in pubs..?

Yes mate they are truly a dying breed!

You see even less quiz slots now in the pubs too.

Bring back the pool tables and dart boards :cute:



#321070 {Scorpion 4}Butch Cashidy And The Sundance Quid DX

Posted by gemini17 on 01 October 2018 - 10:46 pm

File Name: Butch Cashidy And The Sundance Quid DX

File Submitter: samson81

File Submitted: 01 Oct 2018

File Category: Scorpion 4



Well I have not made a DX for quite some time (two whole years) so here goes...
Here is my take on Bellfruit's Butch Cashidy And The Sundance Quid
Shortcuts can be found in the notes
Thanks go to Andy-1 for playtesting and helping me with some issues
Also thanks to TommyC and Vectra666 for the help and advice both gave me
A big thanks to Johnnyafc for letting me use his classic for my base
And finally thank you to Wizard for the emulator



Click here to download this file

Great to see you on the forums mate.

Hope your well.


Cracking dx and game like some above never played the slot,so looking forward to giving it a whirl.


Best wishes



#320875 MFME6 Layouts

Posted by gemini17 on 25 September 2018 - 07:20 pm

Well after you released Fortune Trail i thought that would be it for a while. Then BANG!! you've hit us with another cracker. Even though am over 40 which i don't like saying,i never seen this one/play it,so its a bonus for me. JPM at its best.

Thanks go to:



Nick Sulzer

Road Runner

and  yourself Ploggy as ever.

I'm 43 but don't feel it.

Just lost 2.5 stone in the last 2 years and feel fitter than I did in my 20's lol.

Took some doing and commitment and a lot of family illness's have contributed too.

 I never forget the early slots like the above and all the £1.50-£3 slots that the arcades had row upon row of.

They were great days. :notworthy:  :notworthy:



#320864 new arcade for bognor regis

Posted by gemini17 on 25 September 2018 - 10:35 am

exciting times for bognor regis 



I would never word this as an exciting time,as the coastal arcade industry is beyond struggling across the country.

Through family illness I have visited the Isle of Wight,Portsmouth,Weymouth,Littlehamptom,Hayling Island,Worthing and more recently Great Yarmouth and surrounding areas-and the picture is very bleak. Especially in the over 18 areas of the arcades where even in the height of the Summer holidays,sometimes there was just me and my partner playing the slots with 4/5 staff wandering around with little or nothing to do!

3 arcades went in to liquidation on the Isle of Wight and I can only see this as a continuous trend flooding the country from the south,spreading North.

An Arcade in Bognor which was very popular just off the sea front fell by the way side early last year,so it would never be a location I would choose to open a new venture in the arcade industry.

I agree the arcades the owner has have established a regular following and good reputation but Bogner is a good distance from them and building this takes time.

I personally don't see over 18 areas in arcades lasting longer than the next 5 years as many arcade owners I have met and got to know in my near by town of Blackpool,are simply losing money on them year after year.

More money is made from the children's ticket machines than is made from the over 18 areas,and this is where many arcade owners are now putting there investment into.

My in laws live in Portsmouth and I will be there next year so if the arcade is open then I will have a look and report back as to what it is like etc.

If it is open and still there that is. :nah:



#320473 {IMPACT}Jpm's Pinball Wizard 15Dx (resized for MFME 6.1+)

Posted by gemini17 on 07 September 2018 - 10:09 pm

Many thanks Vectra for a another cracking re-release.



#320320 {MPU5}Barcrests Alien 0.3 Dx

Posted by gemini17 on 31 August 2018 - 03:58 pm

File Name: Barcrests Alien 0.3 Dx

File Submitter: TommyC

File Submitted: 31 Aug 2018

File Category: MPU5



Here's my dx of barcrests alien,never played this machine so thought i would take it on,i have spent many hours on this over the lkast week trying to get it looking ok. Massive thanks to mort for sending me some images he required from Philip Brain Mortimer,so thanks to this bloke too,massive thanks to reg for sorting a classic layout out some time ago which always makes the job easier for a dx. Also mort for all the advice and testing he did for me..All short cuts and credits are in the layout notes,made a few tweaks to get some lamps in the speakers like the real machine, Keys 0 to 4 Are for coin up, 0 = £1 ,9 = £2 ,8 = 50p, 7 = 20p ,6 = £20 Note ,5 = £10 Note and 4 = £5 Note.



Click here to download this file

Words fail me with this layout. :notworthy:  :notworthy:

I'l just sum it up with Bloody amazing!!!


Had such a shite year with numerous family problems-lost my aunt to cancer last month,my father in law is on his 5th mini stroke and to top everything of,my uncle with dementia is now end stage and demolishing the home he is in daily!

