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06 March 2011 - 08:04 am

nobody helped me with my hopper troubles so i thought i would try again but shorten it this time basically i have an extreme machine which i have re-filled but now all pound coins just go down the back and dont top-up the hopper how do i fix this i can still top up the hopper by using the re-fill key but just not in live play which means that the machine keeps going empty! :(

any help would be appreciated as when i phone the company that sold me the machine they just tell me its out of warrenty and they cant send an engineer as i live in the shetland isles in the north of scotland

many thanks

Manic Muncher Problems

04 March 2011 - 02:36 pm

hi everyone

Just a note to say cheers for all the emus as they have saved me tonnes o cash and kept the missus happy :)


i have purchased an "exterme gaming manic muncher" chipped up from £25 to £35 set to dual steak 30p play 78% or 50p steak 84%

the problem is that the first time i used it (at 50p steak) then i (as you do) played until i got the super feature which normally gives you between 70-105 pounds

anyway i was playing the machine and a got £100 plus an additional £35 with the remaining £10 credit

when it came to paying out (as i thought) the hopper ran out of cash as it only holds £125 cash

i then phoned the company that sold me the machine and they told me how to re-fill it, after that then all the pound coins dropped straight down the back instead of topping up the hopper even afte collected, so after collecting a veriety of wins under £10 i decided to play for the super cash win which gave me £105 the hopper ran out of cash with £45 to pay and £8 worth of credits left to pay

i was wondering if any of you had any problem solving tips to fix this issue the machine is just playing in standard mode (as you would find it in a pub) and with my minimal fruit machine knowlage i have exhausted all the possibilities that i know! any help would be appreciated do i refill the hopper in hope it works again........... also my friends like to play this machine when we have a piss up at my house and on further investigation i found alot of 1 & 2p's in the cash box which i thought these machines were meant to reject automaticaly any help would be greatly appreciated as i paid £500 for the machine and the company i purchased it from have been little or no help


New Fruit Machine Producer?

09 March 2010 - 07:15 pm

saw this on ebay never seen or heard of "COOL" before its in a barcrest horizon cab so i assume its one of there companies?????


found out some more if anyone is interested

Cool Games Ltd is the new games design company created by the founders of Extreme Games following their departure from Maygay Group after the brand’s recent sale


has anyone ever plaid these machines and is the gameplay any good cant say i have ever seen them about??

dual stake machines

07 January 2010 - 11:33 pm

hello all thanks again for all the roms that have saved me hundreds

wee bit of a complex question here dont know if it has been asked before

we have just got an extream gameing 35jp manic muncher installed down the local with the 30/50p steak offering 78% on 30p and 84% on 50p and i was just wondering how this system worked? If say the majority of punters played it on 30p then i came along and played it on 50p would i get their percentage plus 6% or does each stake have its own ajenda. An example of what i meen is the other day i was playing it on 50p and only getting offered at the most a 5 cash pot then decided to play the 30p stake and straight away i got on the board and im mode and took out 70 through the super feature.

I normally play it on 50p as the extra % is always good but they are sepporatly determined by the machine then i would be better off playing the 30p as everybody down my way is to tight to use the 50p

sorry about the confusing question and i have found it hard to explain what i mean but if you need any clarification then its no probs

your advice would be ace:notworthy:

yabba dabba darts

27 November 2009 - 12:31 pm

just a quickie i bought this machine recently and is it possible to chip it to 35 pound jp or even 70? inside the machine ther is the 5 decals so i know it can be changed any help would be cool and cheers to all you rom creators given me many a hoppy nite without actually having to dip into my wallet :)