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In Topic: Programming and parent roms?

06 December 2018 - 01:17 pm

Ah that would make sense thanks. Any ideas on why these extra files are included?

Also if I wanted to upgrade to later sets/revisions how do you do this? I download them but it's usually only a small file included not the whole set. Any ideas? Thanks

In Topic: Programming and parent roms?

06 December 2018 - 10:24 am

Hi J yeah thanks mate... I'm not sure as impact is only 2 program roms and 1 sound Rom. The 4 files are confusing me.

In Topic: Help please?

29 November 2018 - 11:02 pm

If it's a c435a coin mech, take off the plastic chute divider part screwed to the bottom of them mech and check the sorting flap at the bottom is clipped into place and goes from oneside to the other nicely. I've had this problem and that's what caused the strim error and coins backing up.

In Topic: Fruit Machines Inside Out: Compensation

15 November 2018 - 10:27 pm

Hi Edward thanks for the information.
I do remember stealth machines seemed a little dated... they seemed 5 years to late at the time so scorpion 2 style would seem right. They were still popular! What's 680x the Cpu? I know Global also used Scorp 1 so I wonder why they developed it... interesting stuff!

I'm starting to collect/salvage a few of them so it would be great if anyone has any manuals or info would be great as there's not much written (that I can find) Thanks! I'm going to keep one running.

Looking forward to your book :)

In Topic: Sound roms?

15 November 2018 - 08:42 pm

Thanks very much mate :)
Sorry for the late reply