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#275410 £5 S4/S5 photos.

Posted by Deathclaw on 06 November 2014 - 07:37 PM

Hey, is there any need to go fowl mouthing folks here?

Sorry we don't jump up and wipe your arse when you click your fingers!

Not sure what the other staff are up to, but attending the house fire at me mothers place takes priority.

I've merged your two threads BTW


You're welcome. And yeah, there is a need to foul mouth because I like swearing.

#275402 £5 S4/S5 photos.

Posted by Deathclaw on 06 November 2014 - 02:57 PM

Given I'm in a moderation queue and can't just reply to the topic I posted (because it's not gone through the #@#@#@#s, I mean moderators yet) here are some more photos.




I have probably around two thousand, though if this is what I have to go through then tbh? for now I cba uploading any more.


Any way, that ought to do it for now. Plenty of fun to be had with those if you know what you're doing.


See you in about eight month's time, when some one mentions FME on FF again.


BTW. Before the lazy c*** brigade even bothers to slag me off.


Camera = £90. Legs = free. Use.The.f*****g.Thing.


It's really not that hard.

#274102 Where have all the creators gone?

Posted by Deathclaw on 11 September 2014 - 02:43 PM

Unfortunately the last time the designers and coders got together Smithers released the hounds.


The rest is history.

#268959 Split from Project Amber 2 thread...

Posted by Deathclaw on 11 May 2014 - 03:14 PM

I find it hilarious really.


Every one's telling me to f*** off and go away, yet, take a look around you. Who did that? oh, that would be me. Funny that isn't it? I'm the worst guy in the world, yet all of a sudden since I turned up (apart from the past hugging idiots) so has every one else, and there's more FME activity than you lot have seen in f*****g years.



#268792 Amber Line Up Prototype.

Posted by Deathclaw on 10 May 2014 - 05:23 PM

That video is absolutely bob on.  Thanks for sharing and a huge leap forwards in MPU3 sound emulation terms from MFME.




Yeah the sound really is quite marvellous tbh BJ. Guitar really has worked hard on it because when I started the layout it sounded absolutely terrible.


I always hated how it sounded a bit flat in MFME and the pitch was off so it didn't squeal properly.


Tonight Nick and I are going to be working on adding all of the sounds. So I've spent a few days ripping videos from Youtube of an actual Line up, then cutting them around and cleaning them up etc to be used in the emu.


Line up absolutely needs that 10p shoot out where it clanks out a 10p when you lose. It's just a part of the atmosphere that has always been missing sadly.


I'm really excited about releasing this because from an emulation perspective it's the closest I've been to playing the real thing in about 30 years :D




The skin has been made using MPU3 pretty much everything lol. The colours were all taken from an MPU3 module (see pic)




The text thing is a real MPU3 alpha that I scanned in and cleaned up.


Not to everyone's taste, but, I've also been working with Guitar on making the skins replaceable. He's going to build a tool that takes the main component folder for Amber and turns it into a archive that is then read by the emu. Once he does that people can create any front end they wish.


I will say though, it's a lot of work to skin Amber. Far more than I realised. I've spent around four days on artwork for it and it's still not finished. I have the entire font map to replace with MPU3 alpha segments :)

#268547 Split from Project Amber 2 thread...

Posted by Deathclaw on 08 May 2014 - 09:03 PM

Stick around fella. I mean that too.


I've never used your DATs (I'm way too chaotic for that) but the place is a better place with you around. I do appreciate the work you put into them, hence my thanks.


Chris won't show his face again. Part of the agreement was that he would basically release his source up to date. Anything after that? well let's put it this way, if a later version of MFME was to be leaked or released now he would have no choice but to release the source code for it. And we both know how tight he is so I would say with 100% certainty that he's gone for good.


Gonna stick in his gut a bit when he sees how well the sound for the older techs works in later operating systems (win 7 and win 8 for example). That was something he claimed that he pretty much couldn't fix, yet, Guitar has sorted it out in mere hours.


I really don't want to see Chris around again. I just think that his cloak and dagger style and the way he used people to play off against each other was shitty.


He always said he wasn't interested in the scene.. Well he should have just buggered off then instead of just turning up every so often to upset people.


I really, really don't like him. I am living about oo, ten minutes? from MDS now. I went to meet him and we had a really nice day. I asked him to get Chris down to have a play on the machines and as soon as he spoke to Chris he just said that Chris did not want to meet me (f*** him then, no loss to me) but then MDS ignored me there after.


And I f*****g know Chris was doing what he does best and sticking in the knife.


Whatever. I really, truly have no f*****g time for that sort of shit any more I'm 40 years bloody old.


I've gone off carrots...  :bigeyes19: lol


Probably for the best haha I don't see you getting any more :D

#268430 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Problems

Posted by Deathclaw on 07 May 2014 - 02:02 PM

Quick tip. Every single version is available as a portable. So just google <insert version name here> portable torrent.