And ive just to add to you Tommy and all the layout creators and the teams involved with the layouts,you have all kept me going by giving me(and every member on the emulation sites) such wonderful creations which have in turn give me some needed diversion in what has been a very trying year.


Many thanks



#320098 {IMPACT}Jpm's Arcadia 15/25p Dx

Posted by gemini17 on 25 August 2018 - 11:10 pm

finally after £104 in it finally gave a £15 streaker, is there a way to play this and whats the emptier?

are these the first rom set or is another one the original first set?

Fantastic release Vectra.

It was all about numbering with the slot-specifics I don't know,as at the time I was completely hooked on slots loosing 50k over a two year period whilst the (so called friends around me)-were clearing up as was pumping them stupid-happy days not if only we could turn back a clock!


Many thanks to all involved with the release.



#319567 {Scorpion 5}Bfm's The Hulk 25 Dx

Posted by gemini17 on 29 July 2018 - 10:32 pm

File Name: Bfm's The Hulk £25 Dx

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 29 Jul 2018

File Category: Scorpion 5



He's green when he gets very mean!!!and its not the bloke that eats sweetcorn (jolly green giant lol) 
     Its The Hulk a very green machine from Bellfruit on £25/25p, it has a great sound package in this
 Thanks goto Samson81 for the flyer 
and to fuzion for font ID help for the hi lo reel
Wizard for mfme6.1 and alpha help etc.idea's
finally the youtube video for lamping 
Afaik everythings finally ok with this and hopefully the feature reel band is all correct
The layouts not of the highest quality so left this layout unlocked for a future update if better hi res images arise.
Shortcuts are
Start = Spacebar
Exchange = E
Stop/Collect = C
Holds = 1,2,3
Hi = 2, Lo - 3
Cancel = `
Take Features = F
Take Nudges = N
Shots = S
Super Shots = X
Take Hazard feature = H
£'s in = 0
 The Notey does work but only gives change and NO credits
Play this in the latest mfme (currently mfme6.1) and can be downloaded from the site listed within the notes within.
 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!



Click here to download this file

Cracking release Vectra of a slot i'm more than sure many have not seen nor played.

As said in your pre-release posts,it is very similar to Royal family slot.

Look forward to giving a good bash.


Many thanks


#318643 Beach Plaza amusements Hunstanton.

Posted by gemini17 on 13 June 2018 - 07:04 pm

Is now my business!

We opened today for the first time. Was busy, mpu 3 is the best even found his way there :)








Looks fantastic.


I am around that area with my partner in September,so will visit the arcade.

Well I will as long as i'm not met with the arrogance I sadly experienced yesterday in Wales!

Went to an arcade called Waves amusements.

Went on a community slot and the slot started to alarm as I tried to put 10p's in it.

I asked the guy in the box to look at the slot,he came over and prior to fixing the slot commented on the coins I had in my hand.

(I reckon I had around £40 in various coins from a previous arcade we had been in)

He turns to me and states"I don't like people who come in my arcade with a handful of coins,I see them as gamers!!"

I said what do you mean? He didn't respond.

Anyway we won on 3 slots we played in there and walked out with £160 in profit and I refused to change any coins back.

As it come to this where you enjoy a game on the slots and are judged for doing so.?

Ive never in near on 35 years of playing in arcades ever been met with such ignorance.

Wouldn't mind but on the day we were around £600 down!!

Really put's me off playing slots again.


That said your arcade looks great-I just promise I won't come in with a pocket full of coins. :nah:



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#318583 {Scorpion 1}Cash Explosion 4.80/20p 1280Wdx

Posted by gemini17 on 10 June 2018 - 08:45 pm

File Name: Cash Explosion £4.80/20p 1280Wdx

File Submitter: vectra666

File Submitted: 10 Jun 2018

File Category: Scorpion 1



Here's a different variant on the standard £4 cash explosion, this is the rarer £4.80 rom which i sourced from the mecca
The layout it'self is mainly Pook's original work from his £4 version of this, the only parts i changed were the cash ladder and prize decals which i again sourced from the mecca
shortcuts are the same as the £4 one
Thanks again pook and to the rom uploaders etc,
Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!



Click here to download this file

Real glad I mentioned this over at DXcellent.


Many thanks Vectra for getting this running.



#317990 re FOBT'S

Posted by gemini17 on 17 May 2018 - 08:07 am



The day has finally arrived and I know many of you will be in shock.

But yes they have finally removed those high stakes from those manipulative slots in the bookies,from the stupid heights of £100 a spin to £2 a spin!




Happy days






#317878 Jackpot and the Beanstreak dx

Posted by gemini17 on 12 May 2018 - 07:43 pm

Very nice.


Horrible game in the arcades but do look forward to the emulator release,if nothing else for some sweet revenge!



