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Are You Ready To Rock

13 April 2012 - 02:57 pm

Hi all

Well........ I have managed to convince the wife
To let me have a machine!!!!!!!!
After she got a new bathroom , a new sitting room kitted out with new LCD tv and sofa and bits and pieces.

So I got myself a ready to rock!!!
It's great I've had a few goes on and brings back lots of memories,
I har a few questions though and need some help.

1. The coin slot flashes when ready for more money
I put in a 1 and it goes dark? So any more money I put in it comes
Straight back out unless I play the credits down and the coin slot then glows red again.
How can I change this?

2. I have no refil key with it but I can fill the hopper manually but in the event
I need funds I want to dump the hopper, how can I do this?

3. Every time I put a 1 in , it goes straight into the box rather fill the hopper?
How can I change this??
Any help would be great

help me!!!

04 July 2008 - 06:38 pm

hi all

iam new and had a weeee search
but iam struggling to play the games!!!!
ive just got a new free laptop with that aol deal
and iam usless with windows vista
i think ive downloaded the emulator
ive tried to down load some games
but when i go into the emulator and try and load them
they dont work
wot am i doing wrong???