Bit of advice though. Portable versions are not as stable as full versions and come with problems, especially if you are creating DXs with them. As an example some of the versions I've got will let you draw with the lassoo tool but then jump after about five seconds. Others have issues with monitor calibration when you are darkening images (the colours will bleed into each other) and so on. I released a few layouts when I switched monitors not realising this and they were really bad on other people's rigs. I strongly, strongly suggest spending the time to create a monitor profile and calibrate your monitor.


At least that way if people whine about your layouts you can just upload your colour profile.


I personally have several versions installed. I use a full licensed CS (CS1 so basically PS8) for all of my filters and darkening and lamping, then use CS3 CS4 CS5 and CS6 for the new options they had. I can not use any modern portable version for darkening images as they make the artwork bleed, so for example I will darken it using the brightness and reds will get brighter as everything else darkens.


So be careful basically.

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#268248 Old or New

Posted by Deathclaw on 05 May 2014 - 04:52 PM

bwb runs fine the chr sorts it self but theres is no informations to do the mutli lamps i.e red/blue


if somebody knocks me up a on image for volcano  will take a look at that as I can lamp that within a night


Forgive me if I sound rude (because I often do) but why on earth would some one want to knock up an image for you to lamp?


Why can't you do it yourself? I mean, that's the whole point of being a layout designer is that you design the layout yourself.


If you need Photoshop help (or simply don't know how to use it) then ask around the forums. You can always use Paintshop Pro which IIRC is free and Ploggy uses that so I'm sure he can give you some pointers.


Cleaning artwork is not hard it just takes a lot of time. 

#268241 Old or New

Posted by Deathclaw on 05 May 2014 - 02:38 PM

Problem with any emulator is, are there enough left to care about it?

Gone are the days of 5 page release threads with thanks.



That depends how you look at it. 


With Amber you can quite literally smash what MFME does. The only issue with Amber is that it requires a complete redesign of the DX. So you can take an MFME layout and convert it into Amber but that's really missing the point. MFME graphically is a load of old f*****g shit. And that's literal. It's not moved on in over ten years (that's going from looking at the pathetic video Chris uploaded). It's still got the same inner circle designers (who really aren't very good at it) designing tiny little layouts for it.


When Chris used to post his "What do you want from the next emulator?" threads he really ought to have f*****g listened. But Chris was never bothered about how the layouts looked because he did not design MPU34 to ever push any boundaries as to what you can see on screen, rather, him and his bum chum wanting the latest techs emulated so they could have an advantage. And no matter how many old techs he did add the premise of MPU34 was always so that him and his mate could empty machines.


So he didn't listen. The main difference with Amber is what it allows you to do. The only problem with that is that there are not any designers who actually want to use the f*****g thing. All I see (apart from Ploggy) is MFME layouts being converted into it. Shame really.


Right now I'm working with Guitar to improve the front end a little and make some proper layouts for it, as he intended them to be. Nice big machines, not tiny little things restricted by the height of the widescreen monitor (so about 1000 pixels high, no different to 2001). 


I'm hoping that with Line Up Nick and I can create something totally new. Ploggy has already done a few great layouts for Amber but I'm trying to make it so that just designing and lamping the artwork is not the only thing you can do to create the experience. With Youtube and Youtube to MP3 you can actually rip exact sounds from the actual machine you are working on and then implement them. So now you're going past the visual experience (which in Amber shits on MFME all day long) and adding in the exact sounds the machine makes as you play it.


Whether you find that exciting mate? no idea really. But it's there if people want to use it.


Nick also listens to people. When Chris released MFME 3.2 he totally broke the hoppers in Maygay (this was why Retrofruit buggered off) and the problem with Chris was you could not ask him to fix it (ten minutes tops) and then release another emu. With Chris it was one emulator every three f*****g years.


If people actually bother and embrace Nick Amber will get better and better. AFAIK MPU3 is now fully working and working properly. There may be issues with BWBs and so on but that doesn't concern me as he will fix it and fix it quick.


It's just the same old story as 2001. Get out there and find machines and get resources for them. :)

#268217 Old or New

Posted by Deathclaw on 04 May 2014 - 04:31 PM

Does any one have this video? I never did see that, nor follow the big ding dong.


I'd like to see MPU2 emulated. When I went to visit MDS I played a few. Only problem with MPU2 is that they're all basically exactly the same and sound the same hehe. But would be nice to have them playable :)


For me I would rather play the old machines as they hold the most interest for me. Some good memories too, given that 2p/£1.50 AWPs were not totally evil and did not leave me in debt.


The problem is that resources for these machines are hard to come by and those that own them are usually quite selfish and don't like to share. I specifically remember chasing some one over the roms for Windfall and Cashcade yet they didn't really want to help. Shame :(

#268174 Amber Line Up Prototype.

Posted by Deathclaw on 03 May 2014 - 07:24 PM

Thanks Daryl.

#267886 layout permissions

Posted by Deathclaw on 28 April 2014 - 01:46 PM

Don't get me wrong, I was mightily pissed at the time but now, a decade after the fact, I couldn't give a rat's arse as I have bigger and better things to worry about. Your post was completely at odds with what was done to death at the time, is all.


I've finished with FME anyway; whilst I may sign off at The Mecca with a few last stories (a few people like them there, but you're right - none of these emulate so much as a single diode of hardware nor one pixel of art), I haven't bothered with FME proper for a very long time; like many others MFME4 was the killer blow for me, though not in quite the same way as the mainstream viewpoint. I do like the fact that others still do care and the scene is moving forwards, though; I don't want to get in anyone's way, spoil their hobby, or piss off those who DO continue to contribute and/or have started to contribute again. I didn't like that stuff the other day and still don't, but hey.


Whatevs, eh. :)


I'll let you know when Line Up is finished. I've just spent a few hours ripping audio samples of all of the coin habits (input, single coin 10p boobie prize, coins paying into a loaded coin tray etc).


It's going to be more than just a basic DX. The machine will carry authentic sounds too, so it should get the adrenaline going.

#267867 Attn Guitar System83 ROMs

Posted by Deathclaw on 28 April 2014 - 10:09 AM

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.


What always made me laugh about this scene was the hypocrisy. Every single person involved in it is a hypocrite.


Right from the start the fight began to make the scene open and sharing so that every one had the same. Yet, when put in the position of having something that others did not the hypocrisy would begin.


What I mean is, basically when any member was given access to something that others did not have the immediate reaction was control. Years and years ago I approached DS who was the spokesperson for BFEMU because I wanted to make a layout for it. All of a sudden I'm met with all sorts of rules and restrictions. I spend three days busting my ass on it only for him to tell me I could not release it.


By this stage I was pretty annoyed, given that I thought the restrictions of MFME and the control were not going to be an issue, so DT and I (he did the back end work I did the graphics) made and released it.


f*** me did that piss off DS. Mostly because some one could make layouts for the emu without having to go through him. We released another one and that pissed him off even more.


As for this code bollocks? that was CW basically looking for information on S2. Once again I was being used to do the dirty work, which tbh? over the past decade I've done plenty of.


CW, DT, you name it. I was always the one wanting to make layouts yet I found myself instead taking all of the bullets and bullshit whilst they just sat back squeaky clean. Me - the stupid f*****g mug who would be the spokesperson to take all of the crap.


In 2008, whilst in a heated argument with DT over Epee (once again I was taking all the crap so he could hide) I decided enough was enough. Since that day I have not spoken to him or any one else involved in the scene. I moved on to do other things.


Around four months or so ago Guitar contacted me. Not the other way around. My initial response was forget it. Just forget it, there is no way I was going through all that bollocks again. Then after a long chat with my lady over it she said that if I enjoyed it I should enjoy it again, yet, just be super cautious about what I let people get away with. I've always had a habit of trusting people too much and letting them f*** me over. Apparently that's normal for an Aspie, as we don't read others' intentions very well.


So I contacted Nick and for the past month or so we've been working away on Line Up. And that's it - it really is as simple as that. He hasn't asked me to front for an emu because he's in the wrong line of work to be doing so, he hasn't asked me to lie for him and he hasn't asked me to cover anything up. Quite simply we've just been working on Line Up, and that's it. All very boring stuff.


Right now DS has decided to come back on some pathetic revenge mission. He's basically holding a scene to ransom and issuing blackmail terms for some roms. This is something that's happened in the past quite a few times. Basically you have this guy you don't like very much and you want him to go away, so you find a way to turn every one against him. I've done it, Alex has done it.. f*** me, even Guitar has done it (go away and I'll release my emulator).


The thing is, due to the way humans work they will do whatever they have to do to get more. More, more more. It's all about greed it's what drives pretty much the entire human population.


It's actually quite pathetic really. As Guitar mentioned in another thread, these people turn up calling me the troublemaker and I quote poison, cancer, insert load of bollocks here and then hold a scene to ransom and nobody sees the hypocrisy in it because their eyes are immediately plastered over with the sight of what is in it for them.


It's absolutely and utterly ridiculous.


I've been through my scene divorce and when I did I asked the exact same questions  of myself that I did when I divorced my first wife. And I got the same answers.Basically I spent quite a few years thinking about all of the things that the scene had done to wrong me, but, thankfully I also have the capacity to see what *I* did wrong and the mistakes I made and all of the cringeworthy moments thinking about the things I said and did in anger. God I felt like such a f*****g pillock.


But you learn and you move on. You forgive and you forget, because if you don't then you are going to end up paying quite a high psychological price for it.


For a while I pottered on making layouts for myself. I decided to push MFME, graphically, about as hard as I could. I did just that, created the MPU3 machines I liked the most and eventually (because giving has always been a part of me) released them. Not sat on them, not hoarded them.


Like many others as I have grown up I have learned. And that is not to try and control any one, nor put them in a situation I would not want to be in.


I don't like people ripping off my work. It doesn't matter how you attack me with it, nor from what angle, it is my work. If I spend the best part of a week (nearly a month on Line Up for Amber now) and some one comes along and replaces the side art and releases it as theirs, it f*****g pisses me off as it rightly should. This scene has always denied people their rights and civil liberties because it doesn't understand what it does to people. IE - release your layout unlocked. So the layout gets released unlocked and some one basically steals it. None of this can be even part ways understood by any one who has not made one themselves.


And every one has been made to look the hypocrite. Even when Nicky Special kicked off and demanded layouts be released unlocked he was taught a lesson when I did what he did (modding) and modded one of his layouts. His reaction? f*** me you'd think I raped his mother.


All of this could have been avoided from the very start had people just simply acted like they would in real life. But the internet is a fickle misstress and people soon forget their manners and start acting the c***.


So go ahead DS. Carry on with your mission 'o' spite. It won't get you anywhere and it won't make you feel better.


I will continue to work with Guitar on MPU3 as that's what he asked me to do. It's as simple as that, I have the PMs to prove it. And when it's all fixed and working I will sit back and watch absolutely nobody make layouts for it, because it's always easier to sit and talk shit and kick off rubbish like this than it is to put in some work.


And when it comes to work? with the exception of a few coders nobody has provided more than I have for this scene. So I don't really care how much you sit and accuse me of spoiling it when I have provided more layouts than any one else in the history of the scene.

#267780 layout permissions

Posted by Deathclaw on 27 April 2014 - 06:26 PM



and PEN1 was bought for me, the sound roms were missing, well the B was f***ed. So yeah I felt responsible.


LOL I find that impossible to believe unless you were making yourself busy.


PEN1 was contributed to by several scene members with Alex taking care of the kitty. They were willing to pay that and would have been completely happy had Gary not been a c*** the day after they won it by deliberately ruining it by releasing roms he had been f*****g hoarding.


The only involvement you had was to make the layout, which you asked to do. That was it. 


Blaming me for something that doesn't actually exist is probably one of the more stupid things I've seen in my life. I was f***ed over just like every one else and I put money toward it just like everyone else.


Seriously, stop being a f*****g idiot and be a man and grow up like pretty much every one has within the scene.


As for me f*****g Guitar over?


See what you don't know is how much I've already contributed to Amber. And you would never have known, because I specifically told him not to thank me or put my name anywhere in his emulator. But when you're playing it there's a very, very high chance you will be using something I made. Funny that isn't it. Unlike you I don't go on forums bigging up how wonderful I am and looking for gratitude from the minions.


So as for me f*****g him over? nah. Won't happen any time soon. It can't, there's nothing to f*** him over for because he's not a selfish arsehole like every other emulator coder we've ever had.

#267663 layout permissions

Posted by Deathclaw on 27 April 2014 - 10:55 AM





Then its HIS layout is it not? none of own the artwork so it can't ever be "ours" And we all learn, my first attempts were shit rather than get upset - help.

Thanks what I used to love about this place. That and the Tutton bashing..... TMs been alerted lol :D


You're totally missing the point. Which isn't surprising, given the amount of hatred filled deluded crap you've posted.


It's a shame that you're not working constructively here.


Any way. To convert a layout into Amber takes pretty much nothing. You read a readme and you follow the instructions. It doesn't teach you anything at all about Amber. All it does is tell you how to dump lamps out of MFME and then load them into Amber, lamp numbers and all.


Changing the artwork so it becomes yours does not make it yours.


As for the rest of your post? tbh I've spent two hours sitting here (nearly three now) thinking of a way to reply to it. But tbh it's so weird and deluded that even I am having trouble.


However, to cover a couple of your points.


I did not kill the scene. I'd love to think I had that sort of power over people (just for the laughs) but sadly it isn't to be. Whoever did that contacted the MAME devs (something I would know nothing about, even less because I've spent the last six years building custom computers) and forced Chris to release his source code. Which, knowing Chris (the obsessive little person he is) would have been the nail in the coffin.


However, even the dick head that did that did not kill the scene, so even then you're being incredibly over dramatic.


As for your sexual preferences? really don't care, that's your business (still a bit confused as to why you would plaster that all over a forum but hey, your life).


As for your ability to harbour hatred for over eight years? again, that would be your preference. Personally I couldn't give a shit. Maybe that's down to the large doses of pills I take, maybe I'm just getting old and don't f*****g care.