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#325717 {Epoch}Funny Money (impulse gaming) 15 Dx

Posted by gemini17 on 11 May 2019 - 05:12 pm

Looks fantastic Vectra.


Only ever played this on £25/25p  and £5/10p play.


Look forward to giving this a bash.


Many thanks



#325598 Monopoly 60th Anniversary Edition 20p 10

Posted by gemini17 on 05 May 2019 - 02:06 pm

Ha e you checked the jackpot is set to £10 jackpot and not £8 tokens? If it's set to £8 and the level sensors aren't ticked it will think the token tubes are low and will only offer cash wins.


Open back door and hold the test button unroll it adds test credit . Manipulate the reels to treble bars and see what it pays.

Can't put the slot into test where your playing in demo.

But in reel test mode it states the treble bars are the jackpot as stated.

Ive reset the ram too but over two separate downloads ive pumped in £450 plus and both are running at around 20% payout :err:  :err:


It's just me and fecking slots could never win in reality and they fleece me for fun too :nah:  :nah:



#325535 {SYSTEM 1}Astra Party Time Rebuild Version

Posted by gemini17 on 01 May 2019 - 07:34 pm

Fantastic release.


Triggered all four within a few pound and a lame £2 win on each-gutted! :err:  :err:


Many thanks



#325534 BWB - Sinbad

Posted by gemini17 on 01 May 2019 - 07:31 pm

I'm generally excited about seeing this machine finally able to be emulated.


It's definitely been in my top 10 of so far unemulated machines, for many years, up with the likes of Mouse Trap, Circle Line, James Bond.


Early stages, but it's a runner and is already fully playable.


NOTE: It will be for MFME V19, as it doesn't work on previous versions.


Any resources for this machine appreciated, such as reel symbols (particular the double yellow bar and cherry) and artwork appreciated.


So far I've been producing this from watching Reel Fruits video of it at Mr Ps, a million times on quarter speed  :wideeyed:



Early thanks to Wizard for tweaking v19 to get this up and running.

Dito over the excitement!!

Was always a fav of mine with cracking tunes and sounds too.

Real look forward to the release.



#325024 Future of AWP

Posted by gemini17 on 03 April 2019 - 11:35 pm

I don't think there is any sadness in seeing machines go from where kids play in particular, £5 10p play, just leads to kids playing the higher jackpot machine.


Said it before around the forums, but when I use to see youngsters attractive to the fruit machines or watching me play, I always said to them something similar to, please remember this conversation, when you are older, do not play these machines when you're old enough, they will ruin your life and probably others in your family/friends as well.


How many times have we seen a youngster sneaking into the over 18 section of a seaside arcade for a quid or two play and/or trying to tell us how to play an AWP, thinking they know it all.


Apart from the small % of people in the know about emptiers etc, since the AWP was a thing, they have been trouble and for many have done irreparable damage to lives, such as splitting up relationships and causing debt and the consequences of that.


I know it's up to the individual to accept responsibility for their actions, but most of us know, what an addiction is like and how difficult it is to break.


As Degsy has said on some of his videos, whilst we are getting nostalgic about these machines, you also have to remember the bad side of being addicted to them.

I believe we are the only country in the world that allows children under 18 to gamble!

And it is disgraceful and shame on all the slot owners and those who legislate it-to allow it to happen.

I completely agree with you,this is where most people's addictions begin.

I remember going in to an arcade with my dad!(I was 16 and you could go in but only accompanied by an adult) And although you were watched(so you didn't touch a button lol)-the naivety then was beyond clear-I may have been restricted but that did not stop an inner desire to play the slots.

Which sadly upon turning 18 I became a full blown addict and lost around 50k in approx 2 years-And no jackpots then were above £25! but I still lost sometimes up to two grand a day! :nah:

To me the only way forward is to completely break up the industry and make children's arcades free of gaming machines.-ticket only games.

I would also consider raising the age limit to 21 too or even 25,as again 10's of thousands of younger people are trapped in a constant gaming cycle 24/7 not just

on their laptops etc but also more worryingly on their mobiles.



#324498 MPS - Cashablanca classic

Posted by gemini17 on 07 March 2019 - 09:48 pm

Cracking release mate


Many thanks



#324497 {MPU5}Red Gaming's - Top Dollar 5 Dx

Posted by gemini17 on 07 March 2019 - 09:47 pm

Looks incredible Vectra :notworthy:

Congrats on the 250th release,another phenomenal achievement.



#324351 {Scorpion 4}Club Take Note 500/50p Dx

Posted by gemini17 on 02 March 2019 - 06:22 pm

Cracking dx Vectra


Do love the clubber releases.


Many thanks



#324233 {Scorpion 4}Club Golden Grid 250 DX

Posted by gemini17 on 25 February 2019 - 01:13 am

Looks amazing Vectra,

Not a clue how to change the reel symbols lol but am happy as it is.

Never liked the sister arcade version of this as that had a nasty habit of blocking wins too! :nah:


Many thanks



#324056 Shit Start to 2019

Posted by gemini17 on 16 February 2019 - 11:45 am

I too have a work colleague who went from supposedly nothing wrong, looking forward to Xmas, to having a brain tumour.


I'm approaching 50 (June 2020) and in the past few years, have really woken up to the fact, that we aren't immortal. We don't know what our future holds, but I'm hoping to be able to retire in my mid 50's, because I want to be able to live life to the full while I'm still able bodied and strong enough and not to be tied down to having to get up for work, but to get out there and see and do stuff.


I urge anyone reading this even in their 20's and 30's to start to get out their and enjoy life, but also think about later life and start to prepare. By the time you get to 50, you'll not be able to claim a pension from the government at all, the way things seem to be going. Do you really want to be at somebody's beck and call and being tied into working in your 60's and 70's.

I agree in part but also part disagree.

My uncle (now in a permanent prison,in a end stage EMI unit for the elderly),retired at 50 and although he enjoyed his life and exercised regularly and went on lots of hols,his seed of dementia grew year on year until he could no longer support himself.

And I do believe that if he had have worked just another 5 years he may well have kept his mind working that little bit longer.

I am semi retired with my partners ill health,who was retired on ill health grounds over 3 years ago and he is 48 next!

Yet my key and daily goal is to get him out as much as I can(weather permitting) and to engage him and myself in as many activities as possible as opposed to stagnating in front of the box!

I stimulate my mind with some puzzle games on the laptop as I always have my uncle at the back of mind with his debilitating illness and the very fact that 13 of my nan's 14 bothers an sisters developed the same illness!!

I agree with your point get out and stimulate your mind and engage in exercise to what your personal capabilities are.

Ive made a real effort with weight too I was 16 stone 8lb im now 13 stone 5lb -lost the weight in just under two years and no gimmick diets or paying people to tell you what anyone is capable of doing themselves. :nah:

We have any meal for either lunch or tea including take away's :err: -then for the other meal  we have a jelly and half an apple. We also have a jelly for breki and as snacks I do get small treats but instead of having a packet of something(which we regularly used to) we just have one-and it's worked.

But what ever we do or don't do none of us know our fate,we just gota try and make the best and make each day count.


We got some nice weather here so when it is here time to make the most of it.



#323782 {MPU4}Danger Zone

Posted by gemini17 on 04 February 2019 - 11:42 am

File Name: Danger Zone

File Submitter: andy-1

File Submitted: 04 Feb 2019

File Category: MPU4



Here is another MPU4 from myself in Danger Zone by Crystal. I have wanted to see and play this from when I discovered MFME. This is set at £6 Jackpot and 10p play. It's the twin machine of Frank n Stein.


Hope some decent artwork turs up so we can see this in its full glory.


Thanks go to:
Ross for the image I used to gain the positions of the lamps.
Tommy C for playtesting, adding the coin effects and sorting the alpha out for me.
Wizard for his amazing emulator.


Shortcuts are in the notes.


Hope you enjoy.


Please use MFME 6.1.



Click here to download this file



To the mods of the site-Can we please have a Love it button to click as well as a Like it icon??. :cute:


Bloody fantastic Andy-always a fave of mine in the arcades and sadly only played this(to death!) in an arcade up South Shore

in Blackpool not far from where I live-but was around 20 years ago if not longer.


Made my day that as,many thanks to all involved with a dynamite release.

To those who have not played the slot I recommend you download this amazing slot and give it a good bash,you won't be disappointed.



#323777 {MPU5}Sheik yer Money 15Dx (updated for Mfme6.1+)

Posted by gemini17 on 03 February 2019 - 11:02 pm

Cracking re-release/update Vectra.


Defo a fav of mine in the arcades.


Noticed but 6 reply's/responses alongside 28+downloads :nah:

Come on people show your appreciation,every one involved in fruit emulation devote their time freely and a thank you goes a long way.


Many thanks Vectra good luck with your op,hope all is well.


Best wishes 



#323751 {Scorpion 4}Mazooma's Stir Crazy 15 Dx

Posted by gemini17 on 02 February 2019 - 11:59 am

Fantastic release Vectra


Love how uve designed the number cards ,looks and plays as it did in the arcades.


Hopefully other similar slots can now be re-created.


Many thanks



#323508 Hey All (status update, WIPS & Myself)

Posted by gemini17 on 21 January 2019 - 10:49 pm

Evening all or to those that read this,


As some of you might be aware i have had quite a few WIPS in that status for quite some time and i know many of you have been waiting for me to finish and release something soon,


Well the good news is i have a good handful of layouts more than 60% done the bad news is im suffering from severe carpul tunnel in my right hand and awaiting possible surgery, I have tried on many occasions to continue work on the layouts but for me to complete those and release them would tarnish the standards i work to,


Im hoping that soon i can again continue on these and bring some more layouts to the great people of the world of FME but in the meantime i also want to say well done to Andy-1,TommyC, Vectra666, Ploggy, Pook and more recently richy1976 and wearecity for the amazing releases i have seen lately and obviously Wizard for his continued support on updated MFME


samson81 will be back soon watch this space!

Hi Samson.


Real life takes place over everything.

My in-law has just had the same op and has been off from work some time now.

Hope all goes well mate.


Best wishes



#323507 {Epoch}Evil Streak

Posted by gemini17 on 21 January 2019 - 10:45 pm

Cracking stuff


Many thanks to all involved with the release.