#317572 Will fruit machines ever go back to the golden days?

Posted by gemini17 on 27 April 2018 - 11:53 pm


Being olden enough to remember the machines from the very early 80's this is a topic I have often discussed with a friend of mine. Both of us stopped playing fruit machines around 1998 time. Around the time jackpots were pushed up to £15. Living in seaside towns I had (against my parents orders) played fruit machines since I was about 8 though in them days I was more interested in the video games. I never really played the fruits machines regularly until I was a bit older around 1990 which is probably the 'golden era' for many of us here. Barcrest, Maygay and JPM were all on top form, there were new and unique games coming out all the time with interesting licenses and fun new mechanics to learn and pit your wits and reactions against. There was a nice spread of stakes, ranging from the 2p - £2.40 up to 20p - £10 and £20 in your pocket could last you all afternoon barring extreme bad luck.
Discussing this with my friend we noticed a change in the new machines, they bumped the jackpot up yes which is always going to create an environment where the machines needs longer to save up to pay the jackpot (yes I know this is not how it works but go with the analogy), but jackpots are the bit that creates interest from people around, the self-advertising feature of all machines, hence the fanfare. To increase the frequency of the jackpots as much as they could they introduced the (then) £4 block, basically you could get no win higher than £4 until it was ready to pay the jackpot. When it was ready it either gifted you the 'red' board or it just dropped it in on the reels. There was no challenge any more, you were either deliberately tricked into gambling away the £4, the dreaded 10 lower 11 (life gone) 11 lower 12 scenario or you just bought yourself a half dozen extra credits. Boring...
Then there was the lack of interesting new mechanics, every machine seemed to be a clone of each other, hundreds of machines but only a dozen ideas. There have always been clones but this was it to another level.
As someone mentioned further up, it was a perfect storm of several things... higher jackpot / higher stake reducing the win frequency and increasing the play cost, immediately turning off most casual players, you can loose £10 in a flash without even a feature or win. Lack of innovation, I guess there is only so many things you can do with a fruit machine but it just seemed to me that there wasn't the originality any more, if a machine was original it was quickly cloned to death. Lazy programming, speaking as a computer scientist myself, there were many ways they could have smoothed out the game experience but the £4 block was just incredibly lazy and ineffective. What's the point of all them features if they are all hobbled and not used to give the jackpot.
My friend basically agreed with all these points and we were both glad in a way, I haven't put money in a fruit machine in over a decade and my 'hobby' no longer drains me of a (then) £1000+ a year. Part of me wants to see the industry return to its roots, but the other part hopes they don't as while the machines are as they are now I will never return except through emulation.


The simple answer is No! there will never be a return to £2 repeater days and the £6/£8 token jackpot slots.

There are a few arcades,around the land that still have some of the classic slots,running and playable-but they are very few and far between.

Mainstream arcades,bingo halls and bookies would be at a loss without the £100,£200 and £500 FOBT'S or similar styles slots-as they are so random and pretty much make up the lions share of there takings.

A good example of this is the slot Action Bank-for those who don't know the slots it is a typical £500 Barcrest slot with a triggered free spin feature,activated by 5 gold safes landing on each of the 5 reels in any sequence. You then get to pick one random safe which has a free spin value of 5-25 spins within them and occasionally(very rare lol) one of the golden safes will have in it a super pot feature,call THE BIG BANK BONUS. You then have a chance to win a  pot from three pot levels similar to the slot Rainbow Riches.

Now my point here is this,the three pots can all level off at £500 regardless of the stake you play.

On £1/£2 play the top pot is stagnant at £500 and never moves,whether you win it once or multiple times. But on 20p/50p stake the pots won will reduce to a baseline amount in each pot.

Each spin you make on the reels increases the pots by anything from 1p-5p(dependent on stake you play)

I calculated that on the 20p/50 stakes in order for the pots to reach the max(£500) in each pot level you would need to spin on average 24,000 spins!!

So on 50p play that's a total input of £12,000!

As I said just one example of one game as to why the many gaming outlets have become so dependent upon these slots.

So no return the the golden years of slotting.

But re Nails post over the reduction in stakes in the bookies,we may well see some positive changes across the board of gaming.

Online is finally turning a corner too-as now you can keep winnings that are generated from cash winnings. Those awful high percentage bonus's that they dangle ,to tempt you in to there casino's are gradually becoming a nightmare of the past.


The best way to enjoy the many delights of the past is through the many amazing emulations we have.

But a virtual arcade is the closest we will ever get to in recreating some of the great arcades that are now fond,but very much distant memories.



#316807 Happy Birthday................

Posted by gemini17 on 25 March 2018 - 09:29 pm

Belated wishes mate.

Hope you had a good birthday and hope you you were not working. :present:  :present:  :present: